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  1. I voted yes. I'm divided between enjoying the enemy waste his MAPs on attack that did nothing, and wanting to get into top 10s... Benefiting the game as a whole, well that is one hard question. Don't think it'll impact game in any meanigfull way, other than add a bit of weight on missiles, which up till now are mostly "USE IF ENEMY DOESN'T HAVE ID, OTHERWISE DON'T USE AT ALL". With a lowered ID chance, they become a viable option again. Still not the best, but viable. So I guess it adds a bit more variety and complexity to game war mehanics, so it makes it a benefit for game as a whole.
  2. You just activated my trap card! I counter your counter-counter!
  3. How about this bot spam? I don't care about the new mehanic that's introduced to spam nation's notifications. Why should I recive a message about it from a random person I don't even care about.
  4. Why the negativity? Merry Raidsmas!
  5. Raiding is supposed to be fun. Arrgh is supposed to be fun. PnW is supposed to be fun. You youn'uns sully the good name of raiders and Arrgh and PnW. Just have fun. As much as I like you, I also like the idea of retireing to Yarr or going back to Arrgh one day, so I guess I'll have to stop you
  6. Just gonna drop and quickly say, that at the time of the hit on you guys, Micro whatever the frick is their name was a protectorate of tCW, our ally. So we handled it with more tact than simply charg in. We actually RESOLVED the issue UNTIL MS decided to "counter only nation in range" AFTER peace was negotiated. At that point Micro decided to be little !@#$ and demand REPS for it. I was so stunned by amount of stupidy on both sides that I missed getting blitzed and came to 8 hours in my own wars. But yeah, sure, let's blame us for not being able to defend you from same guys dogpilling our enitre side. Still, no hard feelings against you guys, and wish you luck. Arrgh!
  7. Personally, I find it interesting that even tough it's inacturate it's showing the value up to 2nd decimal. Ussually you'd round it up or down to save space and make it visually more apealing. (You only ever go to decimals when you want to be EXACT). Overall not bad work with the bot there.
  8. Tbh, Agon is putting up a better and more interesting fight than either of your alliances. Just saying.
  9. Good question. When first TEst was aroud there was no Yarr. Then after Paper's please, TEst disbanded/split into fractions. After a while Yarr was formed and I secured it protection from all TEst splinters (KT, CKD, WU) as well as Roz Wei. Then TEst reformed into 2nd incarnate and after getting to know guys in Yarr better they decided to inherit their splinter's protection of Yarr. Then this 3rd installment of TEst has almost no past members of TEst. Naturally, since both Boyce and me are ex-Pirates, as well as Yarr being an alliance I helped make, we tought I'd be assumed it's protected by us. Some people didn't. So now we making it official.
  10. Yup. Glad to see it done as well.
  11. I was merely pointing out how the guy who made the comment before is even more irrelevant. Also I choose specific words to describe certaint people. I agree that simpe undercutting got blown way out of proportions. Buck was actually the first member and founder of Yarr. Other 2 joined and helped form it, but it was Buck's dream for a long time, and his new home. Also, before this, it was alays them 3 running the alliance in union. I'm sure to them loosing a triumvir is a big deal and blow. In best case scenarion, that's at least 12% increase in workload for each of remaining triumvir. In worst case scenarion they lost someone doing a vital/essential function that only he could. (Don't know and don't care. I find banking stuff boring. I just want to destroy things. To each it's own) Aye, old is sadly not relevant. To be relevant you need to put effort in, not just live off old glory. Still, being old makes it tad easier to get relevant again, since you know a lot of people, you just need to put effort into it This is actually a quite short of summary. I forced myself to read 25% of what actually happened. It was painfull and it cost me hours of RL time that I won't get back.
  12. Nope. You can only get walls of text.
  13. What do you mean "micro drama". Some of oldest players in this game, and some of biggest players this game has seen are going at each other. This shit is more important than your whole alliance I've never even heard off.
  14. Good to have some nice, clean fun once in a while. That last war left really bad taste. Here's hopping this one ends up being fun for everyone. RnR included
  15. Sometimes you forget your old friends. Sometimes you remember them and the good times you had. Sometimes, you just have to pick up that phone and call them. Once long ago TEst and Roz Wei stood together with Arrgh. To have fun. Today TEst and Empyrea stand together, to have fun once again. Important side note, I'm drunk. This pact is of mandatory fun, defence and ofence kind. (Mandatory Defense and Mandatory Aggression) Signed for Empyrea: Peasant Signed for TEst: Terrible Bois Signed for Rum: Captain Morgan (If either of the 2 has a problem with my post, they are free to repost their own, otherwise, cheers!) Edit: Also a formal protest to @Alex that there is no MDAP thingamajing ingame
  16. I was as shocked as you, and I actually signed the treaty ?
  17. Big talk from some noob scrub. Again, not first nor last alliance that had feud with Arrgh. Arrgh had it's ups and downs, and one thing we never done, was mesure our wellbeing by some silly graph score. And I have a feeling Arrgh's gonna outlive your bs "cancelled tip" alliance. Hey! Show the full stat page scrub! I might not be #1 on it anymore, but I'm still there! (also marked all current and former members that I'm aware of at least)
  18. Arrgh, brings back some good memories. Rums up! Arrgh o7
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