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  1. Jeremy Graham

    Winter has left Vikingdom

    We wish nothing but the best for HS moving forward! They have been great, supportive allies, and we are excited for the things they have planned ahead!
  2. Jeremy Graham

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    It doesn't matter what you think of how people 'should have' responded to Roz's message. I didn't copy and paste the link to see what vids he had sent me, but I also didn't ask for him to send me a message with links to porn and his weird interpretation of how this was his way of expressing art. Is there a problem with me not appreciating what Roz sent me 'because it's how the internet is'? Am I supposed to lay down the red carpet for King Roz because he is fighting for the freedom to troll or something? People also seem to be forgetting that Roz himself KNEW he would get banned for this. He WANTED to get banned. And he did. You should be happy he got booted out in style. I can't believe this is still being debated. I thought it was common courtesy/sense not to send random people links to porn when they didn't ask for it, but apparently it's not!
  3. Jeremy Graham

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    He wanted to get banned, and he did. For sending porn links via in-game messages. What am I supposed to be impressed by?
  4. Jeremy Graham


    So when will you be deleting?
  5. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    Let's gloss over the part that involved us stabbing our allies in the back. lol
  6. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    Of course in theory we could have gone on for months to try and force a different outcome. Because as an outside observer, many of you don't have to take into account morale, experience, costs and such to continue the war efforts for all the different alliances that took part in the coalition for either side. We weren't forced to agree to the 6-month NAP. Sure. Doesn't mean we can't be unhappy with it if it wasn't the desired outcome for us. We can also feel frustrated at the fact that while people are so keen on bashing the 6-month NAP, they ultimately chose to do nothing about it despite some knowing that the war was coming to a close (and of course I'm assuming a few of you knew that there would be a lengthy NAP involved). I'd also like to point out that that this war was the most 'dynamic' thing that's happened in the past 9-10 months I've been on this game. Everyone talks as if they're willing to fight a global every two months, but my experience here so-far proves that people always like to talk big but don't follow up with their words. To those who actually fought in the war, regardless of which side you were on, thank you for giving many of us the chance to experience our first global (regardless of how it turned out).
  7. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    There can be plenty of smaller-scale conflicts. You only seem to want globals. Adeptus Mechanicus can start something interesting as well.
  8. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    So how is that on those that fought the war? Or this NAP for that matter? Even if it was a shorter NAP, people wouldn't have fought wars immediately after it expired anyways according to your logic. The people that fought the war were the ones that broke that 9-month peace.
  9. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    I didn't mean to counter anything. I'm just saying that since some people (including non-participants) see this as a move towards stagnation and are actively bashing it (and I agree 6 months can seem long), I can expect them to actively try start something up. Is that an unfair assumption to make? Those in the war actually committed a lot of time and effort to fight it, so I'm not going to bash those who were involved in the war. And last time I heard, even with a 3-month NAP Orbis had no wars for more than 6 months. Also, I don't think your TKR comment makes any sense. But okay I guess.
  10. Jeremy Graham

    And So the Dust Settles

    Since people are complaining about the 6-month NAP and the stagnation of the game, I'm looking forward to all the non-participants starting something up in the near future! As for those who fought in the war, it was good (and sometimes painful) fun while it lasted.
  11. Jeremy Graham

    Vacation Mode bug

    I'm pretty sure fighting includes both attacking and defending. It's an umbrella term. How I understood it is, if you VM during a war, you can't do anything about the war you were involved in regardless of whether you were defending or attacking.
  12. Jeremy Graham

    Guardian Announcement

    lol, I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  13. Jeremy Graham

    A WiFi DoW

    No need to fight, plenty of pixels to go around for all of us And I'm already days late for this, but welcome to the fray WiFi!
  14. Jeremy Graham

    War Stats

    :C Not doing as well as we'd have hoped. Thanks for the stats, gives a good picture of where we're at.
  15. Jeremy Graham

    Horsemen Declaration of Assisted Suicide

    NOT THE HAMSTERS! And the old woman as well, of course...

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