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  1. Tarquin

    Horse-Force ODP

    Yay! Looking forward to working with you lot
  2. Tarquin

    Rose Treaty Annoucement

    Well, I'm glad Rose dropped us when they did, otherwise the treaty was going to expire, and we'd have to awkwardly sweep it under the carpet. Also, stop with the flag changing, that one with the cross with the rose through the middle was great, go back to it
  3. Tarquin

    Front Left

  4. Tarquin

    The 8

  5. I think you've got to be in an alliance for a day or so before getting taxed. It's like this to stop alliances temporarily switching inactive members to applicants to protect their bank
  6. Tarquin


    I am now famous. Bow before me. You're welcome
  7. flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg



    1. Tarquin


      ୧༼ ヘ ᗜ ヘ ༽୨

    2. Zeebrus



      bee buddies

  8. Tarquin

    Fraggle Rock Random Musings

    My eyes hurt after reading this
  9. Tarquin

    The Alliance Hunger Games

    Nooo, after getting so far and dying of an infection. Where's the honourable death?
  10. Tarquin

    The Alliance Hunger Games

    WTF all the way
  11. Tarquin

    The Alliance Hunger Games

    Two bags of explosives and some flowers. We're set here

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