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  1. You have been unbanned.
  2. Its literally a concept front end, there is no backend for it to do anything with.
  3. Yes, lets definitely add this and bring about the age of blob warfare. Aka, never have a balanced major war again.
  4. Is that what KT is doing?
  5. For reals though what are these trash cb arguments. Kt is responsible for this abomination That is all the reason needed to roll them needed.
  6. Auto expiry is meh, I can think of many things that are better uses of dev time but it won't actually break anything. The rest is honestly shear laziness, like going into minecraft and thinking it should have diamond blocks in the ground instead of ore. And I also find the suggestion of even further limiting player/player interaction based on alliance level edicts to be ill advised.
  7. The answer is all the beige they could hope for I'm sure, but again you completely miss the issue.
  8. You say that with such pride. But it only shows how little your lot knows about war. Which is apparently nothing.
  9. So an admission of what you did wrong is a good place to start. Can you explain why the community and by extension staff don't like random DM advertising?
  10. I like how I can't even see the poll result gg forum. There are (almost) always multiple voting rounds. A 1 vote difference is not sufficient to declare the winner, particularly when it's literally pick anything you like. If I really wanted to enforce my will I could for instance be much more aggressive in the pruning that occurs from the nomination thread. War names are community selected and therefore a reflection of community sentiment. Expecting the community to be neutral about anything is objectively unreasonable. I honestly don't remember who did the vote
  11. Poll is open for a week, then this will be over. Very last chance for ya'll to not have terrible taste.
  12. Tbh, I probably missed them when i was copying names out to discord.
  13. Only took 3 attempts at submitting it. Preliminary vote for the name of last global. Vote for the ones you like. Will almost certainly be a 2nd round of voting later on. Also a heads up in the future this naming process is likely to be changed somewhat.
  14. This pretty much. Most importantly to me, there is a myriad of ethical concerns in this kind stretching of the moderation reach. There are also very important practical issues. A good place to start would be what if the hosting server (rightly I might add) refuses to allow access? Is Alex supposed then threaten to ban them too? Pretty sure that would be a violation of Discord's ToS to say nothing of US law. And even with access there are still many ways to hide stuff on Discord; And most servers are not set up to handle them reliably. So even ethics and availability concerns aside, a program l
  15. The nazism rule does exist in weird place where it both covers the promotion of nazi material and also separately accusing others of being nazis. From a record keeping perspective that is a valid issue to bring up and I'll add it to the list of things to be addressed next time the rules/policies are updated. That being said, if we are being intellectually honest, downfall parodies are very much associating whoever is being memed on with nazis. Whether intentional or not that does happen and should fall under whatever rule covers calling each other nazis. That being said, the community has alre
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