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  1. rey

    The Commonwealth protects The Dixie Union

    i like this announcement much more than the last time i read it
  2. i am a big fan of confusing people EXCEPT i don't know if this is actually cool or not i will offer my congratulations just in case
  3. rey

    Stuck on the Toilet

    is it ooc content if they're slurring in alliance announcements if you're going to use negative reactions as a tool of propaganda you should try not having everyone you agree with doing the same shit
  4. rey

    Stuck on the Toilet

    hi i'm buorhann i defend people who say the n word and also like to sign treaties where slurs are involved in the announcement i'm also going to pretend i don't condone these actions
  5. rey

    Dubayoo's $1Billion KofC Giveaway

    i have to imagine that's why there's prize money involved
  6. my favorite part of this thread is people using homosexual as a negative adjective
  7. if i break the rules in a blatant way,,,, surely it means i am not breaking the rules
  8. rey

    Imperium of Man DoW

    wow, that's absolutely heinous. i can't believe MORE people haven't declared on them.
  9. rey

    Imperium of Man DoW

    yeah we can't let odn get away with whatever it is they've done
  10. rey

    The Roz, Triumphant! Once Again!

    he already posted a screenshot of his immediate reply to my first post but ok
  11. rey

    The Roz, Triumphant! Once Again!

    btw you don't have to protest the ruling to talk to sheepy about how to make your post more appropriate for the forums but i think you knew that
  12. rey

    The Roz, Triumphant! Once Again!

    should i... talk to the admin to find out what i did wrong? no, i should merely throw a tantrum like a toddler and repost the thread wholesale
  13. rey

    The Roz, Triumphant! Once Again!

    thanks for being stupid enough to post this again instead of just talking about it with sheepy. i'm glad you're enough of a manchild to set up the cross and throw yourself on it while screaming obscenities at god himself
  14. rey


    wow twitter has more ~dynamic political engagement~ than a nation simulator browser game?????? who woulda thunk
  15. man this is really intellectually and physically lazy shoutout to auctor for at least having to do like 3 things

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