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  1. Joel James


    Too lazy to make a meme out of it, but congrats to Knightfall™ for being the first war in Orbis History to surpass $1 trillion in total damage!
  2. Joel James

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    @Malal Contrary to what your ego tells you, not everyone needs to know this.
  3. Joel James

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    It's at $944.8 billion in damages now. Also, you do say only $450 billion, but that is actually more than what existed before the war broke out. Fact of the matter is that there was probably more wealth locked up in resources than actual money (i.e. war chests, brokering), and the only thing that kept resource prices high on the market was market speculation. Furthermore, since IQ-sphere is more or less back up to some percentage of normal production, those resource stockpiles will keep going up. In other words, Orbis will never return to those days where wars would clean out everyone's resource stockpiles. A definite winner would be visible by the time a scratch is made of the pile, and by that point the amount of resources being consumed will probably be at most equal to the rate of resource generation. Hell, if the market is any indication, there are people picking up cheap resources with the intent of dumping it on the market after the war is over, or when resources prices go back up (assuming they will).
  4. Joel James

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    So I just took a look at NPO stats. The war is on track to break $900 billion in damages soon (sitting around $893.5 billion last I checked). Do I hear a $1 trillion?
  5. Joel James

    Ya'll better watch you investments at Azure!

    Problem with this is on Orbis, there is not guarantee. There is no SEC or Federal Government to police these things, and why would he care if the value plummets? Shares on Orbis exist only on paper, so an investor trusts the bank operator that they won't screw the investor out of their hard-earned money. Short of contacting his alliance or attacking him directly, there is no mechanic for retribution.
  6. Joel James

    Ya'll better watch you investments at Azure!

    The current shareholders are kinda screwed. They either stay on until their shares are confiscated, or they try to sell and have their shares confiscated. Even if neither of these two come to pass, there will be fewer outsiders willing to buy shares, leaving Smpre as the only one who would wish to buy the shares. And given how mature he is in the above screenshots, I have no illusions on him offering them a fair price. My advice? Approach his alliance and see if they are willing to put pressure on him. If not, find his nation and nuke it for every penny that he stole.
  7. Joel James

    Ya'll better watch you investments at Azure!

    Look up Stratton Oakmont. They had public sheets that showed how much money was in the bank, who money was loaned to, how much was left to pay off in each loan, records of every transaction, and more. All publicly available, you didn't even have to be a shareholder. Psweet had decided to do this because he was fighting an uphill battle to make banks trustworthy on Orbis, and this would offer a level of transparency to clients and potential clients. I feel kind of bad for him. Shitheads like the one who runs Azure would take his hard work and squander it because they are thin-skinned losers. Years of hardwork down the drain.
  8. Joel James

    Make Regions for movement

    Why is it harder to move things the closer you are to the equator?
  9. Joel James

    build metropolises &super cities

    What is a megacity but a city with more infrastructure and people? And if building that much infrastructure is a waste of money, why bother giving you a shortcut to getting the equivalent of that much infrastructure?
  10. Joel James

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Silly Shifty, you think I'm active enough or care enough to play politics. No, I just see someone who was screwed over by a !@#$ who played the victim card. Yes, it sucked that she was the target of such racism, but she rapidly eroded any sympathy by doing what she did. My sympathies to Sheepy. It must have sucked to see your good deed backfire as such, even if it was poorly thought out. EDIT: Also, thank you for pointing out that I am part of SIlenzio! Usually I am (understandably) overshadowed by Strum and Psweet!
  11. Joel James

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Hey guys, maybe we're looking at this the wrong way. I mean, the way I see it Queen M managed to get at least some of us to do the impossible: Side with Sheepy when he technically messed something up. That takes skill of truly monumental proportions.
  12. Joel James

    Color Trade Bloc Implementation; Free Flags

    Maybe a soft voting weight with the number of cities? More cities == older nations == more income, generally. This would also calm down people with less infra builds.
  13. Joel James

    Color Trade Bloc Implementation; Free Flags

    How do you make $44 million a day at 15 cities?
  14. Joel James

    Color Trade Bloc Implementation; Free Flags

    TBH, when I first read the trade sphere title, I thought a tariff was going to be implemented on trading with non-team members. Maybe someday, but this works too

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