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  1. Organic RP [FT/MT List]

    The Imperium is FT
  2. If I want to RP FT, I hardly see why you can sit there and tell me not to. Especially when you yourself have 51 spaceships. Fine. I'm content with not attacking MT nation's aggressively. That eliminates the technology advantage and permits you to kick the hornet's nest as much as you want while we ignore you. I have spent a large amount of time explicitly outlining the specs of every weapon, ship and colony. I have applied exponentially more effort into my RP than Rok has in any of there's. I have wilki links to every weapon or a description of the capabilities of them on the factbook page. I hardly see why I shouldn't be allowed to RP my tech when I've provided detailed schematics to every weapon. Not to mention the massive amount of effort I spent drawing up the history for the colonial insurrection, which doesn't actually match Halo. So yeah, I'd quit the RP if you removed FT. Because I have poured effort into creating this tech, the history of my nation, the culture, and the goals. If you're going to wipe that because 'its an unfair advantage' when we already posses a rule stating we can't attack MT nation's, then I'm walking. It's trying to 'fix' a system by forcing or coercing everyone into the same linear RPing. I'm not doing that.
  3. Interplanetary travel happens today. Terraforming is ft but the simple act of traveling between planets is hardly FT. FTL is the baseline for most advanced civilizations and I hardly see any reason to do otherwise here.
  4. UNSC

    As per a consensus by the admiralty, the USA and Austria have been granted status within the UNSC. However, they will not have an admiral sit upon the council to weigh in on votes at this time. They will, however, be placed on an advisory council to discuss matters that impact the UNSC as a whole. As per the agreement, Austria and the USA will be sent schematics of the Imperium slipspace drive, as well as blueprints for engines and life support systems capable of sustaining larger scale vessels. Then offer to provide schematics for space faring vessels. Finally, the Imperium would open it's resources markets to both nation's, to ensure reasonable prices on products.
  5. Wargames

    The alien fleet would begin moving from Station Luna to assault the French forces on earth. "Your orders are to probe the defenses of designated target. As such, you will start with a squad of fighters while we barage them with a volley of 200 Archer missile pods. After entering the atmosphere, you are to bomb the armored troop carriers below." The commander ordered. Once the fleet reached a safe distance in orbit, a series of satellites would be ejected from the vessels to monitor and defend the fleet.
  6. Breaking Isolationist Policy: A Geth Initiative

    The Imperium will be sending the Imperator with the well decorated Blue team of Spartans, in solidarity with her UNS. brethren. In the interest of shoring up political relations after the recent war and subsequent peace with the synthetic race.
  7. Foreshadow of War

    .: Classified:. "Project Compass and Project Frontier have been completed. As of now, the new Arc Generator has been developed. We've created the small, medium and large. The small generator produces 30 Gigawatys of power, the medium produces 50 gogawatts, and the large produces 140 giggawatts. Each generator is half the size of their sole fusion based predecessors. Additionally, Project Compass has been completed. Our slipspace precision travel has been perfected. We can travel into even the atmosphere of planets now, while we've also Incorporated the hybridization of the French Hyperdrive. The sheer speed of the hyper drive, mixed with the mobility and precision of the slip space, will let us travel 240 light years within a day, effectively." The head researcher described to the ONI Director. "So what you're saying is, we can do 11 round trips from Reach in a 24 hour period...?" Cait asked, a look of disbelief clearly displayed. "Yes ma'am. And the Arc Generator costs only 63% of what the fusion reactor costed us. Though, the new drove has increased by 24%, costing an additionally 45 million per drive." He told her nonchalantly. "I want every vessel outfitted with these the second we have the opportunity. This will revolutionize our deployment methods." Cait ordered unquestionably. "Of course, ma'am. Now, we need you to approve another project. This project is dubbed Project Stasis. This project will eliminate the g-force issues our pilots encounter when going beyond certain speeds. It will also be useful in detaining prisoners, in increasing survival rates with drop pods, and delaying critically wounded passengers from dying due to their deaths." The man began explaining in great detail. "Of course, you have our approval. Due to the success of your previous project, funds will be appropriated as the needs arose. Don't get carried away, though." Cait told him as she swiveled in her seat.
  8. Foreshadow of War

    .:Classified:. Project Designation New Carthage; Seni-habital planet in the Radnus system, 9.65 light years from Sol. A massive construction project which will build production facilities capable of producing 4 carrier groups per year. Additionally, a comms array will be constructed which will centralize all UNSC communications through an intensely encrypted system. It would house the AI Ravager, which was forged from the brain of the late Michael Spyre. The AI is designed to organize and command the extensive Orbital Defense Network and Planetary Shielding. The project is estimated at nearly 480 billion in costs and resources, and will take a minimum of 3 years to complete. France has offered support to cover half of the finanical burden. Terraforming will take 4 months to introduce enough oxygen to permit individuals to breathe without assisstance from devices. The atmosphere is currently nitrogen rich with a minor amount of oxygen. The Orbit Defense Network will consist of 5,600 M8 anti-air and vehicle turrets. 1,900 110 mm cannons, and 400 Plasma Turrets in an extensive orbital defense network. This is augmented by a missile arsenal of 11,000 Archer Missile pods and 34 MAC platforms. This is intended to be the first of 8 such facilities planned for construction.
  9. Foreshadow of War

    .:Classified:. "This is Deliverance class cruiser, commencing test of project Torpedo." A young captain, by the name of Terrence Hood, informed Section Two director Harold Vance. "Excellent, commence the test on the retired Cargo vessels." The man told him. At the order, the UNSC vessel charged the plasma turret. The gun took 6 seconds to get up to power, and it launched the plasma volley. The 18 torpedos launched, and then the AI began to adjust the targeting in real time. The volley circumvented a series of asteroids, and 2 would hit a vessel within 12 miles, melting through the 12 feet of titanium in the outter Hull and making it clean through the vessel. 1 would hit a vessel 25 miles away, and would melt through the outter Hull and halway through the main structure. 4 would hit a vessel 48 miles away; the torpedos hitting through the same hole allowed them to melt clear through the vessel with ease. 6 would hit a vessel 74 miles away, and would melt through the engine, bridge, and halfway through the center structure. Finally, at nearly 102 miles away, the remaining 5 would hit a vessel and take out the engine, while simultaneously causing structural damage to the frame. "Test was a success. All vessels we're either incapacitated or eliminated. Power usage to fire a single volley used nearly 24% of the power output. We would not be able to keep our shields up and fire these in conjunction. My personal suggestion is to upgrade our power generation." Captain Terrence Hood told the director seriously. "It's already underway. An advanced generator will be ready within the year. As such, all 5 carrier groups at Reach will have their cannons replaced. Additionally, so will the 3 at Station Luna. The Imperium is to avoid engagements until adjustments are finished. Good luck, captain."
  10. Foreshadow of War

    .:Classified:. Project Phalanx; A 20 foot thick and 120 feet high wall going around New York and the French territory of Lousiana, protected by a shield capable of withstanding the force of a 250 megaton warhead. Rotary lasers point defense guns placed on top of the wall to Target and eliminate oncoming ballistic missiles, 110 mm cannons placed on the outside of the wall to Target oncoming forces. The Wall has 3 entryways, consisting of a double gate which has twelve 110 mm cannons inside. Additionally, each Canon is spaced 50 feet apart, and is connected to a VI in a designated facility chosen by SoE and France. Finally, equipment will be placed within the walls and controlled by the designated facilities, which can activitate widespread comms and radar jamming. Though the wall itself and the weapons will be detectable, the shield and jamming capabilities are classified and closely shielded. France has agreed to provide 75% of the neccessary economic funding and 25% of the neccessary resources. SoE has agreed to 50% of the funding and 50% of the neccessary resources. Estimated complete in date is within one year.
  11. Foreshadow of War

    .:Classified:. Pelicans would begin landing troops into the African territory, as they were palacing mobile SAM sites, and deploying a force of 80,000 Imperium Marines, 350 Scorpion tanks, 3,000 mantis', and a small arsenal of tactical missiles for strategic strikes as needed. Subsequently, the Imperium fleet would collect it's mines and mobilize it's forces over the homeland, monitoring all traffic going in and out. The forces on the new territory would establish listening posts, ONI operatives to blend in, mobile long range radar stations, and even a mobile MAC platform emplacement. It would take nearly a month to establish the equipment as needed, but once done, the islands would become a small fortress.
  12. Organic Roleplaying (Applications & Info)

    claims for this month
  13. The Geth: A Mission for Resources

    The RNC, as a last option, dispatched a layer of stealth space mines behind the fleets forces. The mines would consist of 32 Hornet mines and 461 Moray space mines. The Hornet mines would target only vessels over 100 tonnes, while the Moray mines would track and target any vessel passing within range. Vessels locked on by any mine are given an ID, which is only reassigned if the mine is prematurely detonated. Should the fleets fail, the resulting wreckage would make the mines nearly impossible to detect or evade, a final goodbye by the fleet, and the last line of defense for the ground forces below.
  14. The Geth: A Mission for Resources

    .:Classified:. In a joint operation with French forces, the 3rd Earth regiment of 40,000 Marines will be deployed in conjunction with 180,000 of the classified sentinel project. 12 Spartan teams and 2,000 ODSTs will be deployed to soften the lines before UNSC ground operations begin. During this, the Resorian fleets rendezvous out of firing range and move to assault the covenant forces in coordination with the earth fleets. Pincering the enemies fleets, the Resorian vessels continuously fire MAC rounds at the outter edges to restrict movement and create a kill box. In doing so, the vessel launch 4,000 Archer missile pods, 12 Shiva nuclear warheads, and 8 zues rods. (If the Shiva warheads detonate, a single warheads casts a 2 mile EMP, the zues rods detonate and form a 15 mile EMP. They're fired in a way to create a 2 mile redundancy buffer)
  15. Foreshadow of War

    .:Classified:. Location: Ukrainian Facility "Unidentified ships are in orbit. Fire the anti-ship weapons. Blast their vessel out of orbit while the longseords repel the dropships! Alert the Imperator: The covenant have landed." Location: Khazakistan Facility "Sir, covenant forces are landing all accross the USSR. What should we do?" "Activate the orbital defense guns, fore the MAC in conjunction with the Ukrainian and Homeland defenses. Use the Archer missies to repel the dropships. Crush any forces that are deployed." Location: In orbit above earth "Sir, alien ships are appearing in orbit. As it is, we're ordering the fleets from Luna and Venus to pull back and flank the fleet from the rear while Admiral Keys fleet engages the enemy. The zues rods are being prepared with a salvo of Archer missies, and 26 Shiva nuclear warheads. Succeed or fail, all F-99 drones will be launched to assault the vessels." A young man with glasses told him, as he shook in fear. "Stand strong, for we fight for humanity. We will not fall this day. Today, the UNSC is at war."