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  1. James XVI

    Describe the above's profile picture

    Someone with a serious case of Space Mumps.
  2. o.O I didn't realise you were in our alliance chats...
  3. James XVI

    Increase Hospital/Recycling Cap

    I may be misremembering but wasn't that the original point - to try to limit how much someone could produce in each city due to unmanageable pollution?
  4. James XVI

    Along the Lines of a Generic Announcement

    Why are there brown marks? Or do I not want to know?
  5. James XVI

    69 hour notice.

    Just remember no matter how much you both break up, the gooseberry Empyrea will always be there for you.
  6. James XVI

    Ban The Person Above You!

    Banned for not being in the Cult of Kastor, heathen.
  7. James XVI

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    As we've already said, the failed merge proposal really hasn't bothered us as much as you might like to think - whilst ultimately it would have been neat to see (especially considering ever since we initially protected you we've been under the impression we both had a similar outlook), it's not some sort of huge devastating blow. We're just amused at how it ended with Arthur just leaving the chat without a word after we asked a pretty harmless question regarding "unforseen opportunities" that meant they were no longer planning to head down the paperless alliance route. I guess we know what this was now - upgrading that protectorate agreement, so I'm not really sure why that was cause to immediately stop talking to us. On an aside: "[Camelot] weren't as obsessed with the forums" Guess not really caring means we're obsessed... As for the "paperless friends" comment, our issue is more how you went about it, not that it happened. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been in paperless alliances in government and as a member for a large portion of their time in this game, getting involved in a fight that doesn't directly concern you often comes with a lot of consideration - if you decide to commit to, say, defending an alliance you're friends with, you take on the knowledge that you should fully expect to be countered. Roz Wei did this in 2016(?) against Rose for the 168-whatever day war knowing full well that by trying to help a friend (t$ in that case) we'd be countered (only we didn't expect everyone on the opposing side to take an opportunity to hit us :P). In this instance, Goon Squad had no treaty with Camelot or their protectorate we hit until they sent a 'counter' attack (after wars with Camelot/their protectorate had already started) seemingly in order to make it look like they had a 'paper' treaty to legitimise attacking us. Our retaliation against Goon Squad resulted in BK stepping in to their defence which seemed rather odd. [EDIT: Hodor put this much more succinctly a couple of posts above] Perhaps you misunderstand what "paperless friends" means, Epi? It certainly doesn't usually mean creating a physical treaty in game when you want to get involved in a war. Just do it as is and accept for the most part that it's generally going to be considered an aggressive action, and dealt with as such.
  8. James XVI

    The Cumming of Ayylah

    So that's the "unforseen opportunity" keeping you from heading along that paperless path then? Glad it's finally been updated anyway.
  9. That's not really all that happened is it now, Arthur.
  10. James XVI

    Ban The Person Above You!

    I'm holding you responsible for killing this thread. Banned for that.
  11. James XVI

    Describe the above's profile picture

    Cypher from The Matrix if he was a lot older.
  12. James XVI

    A Very SK Christmas vol 3 - Tribute to TCW

    Beautiful as always.
  13. James XVI

    Open Season

    How dare they do collective alliance's IA work for them!
  14. James XVI

    Egyptian Ascension & End of Empyria/Arrgh Hostility

    Good show, onwards and upwards EE.
  15. James XVI

    The Egyptian Empire Recognition Of Hostilities

    Nah mate, it was all part of a grand scheme orchestrated by our masters in KT/TGH, and definitely nothing to do with just us on our little lonesome having issue with someone trying to take advantage of our alliance.

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