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  1. Who owes whom what is unimportant; what is important is the stink of burning cities and the piles of skulls that stand attendance to glory as a monument no mere trinkets could match in value. Why repay debts in paper and gold when they can be repaid in cold steel and hot blood?
  2. Two weeks, 52 weeks, it matters not. They will never be ready enough, and we are patient beyond mortal comprehension. We will drink from the sippy cup of their pain through a straw the length of time itself. Through faith in the Warp we swatted them down like flies, and through faith in the Warp we will lick their bones clean today, tomorrow, and evermore.
  3. >get nuked 5 times >still do more infra damage to each attacking nation with conventional warfare than they did with nukes Your nuclear "mutual assured destruction" tactic was a failure and a joke, and the bones of the cattle you call your citizens pave the roads to the temples raised to Chaos in the already-forgotten superficial damage your weaklings' toys smeared on my cities. The shrieks of your children echo via loudspeakers throughout my nation as they are sacrificed in torment to feed daemons; such a delightful dirge of agony their lungs make even as they bellow their last breaths through their fear-wracked, pain-torn throats. I thank you for the ease in which you gave up your people to the thresher in which such chaff is rendered into the stuff of devotion to the Dark Gods: the slurry of their souls encapsulated in the very moment their miserable flesh gave way to the enlightenment that is anguish make fine tokens in trade to the Powers of the Warp. Long be your suffering; joyous be your pain.
  4. One does not require money to foment chaos, merely will. Chaos, after all, is already among you.
  5. You're welcome. Sweeping dust into Pantheon's face to remind them that their very name is unearned vanity is a gift only the True Pantheon delivers wholesale.
  6. Do not take the name of Chaos in vain; we have nothing to do with any of this.
  7. Adulthood is realizing that at no point in the story is it stated that Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

    1. Ilya


      I was going to say that "All the kings horses and all the kings men had scrambled eggs for breakfast again".


      But you're right, they may not have been eating him, because they would have to have another source of eggs as well, if they were to have scramble eggs for breakfast again. What we are left with is that not only that humpty dumpty may or may not be an egg himself, but also that he may or may not be the only member of this egg-like race.


      If neither of possibilities those are found to be true, then that would make that last line (which everyone knows is the true canon since Disney bought the rights)  a complete non-sequitur.

  8. It's called 'aimlessly wandering while screaming into the void'. One can only wonder why enlightenment eludes them so.
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