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  1. Mandatory fun! Best kind of fun. Confirming we do infact still exist, yes. Sorry to disappoint anyone.
  2. I'll miss DEIC/Acadia - got quite a few fond memories from the past 5 years. All the best.
  3. I'm jealous - enjoy being paperless.
  4. Good luck & have fun, though there can only be one Avengers and its in some other obscure game Consider this a challenge or something :p
  5. Hey so long as there isn't any overly ridiculous tankie shite, welcome & have fun! ;-P
  6. Congrats? Though I thought R&R had a one way non aggression pact with everyone..
  7. I can always appreciate a mutual defence/aggression treaty. Have fun!
  8. Can I nominate myself to be your lawyer?
  9. Initially 10 wars declared by a good portion of their alliance within two hours (with a few more later - that's more wars than IQ et al. has declared against us for the past 2 days) with some delicious declarations such as: "Bugger if I know, TO uber allies". Looks somewhat planned to me. Why the hell would it be expected for them to be let off lightly?
  10. Oh hell yeaa. That's what I call war motivation.
  11. As a diehard Rozalia fanatic, this is pretty triggering
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