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  1. Dr Rush

    Discord Ban

    I will say you can be unbanned on 8/15.
  2. Dr Rush

    Discord Ban

    tl;dr your not sorry for what you did. Just that you got caught doing it and it got you banned.
  3. Dr Rush

    Discord Ban

    You basically 'asked' to banned and now you want to be unbanned? What is my assurance that you won't further harass the staff team?
  4. Both slots and beige are broken. Both are constantly abused, it is not some one off issue. There is some major scandal related to it every single major conflict. Beige is meant to be a final fall back state that you do not want to be in. There only to prevent a rolling in to oblivion nothing more nothing less. It should always always be better to avoid being beiged. At no point in a game should strategy be based on hoping your enemy wins in a battle. Yet such is what beige is currently.
  5. I fundamentally disagree with the bolded part. Setting aside straight up cheating such as multis and exploits. Alex should never need to intercede into the actual gameplay. Any place he does need to indicates a failing of the mechanics. In this instance without Deus Admin the meta would be slotfill everything and stare. Which is obviously not workable, but that does not make banhammer a good fix. Here that fix has created the 'toe the line meta' in which various parties on all sides have pushed the limits of what they can get away with on everything from slot filling to bank hiding. Its lose lose lose for everyone involved. The only proper way to fix these kind of issues is to mechanically shift the meta so grey area tactics aren't appealing anymore. And, Yes I'm a mechanical purist.
  6. >Has a gripe with staff >Spams sheepy >Sheepy is busy >Decides a video with blanket accusations of mod abuse is the play. >Gets the hammer >Pikachu.png >Should have been perm banned for evading suspension with a multi by their own admission. I'll give you that the forums appeal process or lack thereof is whack. But your way of addressing it leaves much to be desired. If anything stunts like this make mod teams not want to deal with appeals. Also, As any reasonable reading of the bolded section includes Discord mods, I'm going to politely demand you produce evidence to support it or retract the statement.
  7. Dr Rush


    This folks is how you become blacklisted from any alliance worth anything. Can't help but notice he's still posting. You at least revise your vetting procedures after this. A noble goal, but sometimes educating noobs requires some tough love. As it is, given many might describe his current actions as treason, the relatively mild bullying the community is dishing out is not uncalled for.
  8. Thus said literally everyone making an appeal ever. That you have admitted you did wrong is a step in the right direction, it in itself is not sufficient. Nor is a promise to do better. What would make this hypothetical 'last chance' any better then your previous chances?
  9. Normally staff does not ban over what occurs in DMs, there is ofc the occasional exception and SS23 is well with in his right as an admin to make one. Now that circumstance would normally make me at least more willing to sign off on an unban. But that is subject to your previous conduct, so lets take a look at that. Then there is the not small matter of your initial appeal method being to 'hire' people to spam the mods; Which by the way you haven't seemed to have paid them yet, which is rather mean of you given they risk being banned too. There is about 60 such records between manual warns and automod. So looking at the above, why exactly should you be unbanned? Oh btw you don't get to choose who the appeal goes to. You have to convince all of the mods.
  10. Your case is being reviewed, this may take some time as staff deliberates and awaits alex's 2 cents
  11. I mean with a newer better monitor that is actually color accurate I kinda have to agree, but in fairness my plan wasn't to get something perfect. It was get a framework and sheepy to add themeing support so it could be built on by someone with better css.
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