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  1. Dr Rush

    Image Rehost Requests

    Image Type: Alliance Flags Normal Flag: War Flag: Alliance ID (for alliance flags only): 619
  2. Dr Rush

    Nightly News w/ Shifty

  3. Hit the nail pretty much exactly on the head here. So effectively double the overhead of running an econ department in a lot of areas. This rather significantly hurts wartime/rebuild management and Dio forbid you try running a command economy. If you legitimately feel this is bad for the game you should petition Alex to make bank theft against the rules outright. That being said I agree with Lariah and the Hippo, bank stealing is a valid tactic, just ask kastor. This is ultimately a war game and there should be no assurity of safety in anything.
  4. Dr Rush

    IQ vs KT war name vote

    Yes I forgot about this, been busy. You get 96 hours to vote on this, even have a built in time lock on voting.
  5. Dr Rush

    War name vote - Purge Round

    Normally this is where I'd start another voting round but its pretty clear that SALT will win again so just gonna declare that the winner unless someone has a substantial objection.
  6. Two Threads One Name Shifty brought to my attention that he did start a name thread ages ago, so I'll include those names as well in the vote.
  7. Could also just split it into a new column in the panel.
  8. I couldn't find a thread for naming the IQ - KT and friends war, so uh here we are. Please suggest names for that war here. I'll give it about 108 hours (4 and half days) before I go through start the vote for this one. Notes: Names more then 4 words long will probably be removed before voting. Names that contain non-ascii characters will be removed. The wiki mod team reserves the right to reject any name that is excessively biased or exposes sheepy to legal liability (see copyright)
  9. Dr Rush

    Politics and Downfall

    Yeah, I have to agree that the scrolling text was a bad idea. Won't do that again in the future.
  10. Dr Rush

    Politics and Downfall

    Just got me some fancy new internet today. First thing I did with it? Well it wasn't uploading this, but it was close. Also to celebrate the change I'm unveiling a new opening with a special thanks to @ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘-̶™, @JtTeE, and @Malal for their help with the steamroller. Not like any of you care about this so I'll just roll the film now.
  11. Dr Rush

    War name vote - Purge Round

    Agreed, but to be fair this is better then the usual selection.
  12. Dr Rush

    War name vote - Purge Round

    This one is for the war between Nuke Bloc and Guardian/TKR/Grumpy and co. Where applicable acronyms have been included for reference but are not actually part of the name. Names are listed in a particular order as provided by Random.org Voting will end approximately 72 hours from now. The most popular names will move to a runoff vote. Removals: Any name that was over 4 words long Both fallout names since they would have produced screwy urls on the wiki.
  13. Dr Rush

    Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    I will not be sorry to see war beige go. It is a flawed concept, it attempts to force a winning party to do so something against their best interest, namely giving their enemy a chance to rebuild and counter. Any mechanic that operates in this manner is flawed as the wining side will always attempt to get around it, see the current clusterfrick. Unless you make circumventing it so damaging that having to refight your enemy entirely is a better option, unfortunately this route fails in that this type of mechanic becomes unwieldy in an effort to obtain balance if it ever does. (The resistance system was a literally an attempt to do this.) Moreover, its not really effective at what it was designed to do, which is stop one sided beat downs. It is honestly better to removed it entirely and other mechanics to serve the purpose added. And such mechanics don't even need to be directly tied to the war system, making rebuilds easier particularly after a beat down is a valid route. As would other changes that make it undesirable to drag out wars for both sides. Also for those of you talking about beginner beige, this doesn't hurt newbies really as alex isn't saying he's getting rid of beginner protection. If anything this actually benefits them indirectly by making it easier to implement special mechanics for them as beige would become a color only for newbies. tl;dr Beige doesn't do what it was designed to do and creates a convoluted cluster that makes no sense and generates a moderation headache, when other options could do the job better.
  14. Dr Rush

    The End (of Orbis?!).

    Fixed, per alex the thing is horribly broken and should be ignored.
  15. Dr Rush

    Name that war!

    Bump, per long standing tradition I'll get the ball rolling on the voting 48 hours from this post.

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