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    1) The losing side is being asked to give it up or keep fighting. They can give it up and then plot and scheme to war parties to get it back. Or just bring it back when they're in a position to defend themselves if attacked over it. 2) Who are the top alliances involved? I created this coalition but TEst is not large does that mean we don't get a seat at the table in the war we were one of the two main catalysts for? The large part of the terms given by several other contributing alliances are largest cosmetic/post related terms, nothing detrimental to an alliances well-being. Who are you to say someone who fought hard along side a side does not get a voice at the table? Who are you to suggest that 2 alliances get to speak for several whom they may have no ties to? You've never been in a situation where a coalition, not a bloc is fighting I take it, at least in a leadership position. If you had you'd realize how idiotic your sentiment is. 3) Peace talks have been going for a long time, a cease fire only helps the losing side keep the pressure off of them and gives morale to hold out longer. Why not keep holding out when you're not getting hit? You can have a refund on your 2 cents.
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    There are many programmers that exist beyond your tiny bubble. Like the ones that coded the war stat website, Rose's automated system, Reqiuems ability to track aars and applicants(I don't forsee trades being much of a stretch for it), and I'm sure there are plenty of other projects I dont know about The point is, the ability to produce it is there, and yet they have not programmed it. The community seems to believe, for the most part, that this bot is unethical. You di not have to agree with that, but you di need to drop the arrogant persona and acknowledge your bubble is not the only thing in the world capable of anything.
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    Too lazy to make a meme out of it, but congrats to Knightfall™ for being the first war in Orbis History to surpass $1 trillion in total damage!
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    Seeing as someone was kind enough to provide award icons for each of the categories, I've added the awards in-game for nations and alliances. Some of the categories are negative, so if anyone would like an award removed from their nation/alliance page, just let me know. Easiest way is to shoot me a message on Discord, but a PM here or in-game will work as well. Also, it was a lot of manually entry setting up the awards, so if I have made any mistakes (incorrect icon, award assigned to wrong person, missing award) please let me know about that as well. And I should probably just add in that I did not facilitate or participate in these yearly awards at all; they were community run and a "for fun" thing. Someone has put them on every year, and I have added awards in-game in the past when someone has taken time to create the awards (for everyone.) I believe last year no one made award icons, so none were added in-game.
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    Alliance of the Year: Black Knights - I can agree Most Powerful Alliance: Black Knights - I can agree Best Military: Black Knights - I disagree but still valid option Best Rookie Alliance: Camelot - Wrong, it's TGH Best Flag: New Pacific Order - I disagree but it's too subjective Best War Flag: Black Knights / New Pacific Order - I disagree and the fact that CKD is last gives an idea Most Active Alliance: Black Knights - It's a stupid award because if I have to pick the most active alliance I don't go for big alliances, but if we are talking about highest number of active players I have to agree, who wins the awards has the highest number of active players Most Honourable Alliance: New Pacific Order - Wrong because the right option is no one, or Arrgh since they are loyal to rum Most Improved Alliance: Acadia - NG is still there so nothing improved Best Diplomatic Team: New Pacific Order - I can agree Best Economic System: The Syndicate - Impossible to vote this award and it's stupid anyway Best Recruiting Staff: New Pacific Order - I disagree but we can go with this Best Propaganda Staff: Black Knights - I disagree but still valid option Best Alliance Growth: Polaris - Sorry? Best Forums: New Pacific Order - I disagree because my forum > any other forum (and forums > slack/discord) Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: Black Knights - #1 spot +1 doesn't exist so it's the wrong option Most Immoral Alliance: Camelot - Oh c'mon Most Controversial Alliance: Arrgh - Oh c'mon Best Alliance for New Players: Black Knights - I can agree Most Missed Alliance for 2018: Mensa HQ - I agree Best Re-started/Re-branded alliance of 2018: Terminus Est - I agree Player of the Year: Leo the Great - I still need a definition for player of the year, if you say it's the leader of the alliance on the #1 spot I have to agree, but it's that the definition? Most Powerful Player: Leo the Great - I can agree Best Alliance Leader: Leo the Great - it's basically a popularity contest so yes? no? who cares Most Controversial Player: Alex - Always Alex Most Dynamic Player: Dynamic - Easiest award ever Best Player Sig: Gorge - Who cares Best Player Avatar: Leo the Great - Every option is good, who cares Best OOC Poster: Alex - lol, I expected Shifty Best IC Poster: Fraggle - I disagree but I can agree Nicest Player: The Emperor - Meh Funniest Player: TheNG - I can agree Most Active Player: Roquentin - Who else? Playing 150 nations is not easy Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019: Leo the Great - Again, can't be someone who is already up there Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2020: TheRebelMan - Half of the players who voted will not be here in 2020, do we really need this award? Best Wall of Text: Rozalia's Deleted Threads - tl;dr Best P&W Forum Topic: Knightfall War Stats - I can agree Biggest Controversy: The Continued Existence of The Commonwealth - Why people woted this? I don't get it Funniest Event: Charlie Recreating the Naked John Lennon Photo - I don't remember this one Most Entertaining Discord Channel: Politics & War - DISCORD = BAD Best Treaty Announcement: War Boys II - I don't remember Best Declaration of War: CoS DoW on Guardian - I can agree Biggest Meme: Arrgh - What? Largest E-Peen: TheNG - Nope, NG has a tiny peen Best Villain: Alex - Always him Most Hated Poster: MinesomeMC - I disagree but he's up there I guess Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Dobby/Thorin/Alex the Great - Not Roz? Worst Alliance of the Year: The Commonwealth - May not be the best but there are a lot of worse alliances Worst Military of the Year: The Knights Radiant - Delicious tears of all those players we kicked in the ass Worst Diplomatic Move: TKR Refusing Peace in Knightfall - I don't understand why it was an option Most Inactive Large Alliance: The Knights Radiant - Delicious tears of all those players we kicked in the ass part 2 Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2019: The Commonwealth - Fail like disband? I disagree Worst Player of the Year: Sweeeeet Ronny D - Same for best player but in this case I really don't understand Worst Princess of the Year: Kastor - Self made award Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: TheNG - As usual Worst Treaty of the Year: Guardian/Commonwealth - Why? Can anyone explain? Worst Forum Poster: Element - Not the most constant but the one with the highest peak Worst Nation Setup: Fraggle - If it's the worst why is #1? Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2018): The Commonwealth - Too many people don't understand the award, it's not less fighters, is worst fighters Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2019: New Pacific Order - With the current situation is the less likely
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    Congrats on your worst idea of the new year. For adding an in game reward to these you're going to catch so much shit.
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    You can't hate the organisers for the results of a damn poll. We've been churning these out for years, god damn its not the organisers rigging it. If you give people an option on who to vote for, and you provide in game nations with links, so they don't even need to come online on the forums, the people with the most players will statistically win every time- because there's more of them. No not all the results are accurate at all, for example BK succeeding this year? What? They already got what they want. How does one move up from the top? Polaris best growth? Not a chance in hell. But that isn't the fault of the organisers, it's a fault of the system we seem to come back to every single time. You can't be mad at IQ for winning stuff, it was only natural that the people with the most influence won.
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    Are you the TKR sphere version of noctis? Because you're acting about as intelligent as he is, and that's one of the meanest things I've said this week.
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    The real tragedy of this war is NPO nations using EMC funds to buy their own cities and ruining Roq's tiering scheme
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    Any person can declare a war out of despite of a person, but it takes a real leader to admit defeat. As the emperor of Dumberia, and I hereby surrender to Nova Riata. We went into this war with our heads held high and we had bitten off more than we could take this time. We have suffered more than money loss to this war, we have lost friends. Dumberia is sorry for the threats we sent to NR and we understand the consequences of our actions and I will make it my duty to maintain peace. Sincerely, Emperor Dumb
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    wow it's almost as if holding a vote tends to favor the side with more voters
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    Did you read the post before hitting reply or just respond to one you wish had been posted?
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    Bro. Word of advice: STOP. Like back away from the forums for a month or so. Take a break. Stop digging yourself into a *deeper* hole.
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    Nah man. Just sayin, those were Panzer's last word b4 he got kicked outta gov.
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    Is this a joke? Don’t pretend your part of the war.
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    You're not a real leader. It's a dog pile. This is why democracy doesn't work. Because new players are given control of major decisions such as the ability to declare a month long commitment they'll inevitably back out of.
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    I mean....posting "Hey we declare meme war against BK" after creating a treaty with an alliance BK is really at war with, even knowing there is a real war really happening and also knowing most people's eyes aren't going to catch the "meme" part and end up just seeing "Hey we declare war against BK" ....Looks like the joke is on ya'll...
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    Then we wouldn't have the crazy dramatic entertainment!
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    I fit in well with my fellow boat terrorist alliance mates.
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    I worry for you, honestly. If you get this worked up over a trivial matter on a internet browser game to the point you have to throw out insults, when you're not even directly involved.
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