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  1. Again we aren't messing with mobile nav.
  2. Per my usual, I would toss slots entirely and go for a research type system where every project has a base effect which you can increase through further investment. Specializations arise from investment choices rather than a hard limit which is more organic. It also scales better with nation growth. Ofc a few projects would need some serious tweaks in this setup, but thats needed anyways.
  3. For those concerned, menus on the navbar will open on mouseover not on click. Here is a question though, should the navbar be pinned to the screen, or should it move down when you scroll so its always visible?
  4. Please keep in mind the mock ups are far from a finished product, they are to help get a sense of where things go, not so much a reflection on final appearances. Also this process will almost not effect the mobile navigation at all.
  5. Or we can not nerf the weakest unit in the game into the dirt? Also your now tying an rp element to gameplay after the fact, thats never a good idea. BTW, beige won't leave again until its replacement is ready.
  6. First off, lets ignore the presented numbers and look at the fundamental concepts. Fundamentally this a further punishment for losing a war and further benefit for winning. This also means that in its fine balancing it can only have two states, help attackers/hurt defenders or be so weak as to do nothing. Now the question is that something that is wanted/needed. The game already punishes losers pretty heavily. Too heavily in fact, this is the general community consensus and also the objective observation after looking at how conflicts play out. That means if has any effect it is defacto OP. Th
  7. If you politely request it alex will already release names being held by dead alliances/nations on a case by case. As for processing power, the only power that should be being used used is a couple extra 0.001 ms on a database call once a day while global stats are called. Unless ofc someones goes and deliberately searches these alliances out triggering an update of their db entry. I can see counting towards stats being an issue if in fact they do so to be an issue but thats better fixed by just not counting them. I'd point out the game doesn't even check for truly dead alliances with 0 membe
  8. Pantheon has the moral high ground in this, except for the part where they still exist and claim to provide protection to anyone, but yeah aside from that they have the moral high ground.
  9. I plead doing this at 5am, anyways added
  10. Its also for the wrong war.
  11. Did you ever crack the code of the last leak I sent you?
  12. Yes I'm very late. RL been very stressful and I honestly kept forgetting about it. Anyways for clarity this is only for the major war that being the TCW rolling. UPN's rolling doesn't meet the threshold of a major war and therefore a war name vote. That being said if ya'll want I can open a separate thread for a vote on that otherwise it'll just be named whatever the page is already named probs. Pick the ones you like, vote will close in 3 days and then topish contenders will go for a runoff.
  13. Yes I know I'm very late been busy. I'm creating a list and will review with wiki team before start the vote as usual. Can a forum mod hit me with a lock on this one.
  14. Dr Rush

    Discord Ban

    You have been unbanned.
  15. Discord mod checking in, unless this happened in the official PW server (it didn't the logs say so) there is nothing I can do. This is a matter for Discord's Trust and Safety Team which oversees their platform globally. Instructions: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000291932-How-to-Properly-Report-Issues-to-Trust-Safety Please note: Your screenshots are worthless as evidence discord will want links to the messages.
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