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  1. UI should never be randomized, the proposed solution makes the game objectively worse for everyone to benefit a small portion of the player base. That being said, I can certainly see the issue. A better fix though would be applying outlier exclusion to the math behind the scenes. Such as tossing out <c5s and inactives
  2. They have already been banned.
  3. While I'm sure you all already have picked your pet names. Still gotta run through the motions. Make your suggestions for the official war name.
  4. The nation your linking banned for multies? Sure thats the right one?
  5. Just to be clear. Request validation is the ad service's problem, so dealing with this is their problem not alex's and he has more important places to devote his time. If you get blacklisted by them or whatever that is equally not alex's problem.
  6. And yet it happens. People reflexively buy the top offer on the list, if they are not paying attention and sort it backwords this happens. I actually talked to alex about this being a thing months ago and that something should probably change to prevent it. Because my initial reaction to seeing these kinds of trades was also 'multies!' Until I dug into deeper and realized what was going.
  7. There is an entire sub community in the trade world that focuses on trying to scam people not paying attention on the trade market. I've seen several trade histories like this. And you are right at least with user level tools its hard to separate multies from noobs being scammed. But scamming is whats happening here if you look at the trade screen.
  8. IA in most of the game is terrible. Also, we are trying to protect the super tiny new nations that are not getting any aid at all.
  9. Better idea, if your going to have gacha mechanics at least add the waifus to go with them.
  10. I already knew what was going to win. That doesn't change needing to go through the formalities. If anything this process legitimizes your vote result by validating it in traditional manner. Yes. Also that is a valid consideration given the communities tendency to drag wars out for eons now a days. That being said naming a war 5 mins after starts isn't viable either. There needs to be at least a few days for people to try and participate in all stages. I literally do not care what the war is named beyond really basic moderation concerns like it not being named '[email protected]#$ Rose'. You jest but that is more or less what I'm hoping to do in some manner next war. Just need to bully Alex into setting up the needed stuff. E.G. Polls for the ingame bulletins and a way to put the news out.
  11. Something something formalities. I'm pretty sure we all know what is going to win. Still gotta do the vote. Disclaimer: There is a non zero chance that if 'Guns and Roses' wins that we'll get hit with a DMCA. If that happens we'll have to redo this whole thing.
  12. I'm well aware of the meta. Being the meta does not mean it should be the only viable option. And just because something is already bad does not mean it is okay to make the hole worse.
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