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  1. James XVI

    Apparently it's plausible

    Oak? Won't MDF do the job?
  2. James XVI

    Are you Sirius, Zeus?

    You weren't already acquainted with each other? o.O
  3. James XVI

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    BC realises that just because they're record company themed, they can't actually apply legally binding trademarks, right?
  4. James XVI

    Camelot DoE

  5. James XVI

    $yndicate-Pantheon announcement

    I'd prefer Pentax, honestly.
  6. James XVI

    69 Days Later

    Congratulations with peace all. ?
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    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    To be fair even paperless alliances tend to mention protection agreements on their pages. If I'm remembering correctly tS and TC haven't had any formal tie (and as far as I know haven't done anything to imply any sort of treaty) for almost a year(?), so anyone not closely following what goes on in the forums, or who have more important things to remember, could easily be justified in thinking that no sort of tie/treaty exists between them.
  8. James XVI

    Colour Bloc Stuff

    1. It seems the world is against Shifty, or the vote is rigged (it it's a bug, whatever) - on the blue colour voting page, the option 'I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa' seems to not register any votes and instead sends the votes to the option 'I\'m blue da ba dee da ba daa'. Changing vote and switching back lead to the same thing so I wonder if it's something to do with the apostrophe: http://prntscr.com/kewzl6 http://prntscr.com/kewzpt --------------- 2. On an aside (may as well kill 2 birds with one thread), a suggestion regarding adverts: with player advertisements you can set how it shows (i.e. to all nations or nations not in alliances etc.), it'd be neat if you could direct advertisements to nations on single colour - could be an interesting way to get rid of Polaris' shitty choice of name get some naming contention or something similar.
  9. James XVI

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Uhh, what? Usually its known as being able to grasp the difference between real life and a game. It really isn't hard. - - - - - An action linked to something against IG rules definitely deserves to be punished but making one moderation action public for clearly personal reasons makes no sense when game-side rule breaks are usually dealt with privately. May as well make every moderation action public if exceptions are going to be made.
  10. If people on lime/green or whatever don't call themselves GPA, I'll be disappointed.
  11. James XVI

    Forum Sig Upload Issues

    Had the same issue when I updated my sorry excuse for a signature image a few months back (just forgot/was too lazy to mention it). Fairly certain I tried it with both .jpg and .png, but would get that same message. Got around it by just using the 'upload image' option in that instance, though would be nice to be able to just add an image link - less annoying to edit/change then.
  12. James XVI

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    I see chivalry is still alive and well.
  13. James XVI

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    I have amended it to include the word surrender now (though AkAk is right it was technically included). Apologies for any distress caused, Filip is a merciless taskmaster.
  14. As The Son of Heaven ascended to a higher plain of existence, accompanied by his ten thousand beautiful virgin women - the spoils of his final victory, his mighty kingdom was immortalised, living on as a shining golden light in the ever growing darkness. Before The Roz's ascension, he bequeathed to his most loyal supporter, the Heavenly King AkAk many rich and fertile lands, and a final request: to continue the spirit of The Roz. AkAk was determined to do just this, and he rode out in search of old friends. Though many had passed on, some still remained, as well as new friends made during the many exploits of the Heavenly Kingdom. He first came across James XVI in the vast steppes of the Hippo Khan's empire. Time had not been kind to James, and he had quickly started up heavy drinking during his tenure as one of Grand Admiral Kastor's henchmen, but after he heard of Rozalia's recent victories and the attempts by the Corrupt Castrati to foil them, he joined with AkAk in search of other Roz Wei loyalists. During their search, grand banners were erected in the name of Roz Wei, bearing on them a face that shared some similarity with that of The Roz Himself, however as soon as they were raised, agents of the neutered sheep sabotaged these banners, with claims that the image, open sourced from an artist in the Kingdom, was in fact The Roz, something AkAk and his followers knew not to be true. However, watching the saboteurs following the group ever closer, AkAk realised the need to strengthen their forces and sought out his friends and allies with great haste. Soon the group reached the lands of Sassania - an empire formed of many great warriors, many of which had been friends or past members of the Heavenly Kingdom. They greeted AkAk and welcomed his followers into the golden halls of The Royalist: Filip The Forever Angry. Both groups spent the night in celebration, recounting past endeavours and realised that they still had much in common. Thus it was decided to join forces, united under a new banner of chaos, and so Empyrea was formed, with pride in tradition and strength in refound comradery. ***** Distantly, the leaders of the Cobra Kai Dojo, an ancient kingdom with many experienced soldiers in their ranks, some having come from the great ship of Terminus Est many years previous, and House Stark, a kingdom who preferred peace over war, shown as such by their civilian armies, met in ‘secret’ on the borders of the New Radiant Order to discuss matters that had happened many months ago, before the departure of the Legendary Rozalia. They decided that the most secret places were where random civilians are all around, such as the crowded market place they now found themselves in. Grand Master Betulius of CKD was keen to taste retaliation. "We will not stand by and let our lands be freely raided by the Heavenly Kingdom of Roz Wei. We must retaliate immediately! Would you not agree Master Zeebrus?" "Bzzzzzz" "We should strike their forces whilst the iron is hot. There is not a second to waste!" "Bzzzzzz" was again the agreement. King Zygon of House Stark nodded sagely and pretended to concentrate. All the while dreaming of fields of butterflies, wishing he could be there writing poems instead of leading. A poet must read, not lead afterall. Lord Cypher, who had his head screwed on a bit more (or whatever it is that jacked you into the Matrix) than some of the others present interjected. "But Master Betulius, this happened many months ago, and The Great Rozalia has departed this world. We can certainly attack but shouldn't this have been dealt with much earlier?" "Nonsense!" Was the reply "Bzzzzzz" said Zeebrus King Zygon nodded again and looked at the pretty clouds. As no one else had anything to say they decided to roll out their machines of war (or in HS’s case, make a machine of war first), however before they could even return from the meeting place, a messenger arrived. "The Heavenly Kingdom appears to be no more my Lords! There appears to be another army in those lands and they appear stronger than we previously thought." "How could this have happened so quickly?" Sobbed Betulius, and Zygon nodded, now sitting on the ground and drawing pictures in the dirt. "Bzzzzzz" lamented Zeebrus. However, shortly a second messenger arrived bearing news of an army currently in the process of defeating the forces of AIMers in a land not too distant. The messenger reported that AkAk had been sighted, along with many warlords from Sassania at the head of the charge, carrying a banner depicting Empyrea. "AkAk was The Roz's most trusted Heavenly King, along with equal amounts of armies from both lands. The Heavenly Kingdom must surely live!" Betulius roared, his words echoing round the market, now every eye in the square was turned towards this 'secret' meeting.’ "But this is not even Roz Wei" chipped in another Lord of House Stark. "What reason would we have to go to war with them?" "AkAk is there" was Cypher's response. "Bzzzzz" suggested Zeebrus "Can I write a poem?" Zygon asked, making dust angels on the floor. "James was a member of The Heavenly Kingdom years ago" mused one of the servants, joining the crowd of peasants also trying to get in to the conversation; "As was The Penguin, and Henrich, even though Henrich is no longer on this world." "I care not, he was the one who told the world we didn’t like having to fight. We must prove a point.” said one of the Stark lords, as a dark patch covered the crotch of his trousers. "Then that settles it" agreed Betulius. "We will attack immediately!" The armies being more ready than some (or perhaps Betulius had been in charge of timekeeping), rode out a week later to where the forces of Empyrea were camped. However, their super secret meeting in the crowded marketplace had been overheard (surprisingly) and had already reached The Royalist, warning him of the incoming invasion. The strange creature by the name of ‘Shifty’ had already heard of the news as well, and so sent out many riders to speak out the news. The Empryrean leaders had started discussions on what the next move should be. Many were ready to roll out and catch the incoming armies unaware. Burgermeister Clement; a man of significant age who had lived most of his life serving the Heavenly King, was practically walking on the ceiling, so much was his readiness to defeat the foes. Seeing the incoming armies, the Secretary-General Wulfharth, and Commander Akkara had already built up their militaries and were ready, whilst James (who had just got back from a long holiday to find Queen Vexz’s banners flying on his city gates after he had forgotten to lock them), despite having said he'd give up drinking, took out his hip flask and started banging the table singing war songs badly out of tune. This unholy noise woke Empyrea's resident Kangaroo up, as well as drawing the Chaotical Lord Penguin's attention who decided to start singing Boys to Men classics. Somehow in the chaos, it was decided to await the advancing armies in a nearby valley where they would rain fire on them from above. On arriving at the head of the valley in which the Stark and CKD forces were camped for the night, the Empyrean armies saw the size of their massive foe. However instead of frightening them, it only sought to encourage them further, such was the strong and stalwart nature of the soldiers. Many were eager to spill blood. Without waiting further, the advisor to the gods; Clement charged from the flanks, and the cry of "one in, all in" echoed throughout the valley. Victory seemed to be imminent, however Timekeeper Betulius and Dreamer Zygon seeing their meticulously planned invasion beginning to fail, had other plans. They sent messengers to beg for help from the vast realms of Guardian and The Syndicate Corporation, and Daddy provided, sending one fleet under the command of Admiral Rubi-Ka; a man consumed by the want of wealth whilst Guardian sent huge war machines to the fight. The people of Empyrea fought valiantly, slaying many and still they held their ground. Meanwhile in the Seven Kingdoms, King Brooklyn heard of the events unfolding and in his desire to do something productive he ordered a surprise attack on Empyrea in defence of AIM. So bad was their communication technology in this ancient kingdom they apparently hadn't realised peace with AIM had already been achieved. The disorderly SK armies soon retreated, realising their awful mistake, however thanks to their great numbers of soldiers, the damage had already been done. Not even the Empyreans could hold off such overwhelming forces for long, and were eventually surrounded, though the determination to continue to fight lingered on. As the fighting continued, The Royalist and James XVI met with their opposing leaders in a specially erected tent to seek an outcome. King Zygon, accompanied by Revan, Lord of Selective Memory, stood beneath the banner of House Stark, whilst Timekeeper Betulis and (bz)Zeebrus stood beneath the Cobra Kai banner. Talks began cordially, but soon it seemed clear that the opposing leaders didn’t really realise where they were and began talking amongst themselves. The Royalist tried to steer the subject back to the matter in hand, but so loud was the talking (and Zygon’s humming) that they at first didn’t hear him. The noise died down eventually, as James cleared his throat. The Royalist asked again and this time garnered a response. Zygon, stuck his head out from behind Advanced Rhetoric for Dummies “We will have peace when the war criminal Rozalia is brought to justice” was the reply. “The Heavenly Kingdom must pay for its crimes” After much rolling of eyes from the Empyrean leaders, The Royalist reminded them for the n-teenth time of Rozalia’s departure, however in their Hubris, the opposing side refused to listen and continued on, resulting in a back and forth that went on through the night. Eventually Zygon reached the final page of Advanced Rhetoric for Beginners and presented to the Empyrean’s their terms: The current war would continue to the natural outcome in a few days time, and the forces of Empyrea would present a white flag to House Stark and Cobra Kai. Seeing no other way to regather the Empyrean forces, The Royalist agreed to the terms, and a few days later sent a delivery of a white flag to the conquering forces. The Empyreans returned to the warp. Many carried fresh new scars resulting from their valliant fighting. Far from being a sad group however, a mighty party was thrown that evening celebrating those lost, and welcoming in a new era. Lessons learned, friends and foes discovered, Empyrea as ready and determined as ever before, and keen to leave their mark. tl;dr Peace between Empyrea and House Stark and Cobra Kai Dojo. All wars will continue to expiry, no new wars will be declared. Also some back story and a new chapter of legends or something. As per the peace agreements, Empyrea hereby surrenders to HS/CKD. Apologies for not including this earlier but I was hungry and needed to eat something. Filip's being whiny but yes it was a joint contribution :p

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