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  1. rey

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Here you go again; it is not my responsibility to refrain from calling bullshit when I see it just because your bullshit pertains to issues of race.
  2. rey

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

  3. rey

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    The spirit of the game is that u shouldn't be a Nazi hth
  4. rey

    Pie for the Pie God

  5. rey

    Going To War

    I still love the notion that all of our issues are ooc when they're regularly brought to the ic forums (and not by our coalition, by my count, but I could be wrong since I'm still new)
  6. rey

    Propaganda time

    even if you want to dispute the veracity of something you're in the literal propaganda thread, hope this helps
  7. rey

    Going To War

    wow we would actually be captain america bc i am the light in smith's life thanks
  8. Congrats on retirement chaunce Boo hiss Mr snake
  9. rey

    A Message From Space

    Yeah same
  10. rey

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    I'm just here to use t-bloc without permission
  11. rey

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    wow the food isn't overrated and i hate this hellhole
  12. rey

    RIP Starbuck

    if sargun doesnt love me anymore i might cry forever
  13. this seems like a Bad Announcement as far as pr goes But I just wish I had people salty enough to make really bad 9-point posts @ me

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