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  1. And So the Dust Settles

    I didn't get to have much fun this war. Still, good fight to everyone who participated.
  2. War Stats 2.0

    I'm happy with my stats given my circumstances.
  3. Make wars less uneven

    It's a beautiful day outside Birds are singing, flowers are blooming On days like these You wake up to 0 military Doesn't even take 4-6 hours for a coordinated attack to nullify you. The best you can do is get on as fast as possible while you're potentially at work. Or get allies to save you when they could be busy themselves. Do or Die scenario, gotta go fast like sonic.
  4. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I fully support As well as this only temporarily and will still support a war module overhaul
  5. Alliance Embargos

    Always supported this idea so yeah.
  6. Pantheon is #1

  7. Why is Alex protecting Cornerstone?

    We didn't care when people were using 1 ship attacks. Why is this a problem all of a sudden? Edit: Or used small numbers of planes as long as it went towards beige
  8. BK recognition of hostilities

    TKR, BK, stop fighting. You're breaking my heart.
  9. Incompetent tTO Government

    I see, pulling the Cornerstone tactic is indeed effective.
  10. VE DoW

    Are you even Viridian? You should rename yourself to Ruby Entente with that nonsense I'm really triggered by your flag choices in life.

    I love this treaty as well
  12. Alliance of the Old Gods and the New

    What does this even say? No TLDR that explains what this says.