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  1. Really still with the multis claim do you not have anything new or even truthful?, Well I guess if Fark claim NPO is just an extension of Fark you would not have an issue if they rolled on in then, as you claimed it would not effect anything. You should have kept it soup vs Fark/WTF and you didn't, anyone can claim another alliance is an extension. It's funny how defensive you got over this, Wonder if all ex members of nuke bloc now say they are extensions of FARK/WTF no matter what alliances they are in they are still members of FARK/WTF, clearly going on your statement if they joined F
  2. what happened to it staying 1v2, sure they might only be three people in those two alliances however Soup did not keep it 1v2 as they said they would. So can Fark/WTF now claim other alliances are extensions of them and call those alliances in to action ?, I mean do not matter how you label it or how many are in said alliances it is now 3v2 and Soup has pulled two other alliances in to a fight they said they would fight 1v2 ?
  3. I never said its your first war, its the first one you actively partaken in without hitting VM, Well i am sure we can all claim a deleted nation that's no more had been the leader of some epic alliance, beaten the odds in every war and so on and so on, but in the what 450 days from the first time i joined BC you had never partaken in any war, even if hit you just went VM. but hay some people do not want to fight unless they feel there going to win, wonder if Soup ever find themselves on the losing side you will have another reason to hit VM.
  4. Don't you just hate it when people complain nothing happens and when you do something for your own enjoyment others complain about that too. hats off to you for doing something other than complain about it
  5. was more like 60-40 of the winning if Fark/WTF as always take shit loads of time to react, 70/30 them losing if for some unknown reason Fark/WTK was able to counter the same day and not 3 or 50 days after it had started. love or hate soup keep it real they are fighting a bigger number of cities, they hit first it gave them a chance to win, if Fark/WTF top nations dropped in NS they would wipe out Soup's top nations pretty quickly, then Soup would just be hitting the lower end of the tail as they wont be able to reach the head. but SRD you can help Fark/WTF if you like no one is stopping
  6. I heard this was @Charlie Traveler last night making the soup, but who knows.
  7. Quick wars, long wars it do not really matter does it ?, i mean what benefit do you get from a quick war when most of the top alliances are sitting on billions in rebuild and resources, would not be shocked if the top five alliances have well over 10m of each resources and easy 30 billion as rebuild aid. poor people generally want a quick war as they can not maintain the level of fighting.
  8. you got me lol, damn it :D If Fark/WTF was smarter and active sure when soup hit they would have ripped you apart, but lets face it they are not that active and not that great at war. Pretty sure everyone told you to disband that sad alliance had, wait you did that didn't you.
  9. Come on be smarter dude, Soup planned this and had everyone maxed before hitting, Fark basically was sleeping and got hit during a nap and as you said 12 was never hit so that's 45 vs 20, not hard to wipe them out in a blitz now is it.
  10. If you write anything you have to highlight that Kilo is finally fighting a war and not in VM you have no idea how important that is, @Kiloist II finally pop's his war cherry :P
  11. All this reading and I forgot popcorn
  12. its funny how those who have never hit ti big and or lost shit loads want to be able to see those who hit it big lol, thats funny
  13. Well good Sir I did not know you was in TGH, I do take my last statement back fully, YOU are dumb enough I have heard you sing, trust me I would rather 12 rounds with Tyson in his prime than that
  14. I am guessing these numbers are based on TGH Sphere against BK&Co, but we both know it will not be that simple as I do not believe anyone in TGH sphere are dumb enough to go at it without bring in overwhelming odds to give them a chance, So what are the numbers when you take in to account it wont simply be TGH Sphere.
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