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  1. PnW in general needs more stuff like this. If this game had more sports (other than baseball), it would certainly help pass the time.
  2. Ruby


    May you find lots of gold and buried treasures ? Cheers
  3. Okay I won't lie, I was getting bored of this game and planned to VM or delete all together... Then interesting stuff happened. ? As some of you know, sh*t hit the fan within Yakuza. As former Econ/IA of Yakuza, we were plagued with inactive members, "temporary" members who had no intention of staying and only wanted to get sweet daddy's milk money, and people deleting themselves left and right. It was a fun ride being in Yakuza and getting lots of nice cities and caring about this game, but those days are gone. I felt compelled to take the future of my nation into my own hands and re-establish my old Alliance. Honestly, I made the alliance and hit VM until October thinking this would be a fun meme before permanently deleting myself. Then I decided: why not keep playing? So I hit up some people, andddd now its a thing sorta. This alliance has 3 main tenets: 1. Absolute loyalty to Afrika Korps in all military affairs. 2. Remain a 1 person alliance because I don't want to lead other people ever again. 3. Do nothing of any significance and only create this post because I was asked to and I also wanted to post a cool picture I made. Disclaimer 1: I will not merge with you!!! Out of my dm's with that ? Disclaimer 2: I have no financial connection to EM or Yakuza. Furthermore, I do not know any numbers or have any understanding of any situations that may/may not exist. I left before EM, and therefore asking me on the subject is pointless. That's all. Now forget I exist ?
  4. No, but it did seem inevitable they would get involved.
  5. Welcome, cheers and have fun
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