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  1. James XVI

    Ban The Person Above You!

    Banned for not understanding Wisdomtree's very simple ban. Dum dum.
  2. James XVI

    What's the next move after the war?

    I'm game.
  3. James XVI

    This Global War Ruined Literally Everything

    Pants is right, State cannibalism is the only way.
  4. James XVI

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Its called random.org I think.
  5. James XVI

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Alright bookie. BK brave and beautiful though. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  6. James XVI

    New Leadership Changes To Empyrea

    Lucky James though.
  7. James XVI

    Surf's Up

    A baby lamb as opposed to what exactly? An adult lamb?
  8. James XVI

    Surf's Up

    Where's the fun in not giving everyone a 5 minute warning to pre-empt or prepare? That 'ain't chaotic.
  9. James XVI


    +1 Welcome!
  10. James XVI

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    How long before you start responding with ""IT'S SOUP" every time someone mis-acronyms you?
  11. James XVI

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Your meritorious ovation makes Ovid's dactylic hexameter not but a pithy semblance of the masses' pitiful prose.
  12. James XVI

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Don't you pay attention to the intricate and impactful politics that happen on the forums, Filip? tsk tsk.
  13. James XVI

    Describe the above's profile picture

    Someone with a serious case of Space Mumps.
  14. o.O I didn't realise you were in our alliance chats...
  15. James XVI

    Increase Hospital/Recycling Cap

    I may be misremembering but wasn't that the original point - to try to limit how much someone could produce in each city due to unmanageable pollution?

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