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  1. I mean with a newer better monitor that is actually color accurate I kinda have to agree, but in fairness my plan wasn't to get something perfect. It was get a framework and sheepy to add themeing support so it could be built on by someone with better css.
  2. Crown Bloc checking in Also anyone not voting for "The Clouds Gather" needs to go read the Hobbit
  3. For the global war. Standard naming rules apply. This thread will run until after the war ends. Also the "Clouds Burst War"
  4. Standard Naming rules apply. I'll give like a weak before starting a vote. Also the "The Clouds Gather War"
  5. Image Type: Alliance Flags Normal Flag: War Flag: Alliance ID (for alliance flags only): 619
  6. Hit the nail pretty much exactly on the head here. So effectively double the overhead of running an econ department in a lot of areas. This rather significantly hurts wartime/rebuild management and Dio forbid you try running a command economy. If you legitimately feel this is bad for the game you should petition Alex to make bank theft against the rules outright. That being said I agree with Lariah and the Hippo, bank stealing is a valid tactic, just ask kastor. This is ultimately a war game and there should be no assurity of safety in anything.
  7. Yes I forgot about this, been busy. You get 96 hours to vote on this, even have a built in time lock on voting.
  8. Normally this is where I'd start another voting round but its pretty clear that SALT will win again so just gonna declare that the winner unless someone has a substantial objection.
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