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  1. Good luck & have fun, though there can only be one Avengers and its in some other obscure game Consider this a challenge or something :p
  2. Hey so long as there isn't any overly ridiculous tankie shite, welcome & have fun! ;-P
  3. Congrats? Though I thought R&R had a one way non aggression pact with everyone..
  4. I can always appreciate a mutual defence/aggression treaty. Have fun!
  5. Can I nominate myself to be your lawyer?
  6. Initially 10 wars declared by a good portion of their alliance within two hours (with a few more later - that's more wars than IQ et al. has declared against us for the past 2 days) with some delicious declarations such as: "Bugger if I know, TO uber allies". Looks somewhat planned to me. Why the hell would it be expected for them to be let off lightly?
  7. Oh hell yeaa. That's what I call war motivation.
  8. As a diehard Rozalia fanatic, this is pretty triggering
  9. Are there people that actually believe an alliance like SK would stop existing? Regardless of opinion they are kinda part of the furniture at this point. It'd be like finding you have a family of hedgehogs living under your floorboards, living with them for half a decade then actively encouraging them to cross a busy road in the dark.
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