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  1. It isn't quite so clear cut as this - to say that developed nations are essentially innocent in regards to climate damage and deforestation is somewhat avoiding reality. Reforestation, especially in Europe is certainly a plus, though it should be noted that for some countries this reforestation is due to an increased demand for timber (as such some of this is frequently felled and replanted - not a particular issue in its own right but does result in a tendency towards lower biodiversity, which is uncharacteristic of traditional European forests). European reforestation has also come at the expense of farmland, which has decreased thanks to increased efficiency (not a bad thing) as well as outsourcing of agriculture to other countries (more of a concern). Deforestation generally happens because of a demand for resources (farm land, wood products, natural resources, etc.) and is happening in developing places that are fulfilling global demand in order to earn money. Unfortunately its frequently happening in old, well established rainforest which is a particular source of carbon sequestration as well as very high biodiversity (not just important for 'all those cute animals' but for scientific research too). Like it or not, generally more developed countries will see a greater influx of legal, or illegal migrants as a result of climate change thanks to desertification, sea level rise and water shortages. If anything, it is in the best interests of those who want to see immigration minimised to support movements to limit carbon emissions (and deforestation) globally - I'm certain it is a much longer lasting fix than letting things continue as they are and/or using force to dispel people from your borders. Much easier eventually, and in the long run probably cheaper too I'd bet. The solution isn't to revert back to plastic, its to reduce the 'need' for its perceived convenience. Simple fact is that be it paper or plastic, plenty of stuff like that is no more than a waste on resources.
  2. [Wrong subforum but easily fixed I imagine] Gonna make a serious post for a change as this is a genuinely serious topic. Human-induced climate change is certainly one of the greatest issues of this current time but is still struggling to see any major global change for the positive, and that is largely the result of the shortsightedness of politicians and the financial interests of those with money. The more we as a populace come together to call for change, the better the inevitable outcome. Inaction will be destruction of many systems, ecosystems and nations to come. Here's a few links (of the ones I can recall off the top of my head) for anyone to peruse - please strongly consider enacting change in your life/style and your local area. You don't necessarily need a lot of time and money, and you don't necessarily have to physically go out on a protest march. You just need a willingness to do something. Extinction Rebellion: https://rebellion.earth - topical one at the moment based around peaceful protest and some civil disobedience. Earth Strike: https://www.earth-strike.com - perhaps one of the more radical movements but a good motive. Ecological Footprint Calculator: http://www.footprintcalculator.org - Not a movement but an interesting visual for those who want to get a rough idea as to how their lifestyle has an impact on the planet, as well as suggesting options to change elements of your lifestyle. School Climate strikes/protests: https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/about (general site) - really wish this one had existed when I was at school, but regardless a very important movement. I strongly recommend people of school age take a look at this movement and see what they can do. The younger you are the more climate change will have an impact on your future. https://ukscn.org/ys4c (UK specific) https://www.youthclimatestrikeus.org (US specific) https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com (Australia specific) Would be interested to know the source for those specific stats, but the majority of what you said is incredibly disingenuous - yes global temperatures have been rising for millennia now but a) that's a relative term - rebound of global climate from previous ice-age and b) has rapidly increased since the industrial revolution, in-line with increased greenhouse gas emissions. For the record, anyone still skeptical or unsure on current scientific research and data on (anthropogenic) climate change, I'd be happy to amalgamate some links to information based in peer reviewed study for you. Whilst I no longer have much access to scientific journals, my academic background included study of climate/climate research (as well as prehistoric climates) so I am to a minor extent 'qualified', or at least fairly well versed on the subject, heh.
  3. Been enjoying those around midnight Discord chats recently - thanks for those. :p Cya around hopefully
  4. Banned for not understanding Wisdomtree's very simple ban. Dum dum.
  5. Pants is right, State cannibalism is the only way.
  6. Its called random.org I think.
  7. Alright bookie. BK brave and beautiful though. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  8. A baby lamb as opposed to what exactly? An adult lamb?
  9. Where's the fun in not giving everyone a 5 minute warning to pre-empt or prepare? That 'ain't chaotic.
  10. How long before you start responding with ""IT'S SOUP" every time someone mis-acronyms you?
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