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  1. You wouldn't happen to have a full transcript of the interview, would you?
  2. She got promoted and freed herself. She was a strong, single nation and needed no Curu.
  3. I mean, give credit where credit is due. He managed to make Strum of all people defend BK. I didn't think that was possible.
  4. I go by Psweet Jr/Psweet Lite on Discord. Does that mean I'm a Psweet now?
  5. Because once your air force gets to a low enough count, it's gg. There is no way to rebuild your air force without it getting blown to smithereens, and since there is no other unit that can fight planes, you can't defend your air force while building it up. There's a difference between knowingly avoiding the all planes route, and not being able to go the all planes route. Learn that.
  6. The unstable nuclear bomb seems like a rehash of the old nuclear bomb, which would cause an instant beige. However, what do you mean by "one shot a nation" ? Does that mean that it automatically drops the infra in each city down to 10, destroys all improvements, and destroy all national wonders?
  7. Not a bad idea actually. Instead of making it a dedicated unit though, maybe group it with tanks? That way players will still be working with the same 500 tanks per factory, but will have to balance the number of AA guns and tanks they have. As you said, they would be weak against ground, and would not be very effective to not make planes a non-factor in wars.
  8. Oh dear, I can already see all the posts accusing me of being butthurt about the last war. Currently, all units (except one) are vulnerable to something else: ships can be destroyed by ships and planes and ground forces can be destroyed by ground forces and planes, but planes can only be destroyed by other planes, which seems a tad ridiculous. I'm not saying that soldiers and ships become AA sharpshooters overnight, but is it possible to give AA capabilities to ground forces and ships? Granted, it would not be very effective (even IRL, the best defense against a horde of planes is your own horde of planes) but sending 100 planes against like 100 ships and only the ships taking damage is a bit ridiculous. And before someone points out that ground forces can loot and ships can blockade but planes can't do anything, I'm fairly certain that planes are already the heavy hitting unit as is. They do far more damage than most other units.
  9. This. You would be better off petitioning Sheepy to raise the redemptive value of credits. However Apeman, I'll bite. What would be the benefit to players for this? People who would struggle to pay the price for one credit are the ones who will rarely use credits. The people who would benefit the most would be the ones who either buy and sell credits, or those who donate for credits, I think. Am I wrong?
  10. It seems like a lot of extra work for very little payout. Sheepy would need to code an entirely new system for this to work. And to what end? There is no guarantee that alliances will invest. They'd prolly make a better return investing in new cities for their alliance, especially since cities can't be stolen.
  11. Too lazy to make a meme out of it, but congrats to Knightfall™ for being the first war in Orbis History to surpass $1 trillion in total damage!
  12. @Malal Contrary to what your ego tells you, not everyone needs to know this.
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