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  1. I was only around briefly when the new war changes rolled out. But I've considered missiles an interesting circumstantial weapon depending on a lot of factors. If conditions favor missile spam it can do very strategic damage that I'm sure a lot of people underestimate. Congrats on the 200th milestone.
  2. Problem: How to fix approval ratings? Solution: Remove approval ratings
  3. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if The Bloc was made.
  4. Hooves

    Project D

    This is probably the thought process of OP when they were making this thread.
  5. This anthem was bad and only proved BK delved from the true path ayylmao Edit: The irony alone gets an upvote
  6. I support the notion of more PIAT treaties.
  7. This is a dark day indeed.
  8. I didn't get to have much fun this war. Still, good fight to everyone who participated.
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