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  1. 3rd time wasn't the charm, 5th isn't either...wait how many alliances have you made and fricked off again?
  2. Issue 1: Micros cannot into World Wars, once they do they end up getting shat on. Issue 2: Needs more salted popcorn. (Yes I am in a micro, criticizing a....well micro.)
  3. *insert Cultural Victory for upvotes* No, but really congrats on both sides here, nothing wrong with trying. MUDDA MUDDA MUDDA
  4. Buorhann! Can't you see that NAP with " " can be very effective? It's like playing a game of "Who's that Pokemon".
  5. I don't know who Abascus is but i'm sure he's very nice
  6. Translation: If you want to be stupid and egotistical all the while being smacked with a Cultural Victory, join ODN.
  7. Valk - Knowledge and Guidance Zeebrus - For the memes and stories at night Micchan - For a good reputation Apeman - To poison the enemies we may meet Purplemoon - Medic, Chef, Flowers Abbas - We're just bringing him along then taking his cash Edwardidk - Analyst & More Memes
  8. Hello everyone, I've been here for a while now but I thought i'd introduce myself. I am Kebin Kobayashi of Rogofasu (currently still Kill la Kill)!
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