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  1. Have I woken up back in 2016? I hope so. Yet more proof nobody should be relying on these fake news main stream media outlets for their Orbis news.
  2. brb leaking something incriminating.
  3. Ewww old people. Congrats though, no simple thing to maintain such a large and active community for that long I imagine.
  4. Can I not say to hell with P&WRushmore, and go for a 40m high statue of Buorkhan instead?
  5. Absolutely devastated to be honest. It has been an absolute joy every time we got to chat over the last 5 years, regardless of the situation - passing silly or deadpan jokes, or just discussing whatever is going on in game or RL. The more I've learnt about and the more I spoke with you the more fond I've become. Cheers my FW.
  6. Putting so many of the rest of us to shame by doing something imaginative, good job CoA! And you know what they (probably) say: you can't go wrong with a James 😉
  7. Thanks all for the exercise, the fun, and the infra refresh!
  8. Thanks for giving me YET MORE PROOF that your name isn't James. Hi Kettle.
  9. You're right that does kinda kill the excitement a bit.
  10. Chris mate, you can't just change your name, screenshot it, and post it here. That's cheating.
  11. Its a sign of the times when 3 days in these threads aren't reaching 20 pages of arguments that people pretend to read, but really just skip to the posts that have the most up/downvotes. Disappointing.
  12. Good luck! Shame things lead to you/protectorates in general getting dragged in, however, definitely a neat wei to test how everything runs in-house post merger!
  13. Can anyone else smell that picture? I wish all logs were like this.
  14. Aww you sweetheart 🥰
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