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  1. Kiru Kobayashi

    DEFCON 1 is back rising up from ashes like Phoenix

    Something something, I told Valk to be patient with WU?
  2. Kiru Kobayashi

    Argos DOE

    3rd time wasn't the charm, 5th isn't either...wait how many alliances have you made and fricked off again?
  3. Kiru Kobayashi

    Criticize the Above Nation

    Barely active, stopped posting memes
  4. Kiru Kobayashi


  5. Kiru Kobayashi

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Issue 1: Micros cannot into World Wars, once they do they end up getting shat on. Issue 2: Needs more salted popcorn. (Yes I am in a micro, criticizing a....well micro.)
  6. Kiru Kobayashi

    TGH-ODN-IOM Anouncment

    Yes, Yes indeed.
  7. Kiru Kobayashi

    TGH-ODN-IOM Anouncment

    *insert Cultural Victory for upvotes* No, but really congrats on both sides here, nothing wrong with trying. MUDDA MUDDA MUDDA
  8. Kiru Kobayashi

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Buorhann! Can't you see that NAP with " " can be very effective? It's like playing a game of "Who's that Pokemon".
  9. Kiru Kobayashi

    Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

    I don't know who Abascus is but i'm sure he's very nice
  10. Kiru Kobayashi

    I'm sorry

    Remember me :3
  11. Kiru Kobayashi

    Imperium of Man DoW

    Translation: If you want to be stupid and egotistical all the while being smacked with a Cultural Victory, join ODN.
  12. Kiru Kobayashi

    Imperium of Man DoW

    TL;DR ODN dun goofed
  13. Kiru Kobayashi

    P/W Survivor

    Valk - Knowledge and Guidance Zeebrus - For the memes and stories at night Micchan - For a good reputation Apeman - To poison the enemies we may meet Purplemoon - Medic, Chef, Flowers Abbas - We're just bringing him along then taking his cash Edwardidk - Analyst & More Memes
  14. Kiru Kobayashi

    Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

    Hello everyone, I've been here for a while now but I thought i'd introduce myself. I am Kebin Kobayashi of Rogofasu (currently still Kill la Kill)!

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