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    NOTE: Sorry castrati, but I won't bow to your censorship and weakness. Go ahead and ban me out of the game, won't change what you are which is slime. Also I made sure to have the stuff saved even though you deleted it, so you couldn't even win on that. Sad! NOTE FOR READER: The New Radiant Order as a whole or the United Empire of ZahAharon, Polaris, and Black Knights individually were supposed to post this. However they have informed me that they cannot do it justice with their own posting, and so have implored me to post it myself here. Talks on peace have been ongoing for a good period of time, neither side wanting to give in without certain objectives met. These included the Roz's demands of some of the states of the New Radiant Order. Standing his ground on this issue, Roquentin sent her trusted Ambassador, T-Ara in an attempt to change his mind. Pictured: The scene shortly after the meeting of The Roz and Ambassador T-Ara. After returning to Radiant Castle however, Ambassador T-Ara advised Roquentin to meet all demands made by the Roz's state of Roz Wei. Roquentin not wanting this to get in the way agreed to them though her vassals who had to pay the cost did not like it. The demands called for: 1: TUE to provide 72 beautiful virgin women for every single Roz Wei officer. The Roz would receive 10,000 such beautiful virgin women. 2: TUE will provide 1 ton of lubricant and 1 ton of baby oil for usage with the virgins to every officer of Roz Wei. The Roz having no need of lubricant due to using natural, will take simply 100 tons of baby oil. 3: Polaris will provide 4 high class Eastern women from their lands to serve as wives. With their status as wives, information must be provided on these 4 women. 4: Black Knights will provide 4 high class Ebon women from their lands to serve as wives. With their status as wives, information must be provided on these 4 women. T-Ara herself carried out the transfer: GAME RELATED NOTE: Women are shown in game as pieces of meat, hence coming under food. Fix this mess Admin! Though with you being a known creep I guess it is working as intended. The bios for the women had been sent ahead of this. NOTE: Normally these would be stuff for only the very top leaders to see. However the Roz with his infinite benevolence has allowed you, yes you, to view them too. First Polaris: "Hello my name is Anri Okita. When they told me that the Roz, not just any Roz which so many women name their boys these days, but THE Roz was going to get 4 wives from the east, I made sure that I was one of the lucky ladies chosen. Everyone back in my town is so jealous". "Heya my name is Maria Ozawa. I've never had much luck with men you know, the men of Polaris are just so weak after all so they will always let you down. However the Roz is known all under Heaven to be strong, heavenly so. I look forward to being held in your strong grip. My waist, my breasts, my neck... hold them all in your strong hands". "Heyo my name is Tomoe Nakamura. My family was one of the few from the east to have been present in these western lands before all this war. We lived under Grillick's rule and everyone always despaired that they had the misfortune to be ruled by him rather than the good looking, smart, strong, and #blessed Rozalia. My family and village is dead, wiped out during Grillick's downfall, however I am happy that at least fate has decided to reward me for my hardship by allowing me to get to live under the great Rozalia at last... I suppose now in more ways then one". "Heyyyy! Rei Minami here. You're real lucky you know, I've been sought after by so many, even Don Juan who used to rule so much of this area. He made a lot of promises though and never delivered on him. I guess I was foolish to trust him. However I know that you are different to him, so please, let me show you why I'm so wanted. Spend a week in my company and you can throw out all the other women because they won't matter to you anymore... though do keep them. I'm a busy girl and someone to carry my shopping, give input on dresses, so on is always good to have". Now Black Knights: "The name is Anya Ivy, pleased to be meeting you soon. You don't know how pleased I am to finally getting with a real man. The men around here, Tiber the Black's boys, they have more up their pooper than the women. I can't work with such sourness. I need someone positive, someone who knows just how great they are". "Hehehe, name's Lavish Styles. What I love above all else is a funny man... but sadly there are no funny men in BK, at least certainly not anymore. Everyone is always so sour and ever since Lady Roquentin arrived on the scene it has only gotten worse. Everyone knows however that you're a well of positivity and you are always having a good time... which believe me, I will give you". "Howdy, I'm Kiki Minaj. I actually was #Blessed to live in Roz Wei for a good period of time. I thought it was over when a nasty warlord invaded and everything went to hell. A poor attractive girl like me... a mean warlord... I thought that was it, he was going to spoil me there and then. I leap out of my hiding spot as it was useless and decided to take my fate head on. The warlord however was Lordship himself and when I jumped out it scared him away. Later some of his men came by but they didn't do anything... think something is not quite straight over there. I know that won't be an issue for someone as virile as you however. I look forward to that ravaging. Hiya, I'm Cassidy Banks. Unlike many I never thought much of you, surely it was just wild talk and you were overhyped. However when I heard of and then read up on your debate and defeat of the Sage Lordrahl2 and his cohorts I knew that you were the real deal. The retorts, the charisma, the foresight, the knowledge... you just had everything. I've followed you since and while the calibre of opponents has dropped, you always give it your all, you always take them apart completely. I wonder if this intelligence is also in other... arenas... I'm so excited. I feel as if merely being in your presence will make me smarter". ==== The Roz has been victorious over all opposition and has received many rewards for it, such is the way of Heaven. Happy rebuilding to all of those who lost, and remember, if you ever want to be a winner you merely need to join The Roz. Though a certain group of losers have conspired to make that impossible. Remember, always keep the Roz in your heart. Dick strong. Dick Often. Such is the way of the Roz. Do not be like the castrati. No one likes such slime for a reason.
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    How about just censoring whatever you think is violating the rules, rather than try and stop one of more interesting RPs out here? He's clearly roleplaying something that would have been deemed perfectly finde in the era it's roleplayed in. There is nothing offensive there, for you'd have to go out of your way to get offended by it, let alone that's it's perfectly normal for the time period he's roleplaying from to do it. Even today there are coutnrys where women are trathed as 2nd class citizens, as well as men having multiple wives and what not. Why not go out there and protest against real issues, rather than persecuting a guy roleplaying his fantasys online in a nation simulator game?
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    Did we request it? No. Will I stop them? No. You had an opportunity at peace, and you turned it down. IoM are dedicated allies. They're following exactly what both of us formed this coalition for. Consider this another lesson. When weighing the options of peace or war, what could possibly happen?
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    For almost two years I have listened to my voices and trusted whom I thought worthy. I have shown love and trust especially to those I hold dear. While listening to the voices, I was left to run NK as I seen fit. I pound my chest and speak for those who follow blindly. A week before this last "sneak attack" happened on nuke bloc, I forgave everyone's debt and gave all my brothers a chance to leave. I am honored by all those that stayed and fought with me against those that wished me harm. No matter my downfalls, some of the things I always did well was tell the truth, be respectful to people who deserved it, and throw some nukes. I would like to congratulate emc on doing a staggering 159 million more in damages to NK then we did in return. I would also like to offer congrats to micchan who blocked both nukes I fired at "it"(don' want to be sexist and it doesn't act like a lady so it it is) I would also like to congratulate emc on eatting 3.5 billion in damages from the Ape. Thank you for helping me secure the number one spot on nukes thrown. Even when asked directly, even leaning on the huge number advantage, emc would not give me (a previous ally for 800 days or so) a straight answer on if we were gonna be hit. I guess they would never imagine fighting us face to face. Don't really blame them. 20ish days of war to do 159 million net damage to an alliance of 18vs300. I understand the deception was needed to secure some kind of "victory"! I'm not here to throw shade so I'll bite my tongue. Knowing the trolls will prob have a gay ole time with this thread I'll cut it short. Ape retiring as leader of NK. I leave her to the only voices that haven't turned traitor. Join me in congratulating Krudd and Connor Yeets in their recent promotion. Alpha and Plac you will be missed. You have been my loyal brother and will always have a spot at my table with a soft spot to lay your head. Last post by Apeman, leader of NK
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    Actually no. They are not. In all of those disesasses mosquitos are merley conductors, while microorganisms are the casue of dieseses. Also all of it happenes in 3rd world countrys where there are little to no medical aid agaisnt such diseses. You'll find that moquitos across the world are mostly carrions of itch and mild irritation, which is a perfect analogy to you guys
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    Apeman is someone who respects you if you respect him. He's made quite a few haters, mostly full of shit, for speaking his mind. I wish him a happy retirement and good luck to the new leadership!
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    Well I expected this game would go stale and die eventually because of the players, not the admin. Should of picked something benign for an alliance theme, like ISIS
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    Good stuff here guys. I appreciate you joining us in the celebration. All are welcome. I'm not vanishing, just don't wanna lead.
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    Dear Sheepshagger, We like Roz far more than you, you delusional frickwit.
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    Uhh dude. The historian in me is forced to remind you that mosquitos are actually pretty lethal, and one of the biggest killers in the history of mankind. You might have wanted to pick your metaphor a bit better. I mean....a quick google or wiki search could have told you that was a bad metaphor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito-borne_disease
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    I'm not crying, you're crying! Love ya ape
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    A loud continuous tone plays for 30 seconds. A pre-recorded computerized voice comes on the air. VOICE: ATTENTION. ATTENTION. ATTENTION. This is a Far East Radio Network emergency broadcast. Repeat. This is a Far East Radio Network emergency broadcast. This is not a test. Please stand by for a critical news update. VOICE: DANGER! At 03:49 Ciudad Nuevo local time, the Aguacentian Geological Institute detected a magnitude 8.9 earthquake in the Sea of Cadiz. The earthquake originated approximately 65 miles off the coast of the western coast of the Cordoba peninsula, approximately 225 km south-southeast of the city of Merida. Severe aftershocks are likely to occur. VOICE: A tsunami that may cause widespread flooding is expected to occur. Dangerous coastal flooding and powerful currents are possible and may continue for several days after initial arrival. A Tsunami warning is now in effect for the cities of for the cities of Ciudad Nueva, Puerto Libre, Merida, Alicante, and Punto Agido, as well as towns and villages along the southern coast of Aguacenta, and settlements along the eastern sea-board of the Cordoba Peninsula. VOICE: TAKE ACTION. If possible, move in-land or to higher ground. Otherwise, seek shelter immediately. Be prepared to follow the instructions from local authorities. VOICE: ALL motorways along the southern coast are currently operating only in an in-land direction to facilitate evacuation. If possible, avoid travel to the areas along the southern coast. Additional updates will be broadcast on this frequency as they become available. There is a short pause, then the message begins to repeat.
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    Well the proletariats aren't going to be exploited all by themselves now are they?
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    That was a cold blooded riposte
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    Hey guys, let's bring this thread back in topic to the Alliance Affairs.
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    Congratulations to yeets and Krudd. May your reign be long and prosperous. You have done your duty to Atom Apeman. Praise be to Atom! Our glorious and gracious God.
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    (Affected Areas and Estimated Origin Position) A loud continuous tone plays for 30 seconds. A pre-recorded computerized voice comes on the air. VOICE: ATTENTION. ATTENTION. ATTENTION. This is a Far East Radio Network emergency broadcast. Repeat. This is a Far East Radio Network emergency broadcast. This is not a test. Please stand by for a critical news update. VOICE: At 04:25 Ciudad Nuevo local time, the formation of a tsunami wave in the Sea of Cadiz was reported by Air Corps maritime spotters. At 05:31, a the front of the wave made contact with the southern coast of the Republic. At present, the wave is estimated to have been between 18 and 21 meters high when it contacted the shore in certain areas. VOICE: Wide spread flooding, strong currents, and major structural damage to buildings has been reported in cities along the southern coast. Power outages are widespread. Disaster response teams are currently in position or en route to affected areas. VOICE: If possible, remain in-doors in a safe area until flood waters have receded. Additional updates will be broadcast on this frequency as they become available. There is a short pause, then the message begins to repeat.
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    *PNW community dies*
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    Normally this is where I'd start another voting round but its pretty clear that SALT will win again so just gonna declare that the winner unless someone has a substantial objection.
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    The Iron Curtain falls as Stratagem annexes another Soviet satellite, The Communist International. Will Queen Stalin ever stop?
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    lol the thread could have gone either way until kastor posted those screenies. For someone preaching at Buorhann to hold members accountable you should really hold yourself accountable as well. *insert spider man pointing to himself meme here*
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    Can confirm; Durmij is an incredibly sexy white male oppressor.
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    All hail @Roquentin supreme ruler of all.
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    Just to highlight Queen M’s “harassment” I have deleted no messages during this time. Yet again, another chains/slavery joke. Yet no one says she’s a problem. But by all means, attack Arkiri. And I guess me commenting on posts she makes around the forums counts as “harassment” as well. In that case anyone who has a discussion with her is harassing her, according to Queen M. Also you can see I have no in-game messages with her either: So I wonder where this “harassment” comes from, or if, as usual, she’s trying to play the victim when she’s the one at fault.
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    I have disliked you and almost every opinion you have had since day 1, and I still stand by that. Go away pls.
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    At last. I have won.
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    In terms of global wars: The United Empire of Zahararon, Wildfire, Kingsmen, Typhon, Hate Machine, Atlas, Orange Defense Network, Horsemen on IQ's Side. Bad Company, Durmstrang, AIM, The Golden Horde, Imperium of Man, Knights Templar, Nordic Sea Raiders, Zeon and Western Union on NON-IQ Side. So that is 17 cherries popped in total. The Great Cherry Pop
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    Everybody Expects the Inquisition (or we could stay with Ayyslamic Crusade)
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    Just because SHEEP like you guzzle up the SLOP shoveled out by the NEW WORLD ORDER doesn't mean nothing is wrong! Only the MOST WOKE gov in Bad Company can even BEGIN to piece together the monstrous depths this conspiracy reaches! STEEL is just the BEGINNING, I've been working for years, gathering evidence, making the CONNECTIONS! It's begun to appear before my eyes... I just need more time....MORE TIME!!!
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    Tiber the Black's offensive met into much trouble as his forces were repelled again and again. General Henrich seeing how BK was beginning to slow in their offensive and faltering, moved to begin a counterattack with those not too tied up fighting off wave after wave of Roquentin's Communist black clad "anti-fascist" goons. The target was the forces under Gorge, the brute who had surrounded himself with Tiber's forces to keep the damage to his own light. As the attacks came in Gorge, as these types tend to be when damaged back began to wilt. As he had before when under Lordaeron Gorge cowered, and so Gorge pledged all of his forces to Tiber the Black if Tiber would rescue him from the deadly attack on him. And so another offensive began from Tiber the Black's forces to secure the absorption of Gorge's Cornerstone forces into his own Black Knights. The Roz sent congratulations to Henrich for his victory over Cornerstone, so grand that it made them give up their identity and join fully with Tiber's forces. He sent his condolences to Tiber for actually accepting such a deal. Being a master of the Art of the Deal, the Roz knew a bad deal when he saw one. ======= Roz Wei's attack has resulted in the dissolving of Cornerstone into the Black Knights. Good luck to Cornerstone members in their new home.
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    Down vote every post I have ever done. Please and thank you. Spread the news to your friends too. The more the merrier
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    IQ Total: -$34,599,734,937 Non-IQ Total: $31,732,625,188 Difference: $66,332,360,125 #winning #clapped #statsmatter
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    Hey y'all, This is the 2nd public warning to keep on track with the OP - really don't want to have to close this thread. Keep it chill. Thank you.
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    No I won't. I've debated on RL political forums for a decade, and have played MMORTS for over a dozen. I'm also involved on Twitter now which is far more immersive than PnW. Put plainly, there are better alternatives out there besides PnW for political engagement. I'm also a 4th Degree Knight and counsel and chapter officer as well as life insurance agent in the Knights of Columbus which deserves my time much more than what PnW has to offer. It's too much work to be bothered. I have more important priorities. Besides, this is a game that's played for fun. It's not a job.
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    well another semi-active community member fades to black
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    Its cute how you call one side "non nb" instead of "douchebags who live for 5v1 wars"
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    We're not even communist. Revolution is our theme. Not sure what the problem here is. We are united under common goals and ready to go. Y'all are just criticizing for the hell of it.
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    The first point don't matter since during war time, where most of the hiding happens, that fund is open to beige loot. You can also limit inter-alliance personal trades to 130% of current market index value to prevent $100mn for 1 food kind of trades. Regarding your last point, not sure how this idea goes against teaching good gameplay. Currently officers and above are given the ability to withdraw for war spending and other spending, so essentially the limited rolling spending / day point does pretty much that. Regarding big amounts for city purchases of all / regular members, I kind of feel it is the same effort for an officer to sanction an amount or to withdraw that amount to the player. In fact the earlier suggestion safeguards against surprise attacks. You can let Alex worry about this idea being a hassle for him to code or not. For those that downvoted, if you did so because you want to protect your precious alliance bank amount, man up. If you are OK with it and felt something is bad with the suggestion, then say it and I'll try to reply accordingly.
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    btw you don't have to protest the ruling to talk to sheepy about how to make your post more appropriate for the forums but i think you knew that
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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish here, if you know that this is against the rules, and you just had a 2 day suspension over it, I don't know what you're expecting besides another lock and another warn point. I stand by what I said; there's enough sexism in the world already, and we don't need to tolerate it here. You don't have to use the forums, and if this is what you're going to use them for, I don't think you should. Also, just noticing this bit: I don't really see how women are displayed in-game at all, and I'm also not sure why you would say that I am a "known creep" either. But I guess it's whatever you have to say to sell your righteous, triumphant revolution on the forums, eh?
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    thanks for being stupid enough to post this again instead of just talking about it with sheepy. i'm glad you're enough of a manchild to set up the cross and throw yourself on it while screaming obscenities at god himself
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