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  1. Oh dear, I'm imagining a lot of cancellations post war. Lots of these treaties seem to be ones of convenience and it's certainly coming to light
  2. Your witty retort has greviously sounded us, my good sir. I'm unsure how we shall ever recover
  3. They joined together to hit bk because we had logs showing they planned to hit us. Then NPO came and defended them with no treaty and no logs. But by all means, keep drinking the coolaide.
  4. This is absolutely pathetic. Enjoy the wars, and dont forget your history with karma bby.
  5. I love you syndie, but this is a poor showing. I didn't realize it required the vast majority of the politically active game to beat 12 alliance, after theyd previously been at war for about a month.
  6. Friendly reminder to get your regular helping of soup, now with extra salt courtesy of certain individuals
  7. Planning to hit someone has always been a valid CB in every instance. The issue that most people find themselves in, however, is most coalitions have enough compatence to not leak hard evidence of it.
  8. Woot woot Good fight you guys. Much respect o7
  9. This makes me feel so patriotic
  10. The soup is too hot for you, but it's okay. We will send you some melted ice cream as compensation
  11. Much love to you guys. Win or lose it's been an enjoyable fight. o7 Even if we win, that infra is still burnin'
  12. I think they have before and will again. And if you think otherwise, I think you're naive.
  13. From who? Peanut gallery or horseman? It would've costed face but no one would've gotten actively involved. So I fail te o see what you're referencing
  14. Only wars where he gets hit, it seems. It appears he has admitted to an inability to recover from the initial hit and as such finds it justified to gripe about his inability to handle the situation. Meanwhile, FARK is putting up a strong showing, which I can respect. Fun banter on both sides. Wars are a lot more fun when you don't have whiny children moaning about losing pixels and punching back. Nb4 you bring up knightfall, please remember you were salty af and I don't care.
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