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  1. Spectral

    Purge of the Unworthy

    .:Syndey Capital Building:. "Two more mana receptacles were sabatoged this month, sir. Our mana collection is down 11%. It's not going to dramatically affect us, but if this continues we could end up seeing the ramifications." One of the minister informed the King. "Aye, we can't allow this to continue. So, clearly we must do something to draw out the offenders. Any ideas?" The king proved those sitting within the room. A Magic Knight Captain, clad in a deep blue robe, would reply, " They like the afflicted, right? We stop the covert purging. Eliminate the remaining ghettos under the guise of a series of terrorist attacks, referencing the attacks by Solis Sanctum." The Magic Knight Captain Aurora Boismortier. "An excellent proposition. We will move to execute the plan in a months time, so we will mobilize the knights. We will send the regulars to attack the ghettos, while we utilize the Citadels to fortify critical locations. The squads will be kept in reserve to be deployed as needed. Is this plan agreeable?" The king inquired to the room. Those residing in the room would quietly nod in agreement, as everyone's minds began to deliberate on the potential aftermath. One specific individual in the room, saw this as an opportunity. Not for glory, but to further their own ends. 'Should this go over poorly to the public, they will seek a new king. I can utilize my allies clout to take the crown from the fool. Should he keep favor, I will have quietly supported him from the background.'
  2. Spectral

    Purge of the Unworthy

    Collective Research Facility "We've been having substantial success in energy creation, sir. Initially we created 2 Gates that would teleport the stream of water from the bottom back to the top. This would then turn the water wheel, which would then turn the turbines, producing energy. Even on a leyline, using Gates is costly, mana wise, so we'd only be able to do a few turbines. But by transfering to Dimensional Door, were able to utilize significantly less mana to achieve the same results. Utilizing a leyline hitspot, we could easily have 40 turbines producing enough energy for 75% of a city. Utilizing this technology, we could drastically reduce our dependency on coal and oil. The cost of one of these facilities would likely end up around 349 million however. Additionally, it requires a lot of steel, which we do not produce a lot of, sir." One of the researchers explained to the Collective Magister sent to check the projects status. "This is excellent. We have the resources to produce steel, just not the facilities. For now we can seek the resources from foreign entities while we build the facilities, if that's what the King should decide. Very good." He would say simply as he began walking towards the next room. There was a small canon mounted to the floor, with a mage standing bbehind it. The mage would cast his spell(Fireball), into the cannon, where a small area blurs as of a glass pane had fractured. The fireball could be seen unleashing it's torrent 30 ft behind the mage. "Test 1 is a success. The magic is not destabilized when going through a dimensional door. Range limit is estimated at 40 miles, thanks to the 4 glass amplification runes. If we incorporate the Clairvoyance targetting system, this weapon will dramatically inprove our artillery." The mage spoke into his record, recording his thoughts. "Excellent, my friend. The King should be very pleased with your progress. Wrap this project up quickly and you could see an increase in your funding." The Magister commented before dutifully going toward the final project. The final project had been going on for 8 months with no progress and many failures. It had eaten most of its budget, and had 3 months to produce results before being ended. The project in question was an invisible cruise missile with teleportation(dimension door) capabilities to evade and strike enemy targets in fortified locations. The missile was unable to be invisible and teleport simultaneously, as it overloaded the missile and detonated as a result. Even while invisible, the missile produced signals, so radar tracking methods still work. The teleportation did not make up for it's lack of speed, and ultimately made it more of a target. Thus, orders were made to produce two separate missiles: The first, was an invisible missile that was cheap and could be mass produced. This would nullify proximity fuses that kill large numbers of missiles through fragmentation. (These generally have to match an image while using radar to confirm target before detonating. Choosing only 1 delivery method endangers civilians.) The second, was a warhead designed to use dimension door to evade advanced missile defenses. These would emphasize speed over anything else, and would be either kinetic projectiles or nuclear warheads. "How is the project going, Yurich?" The Magister asked with a frown. "The type one was successful. Making missiles invisible is a simple matter. The type 2 has eluded me. I've used a complex sequence of weight reduction magic and speed enhancement magic, but the fastest I can simulate these.missiles is mach 3. It's not fast enough to evade modern air defenses, even with the dimension door magic. We could, in theory, simply use a gate, but the longer the distance, the more unstable the gate. It could cause the warhead to detonate before it even entered, causing damage to our own equipment and staff." The man told him. "Do you want me to report a partial success, then?" The Magister inquired. "No, I still have 3 months and I desire to continue this avenue of research. It must be possible." The man insisted. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Though the ghetto had been completely purged, an effort was made to repair the damage done to the area. The intent was to make it appear as though the population had simply relocated. After several days of effort, they would finally complete their project before dispelling the walls. "I'm glad they're finally gone," a local man was recorded saying. "It should improve the value of my house once they start taking it down." On the news, it was widely announced that the population had been relocated to the Sydney ghetto, where a sharp decrease in non magical civilians had been discovered. Little did the civilians know that was a result of systematic kidnapping of families, where they were quietly eliminated. The capital, Heralded as the magic capital of the world, could not be seen as having a high number of non magical civilians.
  3. Spectral

    Purge of the Unworthy

    Alexander dragged the half dead mage towards the center of the roof, where his voice boomed. "Mental Prison," was all that came out, and the opposing mage went completely limp. "How is the operation, Squad Leader?" Alexander called out using message. "43% of the ghetto has been purged thus far. No major resistance to mention. No casualties on our end, but we'll have plenty of undead for labor when we need it, sir. The Ghetto had a population of 26,000." The squad leader called back. "Vice captain, We need to finish things on our end, or well be outdone by the regulars. We are magic knights, and I refuse to be upstaged." He swapped to his subordinate, his voice containing urgency. "We've captured 2 more, captain. Only 1 remains, but he's estimated to have the mana of a captain. I've ordered the men to recon, but not engage." Virgil told him. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 'I've accomplished what I needed to, time to get out.' Thought a rather talk man, wearing a mask and wearing a rather tattered garb. "Tell everyone to use the defensive rings they were given." He calmly instructed as he retrieved the data drive. As he did so, he vanished in an instant. All around the magic knights, the 12 prisoners vanished in a bright purple light. Once the light faded, the prisoners had disappeared. In front of the masked man, his comrades laid beaten and bloody. 4 had died from their wounds, 3 were unresponsive, and the other 5 were badly wounded. "It seems you had rough time, I apologize for what you endured. We sustained substantial losses, but we were able to accumulate footage of their atrocities and data on 2 of the collectives facilities. I imagine they used Mental Prison on Aldreich, Ainz and Svet. I'm not sure we have the power to break it. Yvette, please take them to the infirmary and make them comfortable. Baris, Nadia, Xavier, and Talos will be burried. The rest of you should have your wounds tended by Fana; we will not take this assault lying down, I assure you." The masked man told them, his voice shaking in frustration. "Of course, Lord Harmon. We will make that blood stained king pay for his crimes." The one called Yvette told him vigorously.
  4. Spectral

    Renewed Order

    Aircraft - TPJ Type 12 The design utilizes the spell fly, in conjunction with speed enhancement magic Expitious Retreat to create an aerial vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 1,084 mph. While it is substantially slower than modern aircraft, it uses the clairvoyance spell to display where the opponent would be in the next 10 seconds, weapons to direct area of affect magic, and enchantments to create up to 5 small scale magical barriers. Should all else fail, the aircraft can ise an emergency Teleport spell to flee from combat, but doing so uses 1/4th the vessels stored mana. The Viper Bomber The bomber reaches low orbit, covered in Invisability. While it can still be detected by radar, any visual confirmation is improbable. The vehicle utilizes the spell, meteor swarm, to bombard target positions. The vehicle uses teleportation to reach require height, and fly to maintain it. It is capable of using 5 Meteor Swarms before being forced to return. The vehicle reaches speeds of 530 mph. R12 Recon Drone A risen Ghoul is mind controlled by a pilot, and is subsequently put into the aircraft. The aircraft uses Invisability and Non Detection magic. It records information on the surroundings. Visual, audio(to some extent), leyline movement, mana readings, temperature, elevation, etc. The cheap cost of the vehicle allows it's frequent use while scouting. It is considered the most modern recon plane amongst the collective. Artillery - The Collectives only artillery system utilizes an extended barrel, with small glass panels along the length of it. These amplify the power of a spell, dramatically improving the range and damage of basic magic spells. Research is currently underway to open a small teleportation gate to fire the spells through, which would drastically improve the range of the spell. Armored vehicle - The MFV42 Main Battle Tank This vehicle utilizes a number of defensive enchantments(Mage Armor, Barkskin, and Shield of Faith spells) as well as 1.5 inches of adamantite armor, the vehicle is capable of withstanding Clashing Rocks. On the top is a large cannon, utilizing 4 glass amplification panels to enhance the destructive capability of a mages spells. On the top of the cannon, is a small weapon with 3 glass separation panels. The operation panels weaken the spell of the caster, but turns a single spell into 2. Firing low level spells would permit a continuous fire from the weapon. The Puma Infantry Vehicle The Puma contains what is referred to as a micro pocket dimension. This one vehicle, the size of a standard tank, can hold 30 men in its belly. The vehicle utilizes camoflauge magic, and as such, isn't invisible but is incredibly hard to spot. It has 4 small turrets with 3 separation panels in each. If the vehicle is rupture, the pocket dimension ruptures and the vehicle collapses in on itself, killing those inside. A special countermeasure has been embedded to permit the vehicle to rapidly cast and use dimension door, for short range teleportation at minimal cost. (Teleport location must be within 30 ft).
  5. Spectral

    Purge of the Unworthy

    "This is the Crimson Lion squad vicecaptain, Charles Vergil, my second in command. He and 4 others in my squad will be participating in the operation." Magic Knight Captain Alexander Vermillion announced, as he bowed to the Wizard King. "Very good. I will be assigning you an additional 150 Knights, as well as a squad of 32 of our aircraft and a Citadel. You are to purge those residing in the ghetto, which will ensure those without mana cannot spread their affliction. The bulk of your forces will go there, while your elite are to target the mages in the Northern Steel Mill, where 13 mages are hiding. They're apart of the organization that insist on protecting those who lack an affinity for magic. They are a roadblock to what we are attempting to accomplish. Eliminate them, and return here." The king ordered, before dismissing them. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The floating island, shorthanded to a Citadel, moved to hover beside the ghetto. The knights would covertly establish a perimeter around the ghetto, to ensure that None would escape. They would then cast Wall of Stone in mass, rapidly creating a thick wall around their intended target. Following this, the knights would work their way to the center of the ghetto... "Virgil, you take the north entrance. I will take the roof with alpha squad and beta squad will take the back. The priority is to detain those in league with Solis Sanctum. Intelligence suggests that there are 5 here that match that criteria. Good luck, men." Alexander told them before walking off. "Do we have any Intel on what they look like?" One of the magical knights asked. "Not a shred. You will have to probe their memory with the spell Shared Memory. Each squad is assigned an Interrogator, for that very purpose. Find and detain the beligerants immediately." Alexander called back before using mass teleport. Nearly 30 minutes pass... "Captain, we've detained one on the stairwell, that makes 8." A magic knight called through an earpiece imbued with message. As the captain listened to this, an assailant lurked in the shadows, invisible to the untrained eye. However, with Alexander's powerful magic, he had developed a talent, called blindsense. He could detect creatures within 30 feet of him. He could not discern much using this talent, but it prevented assassin's from being effective. Alexander would let loose a fireball, consuming the assailant and himself in a sea of flame, encompassing a 30 ft area. When it finally died down, the assailant was breathing raggedly, fully viable to an unscathed Alexander. "Many generations ago, Maximillion Vermillion struck a pact with a Pheonix, and let it go free in exchange for it's blood. We have been blessed with an immunity to fire, and as such, I am free to use spells with such spread at no risk to myself. Surrender now, and I will not kill you. Refuse, and I will take my time with you; I have a few new spells I'd like to try any way, so either decision is fine!" The man would boom with a sadistic enthusiasm...
  6. Spectral

    Renewed Order

    The Mages Collective is a nation built around ones strength in mana and combat. The average individual has been either bred out or introduced and secluded into hereditary labor camps. To ensure nonmagical blood does not mix into the average population, a mere 8% of the population is non magical. The labor vamps build leyline receptacles, which are used to siphon off natural mana to be used in various Collective projects or to be hoarded in stockpiles by the Wizard King. Among the military are 11 squads that comprise the elite military force. While magical munitions and firearms have been introduced, many of the elite squads use primal melee weapons, thanks to various shield magic. The only way these mages can harm other mages is via physical weapons. Utilizing the mana, the government has constructed agriculture towers that provide the required food to support the population. Magic is also used to create stasis depots to ensure even perishable goods can be effectively stockpiled. Currently, the energy sector runs on oil and coal, but efforts are being put forward to transition into a magic-based clean 'nuclear' reactor. The government uses floating islands as military bases, where they house magical artillery, specialized aircraft, and troops. These islands can utilize their mana reserves to encompass themselves in a powerful shield to withstand up to 48 hours of bombardment. If one of these islands can successfully land and begin siphoning off of a leyline, it would be able to encompass itself indefinitely. Finally, the economy of this nation is soft socialism with some capitalist leeway permitted for foreign investments. Mostly, the Collective is a neutral, self sustaining economy, and rarely let's in outsiders. The collectives only interest abroad is to establish leyline receptacles.
  7. Spectral

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Application: Nation name: Mages Collective Population (may use in-game numbers): 147,083,428 Population density (may use in-game numbers): 41 Official currency: Yul GDP (may use in-game numbers): 8,237,836,947,683 GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): 31,000 Form of government: Merit Kingdom Describe your nation: An emphasis on one's mana and combat capability. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Y Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): (Map-wise, you're limited to a maximum of 75 provinces. If you go higher than that, I'll personally adjust it down until it's at 75, or ask you to re-do your own example until it fits within the 75 province limit. Note that expansion is allowed, but at a maximum of four provinces per month as to be as realistic as possible. This rule applies to nations under 75 provinces as well. Nations are permitted to own colonies, but at a maximum of 5 with no more than 20 provinces each. Separate colonies are unable to be conjoined. Gifted land is also capped at four provinces per month. This includes land gained by a nation as a result of a war as well.) (You are required to post at least once a month in the national affairs subforum to remain active. This means creating your own topic, not just commenting on your own, or someone else's posts. Inactive nations will be removed from the map.)
  8. Spectral

    The End Shall Baptize All in a Feirce Flame

    MAC platform replacements would fire off from the Japanese mainland and Hawaii, intercepting ant of the tungsten rods a minimum of 100 miles prior to their target. Though the interceptions were not assured, the intent was to knock the rods off target to ensure the safety of Japanese assets. The Japanese drones in space would receive their orders to eliminate all nation's assets in space, and solidify the Japanese regimes control over space. One of the battleship raolguns would be refocused on deflecting orbital projectiles. One of the zues satellites in orbit would fire down their EMP, The target would, of course, be the shield employed by Mog corp. Ad the CIWS chipped away at the onslaught of missiles launched in the initial strike, only 30% would be prematurely destroyed. As the tomahawk and a railgun focused their fired towards a single point, a second garage would be released. This time, comprising of 4 non nuclear Trident-II, and 104 tomahawks. The undersea Archnet drones would received orders to assault all vessels not hailing a friendly los-frequdncy rfid code. Their secondary mission would be to destroy the cables connecting Mog corp's network to other continents. .:Tokyo:. Umbrella forces in the city would be killed in droves, as Japanese forces took control of the city. The 31,000 Infantry would make short work of the surprised Umbrella Security Force. Critical documents and infrastructure would be seized, and over 30% of the city would fall into the hands of the Emporers forces. Intel satellites as well as recon teams would begin scanning for any kind of biological or chemical weapons, attempting to defuse ant potential time bombs. .:Mediterranean:. Corsica, Cyprus, and the Balearic islands would be seized by Japanese forces from the Laurentian people, while the 2 carrier groups would deploy their forces against the local infrastructure. The 3 marine regiments(3,200 soldiers) were deployed to secure the airstrip first, followed by the aerial defenses.
  9. .:Classified:. The 11th and 12th strike groups would be seen off the coast of Mog Corp. Before entering her territorial waters, several Archnet drones would be released. Their initial goal would be to slice into the seabed sensors, and locate the deployment of Mog[corp] vessels. The second, equally important goal, would be to mask the arrival of Japanese vessels approaching. As the forces were within 25 miles of the coast, the fleets would unleash 150 harpoon missiles, 300 Tomahawk missiles with radar tracking(to destroy radar stations), and deploy 80 F-26s to patrol the skies and ensure carrier safety. The battleships would direct their large rail guns towards Mogtopia's shield, and begin firing the projectiles once every minute for 5 minutes, while their mini rail guns, with the cruisers, would target any vessel in range and open fire. Having barely scratched their missile arsenal, the vessels would prepare for a reprisal from the nation. ..Tokyo.. The 11,000 Infantry stationed there would quietly move towards any airports, comms towers, and leadership facilities. They would be equipped with gas masks, and their armored vehicles with an air filtration system. Another 20,000 Infantry would sneak into the city past the gate, assassinating any guards in the area to move towards the Umbrella facilities. Expecting an attack via chemical or biological weapons, nukes were on standby and the wide range of missiles prepared to level the city entirely. Henceforth, Japan would establish an Empire stretching across the globe. The world powers would be brought to heal, just as China and the Metaboard had been. Any who dared defy the Emporer, would surely meet a gruesome end.
  10. Spectral

    Imperial Decree #1

    .:Classified:. "We are brought here one more as we determine government spending over the course of the next fiscal year. As it is, we have been mass producing easily made vessels with the intent to fill out our fleet. Once we achieve the mandated 11 fleets, our focus will shift. At that point, the priority for our navy will be to aquire the carriers neccessary to ensure our power is effectively projected around the world. As such, the funds to purchase the remaining 3 groups will be allocated totaling 54 billion. Leaving 206 billion left to be allocated. You may now request additional allocation." The Defense director would proclaim to the officials before him. "We request the additional acquisition of 2 modern cruisers and a Laurentian battleship per strike group. The battleship will prove to be a highly survivable vessel with intense offensive capabilities. The cruisers will ensure a powerful offensive force to ensure no vessel gets near the carriers or capital vessels. With our anti air frigates, and the development of the new sonar and Poseidon missile, we will effectively mitigate all naval threats. The cost of these new additions is projected to be 143 billion, though the battleships are over half the cost, and without a blueprint, we will be forced to rely on their production capacity. Timeframe to acquire these vessels is unknown." Kaori Oba would stress to the director. "Without a timeframe or a tangible design available, we cannot agree to fund them. When one arises, we will gladly shift the funds to appropriate them." The director would declare, before shifting his gaze. "I would like to shift the focus to the army. While we are an island nation, we still need a capable land army. As it is, we are using out dated equipment. We need modernized tanks, more advanced artillery, and better infantry weapons. Our researches have suggested we develop a non line of sight cannon to hit targets up to 840 miles away utilizing an advanced railgun design and ISR technology. Also, a new tank design equipped with a focused microwave array, anti-explosive defense swarm drones, and a a standard armored setup, would be ideal. As such, we in the army request 18 billion in funds to ensure we can keep pace with other world powers." General Reika Kamiyawa insisted. "The goals outlined do not seem unreasonable. Very well, you will be allocated the neccessary funds. Be sure to avoid pay overruns." The Defense director replied. "The Air force needs to stress that the F-26 is still largely untested in combat. We suggest slow production until it can be extensively tested. As such, we request funds for 185 F-22s, and 30 F-26s. An additional 250 Apaches and 430 Defenders is requested. Total cost is 23 billion." Air Marshall Natsuki Hori determined. "Agreed, we must continue to improve our aerial capabikities if we are to ensure dominance in the Pacific. We will also be approving 34 billion in funds for missile production. And how about the Deparment of Intelligence?" The director woukd ask, as he awaited the final department. "As it is, I would advise the addition of 8 more satellites to watch the Indian ocean, and 4 to watch the Mediterranean. We would also suggest the development of specialised EMP satellites to act as a last line of defense in the event of a full scale war. The idea of a missile defense network of satellites has also been suggested. The Intel satellites would cost 1.6 billion, while 1 weaponizsd EMP satellite would cost an estimated 1.3 billion. The Defense satellites would need to be developed, and we would request 8 billion in funds to do so. The total cost of these projects would amount to 16.1 billion." The director of intelligence would curtly reply before going back to his book. "Very well, approved. With the costs of maintainence being around 6.3 billion, the total allocated budget is 151.4 billion, with 109 billion remaining. This will be shifted to awuurr new naval vessle sor military equipment as needed. That ends the budget discussion for the year."
  11. Spectral

    The Red Horizon

    .:Classified:. The Second test of the Arrow system would take place. The missile would head towards the non nuclear warhead once more, where the missile would split into 12 individual warheads. This time, the Arrow Missile would release a soft EMP, staggering the warheads for a period of no more than 30 seconds. As the EMO went off, the missile would arrive at the epicenter of the warheads, and detonate. It's fragmentation would effectively nullify all if the warheads, causing them to deteriorate in the atmosphere harmlessly. As if now, the Arrow system was labeled a success, with a price tag if 24 million per battery(or 3 million per missile). To ensure the security of Japan and it's assets, the purchase of 31 batteries would be put in motion, with a total cost of 750 million credits. With the development staff completing their work on the projectile, they would be shifted towards developing the Poseiden ASM, to ensure the security of surface vessels against rising subermsed threats.
  12. Spectral

    End of the Mandarin Accord

    Due to the extraordinarily high population density, as well as out dated medicine and infrastructure, the Chinese would see a rapid spread of the T virus. Before the talks could be held, the entire Hanan province would be saturated with a 60% infection rate, and spread like wild fire to nearby provinces. The surrounding ones would have infection rates of no less than 20%, and the 13 million untrained soldiers would be thrown sporadically at the infected. Fatalities would begin taking up in the millions, as the I'll equipped and prepared Chinese military attempted to quell the infection with nothing but firearms. Japan, intending to ensure the demise of China, would utilize intelligence satellites and prepare the cruise missiles to target their armored vehicles and aircraft.
  13. Spectral

    The Red Horizon

    .:Classified:. Early warning OTH radar would detect a fast moving projectile flying off the coast of China, targeting Honolulu, Hawaii. A specialized AI would flag the projectile as suspicious, and utilize the intelligence satellites to grab an image and forward it to the JIDF. From there, the acting chief would approve the launch of the Arrow system to target and intercept the projectile mid-flight, before it could reach a threatening range. At least, that was the exercise being used for the test of the new Arrow interceptor system. The battery would fire a single missile, where it would reach mach 3.6, hurtling at break neck pace towards the projected route of the missile. The 'nuclear warhead' would diverge into 12 separate warheads, an emergency measure to overwhelm missile defenses. The targeting system would retarget towards the center, intending to use its fragmentation to effectively render the warheads irrelavent. A critical computing error would retarget the missile too far to the left, and only remove 5 of the warheads. Despite the success of 2 out of 3 portions, the test was deemed a failure, and additional testing and development would be deemed neccessary. To shore up and secure Japanese infrastructure, the intelligence community would pour 2.3 billion in funds to establishing seabed sensors from the Chinese provincial coast to eastern Japan. These measures were developed to further cement ASW Capabilities.
  14. Spectral

    The Red Horizon

    .:Classified:. A non nuclear Minutemen III ICBM would be fired towards an uninhabited island off the coast of Hawaii. On Hawaii, the prototype Arrow Missile Interceptor would be fired. The designation of 'Success' for the project, is officiall given should it meet 3 conditions. The first condition is the capability to intercept the projectile far enough in orbit to render the missile ineffective. This is critical when deploying the system against nuclear weapons. The Second condition, is the capability to alter it's route/target midflight, to ensure that the interceptor can effectively eliminate long range cruise missiles. Finally, this interceptor must be able to reach substantial speeds to effectively deal with evolving opponent capabilities. As such, it must be able to reach speeds between mach 3 and 4. The following test will determine if the Arrow Defense System can effectively protect Japan against long range threats to it's security.
  15. Spectral

    The Red Horizon

    .:Classified:. The submersible carrier under development by the Japanese Department of Defense, has been halted and indefinitely post poned. The decision was made after the invention of the PD-23 Sonar system, utilizing low frequency active scanning sonar to detect the submersible signals in the water, and then identifying submersible targets at distances of approximately 43 miles. As such, this eliminates the over all mission/purpose of submarines. While autonomous subs will still be utilized for basic deterance, attack submarines will be phased out of the JMSDF, and replaces with specialized anti air frigates to be developed at a later date. The new sonar technology will be equipped on current Destroyers as well as future capital vessels. Further more, the Fusion Reactor specifically designed for the project will be repurposed in future ship designs as well as the USV designed to embed itself into existing seabed sensors, as well as utilize the new laser scanning technology. With the deemed a failure, designs will be drawn up to develop a new type of cruiser to ensure naval supremacy. The intent is to develop the concept of railguns and implement then on newer vessels. Additionally, a final product would be completed for the LaWS anti missile project would be focused to ensure the safety of future vessels. As such, a budget shift will reallocate the remaining budget from the carrier project to the new cruiser.

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