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  1. Truly amazing tactics that one would expect from the great Khan and his glorious horde!
  2. Hmm, these nazis don't learn huh
  3. Nah, anime makes it a better DoW!!
  4. Come on, Shitty. You can do better than that! You need to work hard if you want to be relevant™!!
  5. Good Job, Sval and bros! Kudos to a long and prosperous partnership between all of you!
  6. Don't forget to stay Dynamic™!!
  7. Good job, Epi and Papi! Kudos and more power to you and Ragnarok!
  8. Great! I'm definitely using this L A B O R W A V E masterpiece as my wallpaper!
  9. Long Live The Revolutionary Front! May our Queen annex more! mauhahahahah
  10. Let me remind you, having above 0% tax is NOT left-wing!
  11. Victorious!


    Not bad! I hope to see you guys at the Treaty Web!
  12. I would like to sponsor 10$+ for the building of Pyongyang!
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