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  1. In need of 100k or so of lead oil and baux weekly, dm if interested..
  2. I mean, you said yourself that it was dumpstered from the get-go.
  3. You would not need to change anything really. Balance would remain in tact depending on what ya make the cap per improvement, once that’s figured out it’s easy.
  4. I didn’t know ideas posted here had to be completely hashed out, forgive me for making a suggestion. I’m sorry i didn’t go through every potential balance needed when i posted here. I didn’t know it was common for ideas to be completely balanced and perfect when posted. Next time I make a suggestion I’ll make sure to write out the code for Alex. Daily production would not have to be changed from the normal 33% 20% and 16%, and propaganda bureau bonus could remain the same as before. Thanks
  5. Not as fun doesn’t increase the use of gasoline/ munitions
  6. Simple and would be very easy to implement. Would increase the cost of war and would (hopefully) force wars to be shorter. I have no idea what correct balancing would be, below is just an idea. Sample 3,000 soldiers per barrack to 5,000 250 tanks per factory to 400 18 planes per hangar to 24 5 ships per dry dock to 8
  7. Half of it was on topic, thanks for repeatedly deleting actual discussion...
  8. Alliance of the Year: The Commonwealth Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: New Pacific Order Best Fighters: Knights Templar Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: Manhattan Cartel Most Active Alliance: Goons Best Government Line-Up: The Commonwealth Best Rookie Alliance: The Immortals Most Honorable: The Knights Radiant Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: The Commonwealth Best Forums: Best Discord: Soup Kitchen Best Alliance Page: Manhattan Cartel Most Controversial Alliance: Goons Best Alliance for New Players: Soup Kitchen Best Economic System: Manhattan Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Best Re-brand: Scariest Alliance: Goons Best Alliance Ad: Manhattan Cartel
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