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    Well, since we are still not top 50 (number 60 at the time of this posting) I'm sure this won't matter to most people here. But, our beloved leader IPanzerDerpI has officially stepped down. He was a great leader, and a big reason we have been successful. He will still be a member, possibly working part time in Internal Affairs, however, he says that since he can not be as active as he should, he wants to step down. He wants a new leader to take his place, that can be more active, and provide more support to our alliance. He really did help us grow so much, and his service is much appreciated. His successor will be MLG_LEGEND420 (He's not as cringey as his username suggest). I wish him the best of luck as a new leader, and I look forward to working with him. Our alliance info page HAS been updated.
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    protip, tell others they should care and let them decide.
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    Are you talking about this micro? Because you should totally attack them. Oh right, I forgot... They're protected by t$ and you'd get your ass clapped.
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    So a few of us have been toying around with Victoria 2, the good old industrialization era simulator. For shits and giggles I have decided to do an AARP on "The Zeebrus Challenge". If it turns out to be fun, I may do a few more with different PW personas. A few notes on game mode and settings: - I use the Historical Flavor Mod (HFM) for more immersiveness - Zeebrus decides my starting nation - I will attempt to run the nation Zeebrus picks to the best of my abilities. No reloads or cheats allowed. - Here is the kicker: Zeebrus gets to set my broad objectives, and add/remove choices at her convenience. Whatever objective she sets is what I will try to make work until told otherwise, no matter how ludicrous or unrealistic. I will provide updates and screenshots once the first choices have been made. Will the Zeebrus Empire thrive, or descend into lunacy?
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    Let's Clown Arown' Signed for House Stark, King in the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Revan Battle Master: Zygon Master of Coin: Darth Revan Three Eyed Raven: TSA Maester: My2Lemons Signed for the Syndicate, Please post mfw clown reactions in response. Thank you.
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    boopity boop zee boop bippity bop flim flam zim zam zop beep boop bep bam ᵇbͦoͦᵖoͥpͭʸiᵇtͦyͦᵖ ᶻbͤoͤoᵇpͦ ͦᵖzᵇeͥᵖeᵖ ͥbͭʸoᵇoͦᵖpᶠ ˡbͥiͫpᶠpˡiͣtͫyᶻ ͥbͫoᶻpͣ ͫfᶻlͦᵖiᵇmͤ ͤᵖfᵇlͦaͦᵖmᵇ ͤᵖzᵇiͣmͫ zam zop beep boop bep bam bͫ̈́̇oͬ̈̍oͪ̅̋p̆ͯ̆i͗̿̌ẗ́̾̓y̎̄͋ ̓̑̓b̒̎ͥoͭ̓͆ó̈͊pͥ̏̂ ̉ͪ͆zͨ̂͂e̅ͧͤeͤ̄̅ ̄̌̓b͑̇ͥo͑̔ͩoͦ͋̈́p̎͌͗ ̓͗̇bͫ́ͥi͐̅̒pͣ͛ͧp̉̈́ͩiͬ̐̑t̊ͭ̌ẙ̏́ ̍ͧͪb̄̈́ͨoͮ̿̋pͫͦ̓ ̇͊̽f̃ͩ̎lͭ̏̚iͪͩ̆mͫ̂ͦ ̊̓̂f͐̌ͥl̓ͪ̌aͪ͋̉m̐ͯ̆ ͗͐ͤz̈́͂̆iͬ̇̽m̑̾͗ ͌ͨ͂z͐̈́̀á͗̽m͐ͥͤ ͂ͧͣz̈̐͛o͛ͮ̾p̑͋ͥ ̿̅̎b̓̒ͦe͗ͪ̚e̒̋ͦp̔̆͆ ͆ͬ̉b̂͛̀oͫͦͣoͦͦ̈́p̑ͤ͂ ͫͤ̔b̂͐̈ȅ͂̋p̓ͣ̚ ͌̾̋bͥͮ̓a͒̑̏m͌̓ͪ ͙̖ɯ̩͖̘ɐ̲͖̞q̮̬̝ ̞̫̟d̹̣̹ǝ̝̟̬q̱̥̮ ̮͖̙ḏ̗̫o̺̯̠o̜̲̲q̦͚̺ ̜̲͓d̘̦ͅǝ̤̪̜ǝ͇̤̣q͚̥̳ ̮͔̫d̬͎͎o̳̟̭z̦̣͕ ͇͉̺ɯ͇̳̟ɐ̤̤͖z͎̼̖ ͉͈͉ɯ̻̗̜ᴉ̜̩ͅz͔̝͈ ̞̝̟ɯ͇̟̠ɐ̖̘̠l͖͇̻ɟ͓͇̟ ̤̘ͅɯ͙͇̠ᴉ͎̙̻l̝͈͙ɟ̝̫ͅ ̬̠̞d̯̙͕o̭̺̙q͕͚̤ ̣̦ͅʎ͕͓ͅʇ̩̫̬ᴉ̭͔̗d̩̪̪d̰͍̮ᴉ̖̤̜q͓̩͖ ͓̪̻d̘̯͓o̲̙̟o̙̟͙q̻̫̩ ̘̞͚ǝ͈͙̭ǝ̦͇̰z̮̤̖ ̼̟̱d̟̘̫o̟̫̗o̝̠̙q̖̪̤ ̺͎̙ʎ͇̞̻ʇ̙̝̣ᴉ̙̲͙d͔̟̜o͎̺̮o͔̭̰q -... --- --- .--. .. - -.-- / -... --- --- .--. / --.. . . / -... --- --- .--. / -... .. .--. .--. .. - -.-- / -... --- .--. / ..-. .-.. .. -- / ..-. .-.. .- -- / --.. .. -- / --.. .- -- / --.. --- .--. / -... . . .--. / -... --- --- .--. / -... . .--. / -... .- --
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    I thought this was about to be the saddest post on the OWF from the title...
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    The Grand Empress herself has informed me that I am to expand our border for the glory of our empire. That I am to bring grand prestige to our people. The empire needs colonies with rare resources to fuel its grand industries. It needs laborers and lands to settle. It has inferior rivals to overcome. Already a pinnacle of might, it stands ready to eclipse the other Great Powers. I open the curtains of my grand villa''s study to look upon the subjects I have been chosen to lead in the Empress' stead: Benebrus Zeenold McTendoBetrayer-vandaag om 22:56 Yis Sorry I'm a little busy irl that's why I'm slow with responses I said Krakow tho @Leipe Serpent Flavour Ah... Krakow.... Pearl of the east. The Polish metropolis. There is no greater place. No nation more glorious. Its prowess feared by all. The blood of the Winged Hussars runs through our blood. I digress. The Empress has given me a simple and straightforward task. To retake the Baltic port city of Gdansk (Danzig) in preparation for glorious colonization of lands far away. Benebrus Zeenold McTendoBetrayer-vandaag om 23:04 Ooo You should get it back for Poland then There are a few obstacles to our rightful reconquest of Gdansk. The Austrian Empire seeks to Annex us. Prussian and Russian imperialists must be crossed to achieve our objective as well. Nothing we can't handle though. Who am I to question to Empress' designs, after all. In the following report, I will inspect our city's demographics and set up our initial plans. From there... the game begins.
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    One does not require money to foment chaos, merely will. Chaos, after all, is already among you.
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    Good luck regulating Fraggle's production of nuclear weapons!
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    Guys, going back for a 2nd time is always a mistake Ayy lmao Well happy to see BK get str0nker. Apeman after joining up with the ayy lmaos, 2552, colorized.
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    Come to the Afrika Korps discord and have a chat with the members and government over some things while having a cup of tea. Oh and if you do come make sure to bring a swimsuit or something that won't make your visit too hot, plus who doesn't like to take a break and swim in a pool surrounded by Propaganda Department Waitresses?
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    Seeing this much talk about the symbolism and then Commies makes me feel like....ADDING MORE PROPAGANDA! MUAHAHAHA! Join Afrika Korps now(atleast the server) to receive daily plot! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/8PYMEM
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    This is my favorite alliance, I love you all so much.
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    Yeah, it's obviously important. We have to file the names of each member of Regime, and make sure that we have enough graves accommodate to them.
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    Nah we're good...btw this post had 6 pages of replies lol
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    His Highness Lord Roquentin is grateful for TKR's concern for his physical safety. However, he also reminds his servants not to give in to temptation: beiging is a sin which no amount of loot can cleanse.
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    I don't see how the theme is propagating Nazi ideology. And as far as I am concerned the people who are in charge of leading the alliance are decent people who have said multiple times in this thread that that is not their intent. Plus, Alex OK'd it, and since Alex has a strict policy on not having anything Nazi-related in the game I think it's safe to say he was convinced that this was not harmful to those playing the game. Maybe think of their choosing the Afrika Korps theme of the alliance as someone making a movie about Nazis? Depending on who makes it and whether it propagates actual Nazi ideology or glorifies what they did, the fact that Nazis are in the film doesn't make the film inherently bad by any moral standards (Inglourious Basterds comes to mind - and it had quite a few prominent Nazi characters). Some players in the game have the Imperial Japanese Army Flag as their nation flag. I could have thrown a fit about it as a South Korean, but I understood that it was just a theme and that I couldn't just assume their use of the flag meant they stand by what the Imperial Japanese Army did to their colonies and such. Maybe we're all just reading into things a little too much. With that being said, good luck to Afrika Korps. Sorry your thread was derailed by unnecessary political discussion that most of us don't really care about.
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    Clean your room, bucko!
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    We already had Paradoxia which turned into Terradoxia and then went into BoC which split into Order of Storms and dying BoC which then turned into Zodiac which then had a mass exodus post IQ war into AIM. Now we have a new Paradoxia... 🤔
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    >Fraggle is relevant. Nukes don't do shit lol We already saw that last war.
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    The Illuminati mis-used T$'s name when we put them down on our alliance page as a holder of a treaty. We are very sorry and it was a genuine mistake. We hope there are no hard feelings, and we have changed our alliance page. Our sincerest apologies, The Illuminati

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