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  1. Damb look at all this hate... Farewell Fraggle, after reading this thread, it appears you'll still be living rent free in many people's heads.
  2. I would like to commend UPN on waiting for Ockey, Lank and myself to be done rolling the entirety (minus the beluga) of RnR to sign them. Congratulations in particular to the war dodging beluga leader for finding a new sucker to protect them. You signed a good one UPN, loyal... very very loyal.
  3. Yes please stop using our mottos (ours referring to TEst when Pre was there) . It's really sad (or good for me) how I get informed of what's going on in pnw from Ockey's Discord DMs. Please carry on with whatever y'all are doing these days, I've stopped trying to understand long ago. I'm curious to see how this ends. From a purely strategic pov IQ has been playing it perfectly, having used every possible satelite they could, including mostly upper tier alliances like TCW, t$ HS and CoA to their advantage at some point during this war, namely at the right time to drag the opposition down. Being perfectly honest idk if this ballsy move from TCW will work, IQ's updeclare ceiling may already be high enough to allow them to safely drag their newest opponents down and maintain the rest in the shit tier. They have used all their proxies during this war tremendously well, so overlooking PR consequences and just analyzing military strategy, I must commend them on their approach. However as we all know in this game, PR matters, but only if you're not going for a complete chokehold of the game, which (even though I haven't been in the loop) is obviously what IQ has been trying to do since the war began - and I won't judge. Only doubt for me at this point is if it's already too late for IQ's opponents. Good news is idgaf and, if y'all excuse me, I'm gonna return to my hibernation and play a far better free browser game. PS: please get my nation's infra to 0, thank you.
  4. He wishes. Now to get back to giving no shits about this game.
  5. Ye, war is great as long as it is war, not poking a dead animal with a stick but I guess it boils down to leaders being stubborn / incompetent. Meh, it is what it is.
  6. We're too old for this shit, kids these days with their endless wars...
  7. I am, thanks papa Snek. Hope you doing well too.
  8. Ya thanks, the leak I had seen but that was so long ago, one would even forget it prompted this global. Welp, someone please find time to roll RnR, their war dodging skills never cease to amaze me.
  9. Aight thanks. So the good ol' fence sitting strat to preserve pixels, timeless tactic.
  10. So I've been inactive af, which doesn't mean I don't take an occasional interest in what's going on in pnw. It looks like a clusterfrick, namely I notice t$ and HS getting rolled after helping IQ drag Guardian and Grumpy down early in the global. Serves you right for selling out and thinking you could avoid getting rolled by being alligned to IQ. I had said it was weak leadership from t$ and that with Partisan this wouldn't have happened, I guess I was proven right... Anywho, at this point I'm just pissed that somehow those RnR pixel huggers remain intact. That Is all.
  11. You should have put in more effort to cover it up. But knowing Sheepy, both accounts will be banned around 2025. EDIT: Your main account hit me too, you just have to check my nation, but I have better things to do than waste my time talking to incompetent cheaters.
  12. A friend, by the name of Clarke's Sister, told me.
  13. Hello Orbis, it was brought to my attention that some people go to the trouble of making multis but don't put too much effort into covering it up. In that sense, I want to give those fellas a few helpful tips that might come in handy in case they wanna make successful multi farms in the future. 1 - Avoid patterns in the account names, as per the example below: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=104710 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=107663 2 - Don't have accounts in the same alliance (refer to the examples above which will serve us for the entire guide); 3 - Try to have nations with different size, not with the same city count; 4 - Create the accounts within a considerable period of each other; 5 - Do not declare war on the same nation, with both accounts, within 30 days, otherwise you're just asking to get caught; 6 - Try to pick different continents for your nation; 7 - Do not log off both accounts at the same time; 8 - Do not choose identical national projects for each nation, try to mix it up a bit. I hope this was helpful.
  14. I've had the same problem @Sphinx which is why I posted in that different font. And what you said about wars making aliances stronger is obviously accurate. They help trim the fat and you end up with the troopers. I have no doubt that the likes of TKR and TCW are better alliances after getting rolled in the last global. Ultimately wars teach you basic stuff as well, like not rebuilding infra in a recently nuked city. Unless you had forgotten to put 2 nuclear power plants there and one got nuked ofc. Otherwise those are the basics that only war can teach a player. Plus war has a purging effect. I used to hate NPO back in my t$ days. Having fought them (several times) completely eliminated that feeling. Now I got nothing but respect for them, same for TKR which I used to hate back in my Arrgh and TEst days. Fighting (unless the opponents behave like dicks) helps build mutual respect, at least that's how I see it. So not only shouldn't alliances avoid war, they should see it as na opportunity to fight alongside allies, learn something new and even make friends on the opposite side. Some of the people I like the most in this game have fought me, and that's a pretty awesome thing in my book.
  15. Thanks @Dad. Yeah, precisely, this just goes to show that war dodging pays off economically speaking. You kinda know it's just a little sting they're feeling when they rebuild the nuked city immediately after getting nuked. It also goes to show that they're idiots but that's another thing. You're new here @DoSy, so I'm gonna cut you some slack. I'm calling out these 2 particular alliances because they've never been in an alliance war and in RnR's case just have ridiculously high amounts of infra, which wouldn't bother me had these alliances claimed being neutral instead of hiding behind treaties, They should own who they are, which is something that other pacifist minded alliances like GPA or TFP have gotten lots of flak for. Sheepy didn't implement peace mode (something that apparently exists in CN) for a reason, so people would eventually have to participate in both politics and war, either by their own will or being forced to. As Soup rightly pointed out, some alliances sitting out of this war, such as Fark, have warred a lot in the past, and they're certainly not afraid of picking sides and burning their pixels. Even worse are the alliances that keep enabling this sort of behavior. I highly doubt NPO for instance does it, they must have some sort of alternative agreement with DB which is fine, at the very least war dodging alliances should serve as cash cows for real alliances. Idk what the deal is between HS and RnR, but I like several HS doods, namely gov members, and I wish they weren't enabling war dodging alliances, maybe involuntarily, but the treaty, especially when it chains to t$ and NPO, inevitably has that effect. Moral of the story: one of these things should happen to this kind of alliances - 1) they start being called out for what they are and get the rep that comes with it, something similar minded alliances have gotten in the past; 2) you finally do something instead of war profiteering and getting ahead of the rest economically; 3) you get rolled for being neutral, like GPA was but at least had the guts to own.
  16. For me and you, yeah, they don't seem to be having fun k. But the fact that they've been at it for ages makes me think they are. I personally think weak alliances (composed of members who can't cope with war, which might even make them ragequit) have, or should not have, a place in this game. Economically yes, they have been outsmarting the shit out of us. Would I have fun if I were them? Certainly no, but that's not my point vro. EDIT: my point is that we used to flame those who had the guts of owning their pixel huggery, aka GPA with their neutrality and TFP with their name, and we've been doing nothing to alliances who consistently hide behind treaties to get ahead of the rest economically. So I do hope some day we put politics aside and roll the shit out of them.
  17. Sorry to interrupt your regular pixel burning, but I felt like talking about the pig-disgusting habit of pixel huggery. As Orbis is where it should be (with - almost - everyone reking each others' pixels), I thought it was a good time to reflect on this fascinating phenomenon, which directly correlates to war dodging. Over the years I've been playing this game, I've come to observe many people, and a few alliances in particular, repeatedly war dodge. The 2 best examples are Dark Brotherhood and RnR. DB is yet to participate in an alliance war (Yoda did fight a bit in Knightfall which led to some TKRsphere nations hitting DB but it ended quickly), having been around for a considerable amount of time. RnR, which has several nations that originated from the former (and also pixel hugging) RnR, plus a bunch of other nations versed in the ways of war dodging, is also yet to take part in an alliance war. Imo this requires a lot of skill, mainly political. I would have thought for sure that joining NPO's side would inevitably make DB finally fight, but apparently I was wrong. I hope at least they're serving as cash cows for their allies, which would somewhat help justify their pathetic existence. RnR is a slightly different case. Led by one of the biggest pixel huggers in the game (thanks for the embargo on my alliance btw honeybuns :*), you merely have to take a look at their war stats to come to the conclusion that we're talking about pixel hugging / war dodging professionals. Politics aside (I've pretty much stopped caring about them since Knightfall ended), I think this is where we as a community have failed. We used to talk trash about GPA war profiteering. This is much worse. These are neutrals disguised as real alliances. When you see several nations (some of them with incredibly low city count) with ridiculously high amounts of infra in one alliance, and p much the rest of the game is burning, you come to the inevitable conclusion that these folks have been outsmarting the rest of us pretty hard. So I just hope one day someone (I don't care who although I hope I'll participate) will finally roll this pixel hugging trash into the dirt, and make them see they can't always play in peace mode. I for one have been doing my part and will give a forum cookie to anyone who's kind enough to calculate the total damage I've dealt RnR with my solitary roguery.
  18. Er, what? I wasn't complaining, idgaf what y'all do even though I do have a soft spot for t$ and I want you guys to do well. These last FA moves weren't particularly sensible in my view, but you somewhat corrected it by pulling out of the war when NPO joined at a larger scale. You guys have capable members, such as Chaunce or Timmy. Wilhelm as well, even though I don't believe he (and the rest of gov) made the best call by joining the war in the circumstances it did. Were I at the helm, I'd cut all paper ties except for HS and Enterprise which is an extension of t$ ofc, but those are just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you guys in the future.
  19. Kastor does have a point, I started wondering the same thing when IQ was pretty much reunited officially with NPO joining this war. Unless BK and NPO decide to go separate ways, we're gonna have the same boring shit over and over again, since they essentially force the others to work together against them, which makes for incredibly boring wars of upper tier vs low tier and the same stale politics of these past years. Alliances like t$ and TKR have also been guilty of this in the past, TKR seems to be turning the page with their Chaos bloc, idk what t$ is gonna do in the future but I hope it's something different. Rose is doing their own thing which is nice, KT and TGH have pretty much been the only relevant alliances that have been avoiding consolidation since they formed, and just focusing on their mini-spheres which have changed throughout their history. But unless something changes drastically, I see nothing but stagnation for P&W in the near future. Good thing I give p much no shits about this game anymore, because whenever someone tries to shake things up, it inevitably reverts back to this bipolarity crap.
  20. It is incredibly boring, yeah. Still beats peas tho.
  21. Welp, I guess this comes 2nd to not even joining the war in the 1st place since you did manage to keep Guardian and Grumpy busy, contributing to dragging some of their nations down in the process. That said, swift rebuild and I hope y'all make smarter decisions in the future.
  22. I'm genuinely surprised t$ would take part in this. Not TCW since they've always been a weak, submissive alliance. Roq, fam, I think you're a chill dude and I don't judge you for wanting supremacy, but you know full well it looks as bad as it is, PR wise. If you don't win you're in trouble. It's a risky game takeover move for sure but if it pays off you'll have the game by the balls. Have fun out there on the battlefield NPO, and no hard feelings from me.
  23. I had heard that story before but come on fam, when you do have proof might as well show it. Then again I don't intend on giving you in particular a hard time since we worked well last war. I feel compelled to keep posting here tho, I believe we can make this thread the biggest one in forum history.
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