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  1. Codonian

    What's up Orbis

    Me when I find another kopite
  2. Codonian

    SNN-Between a Roq and a Hard Place

    Yes, It was me that leaked it. You got me
  3. Codonian

    SNN-Between a Roq and a Hard Place

    Timestamps were likely removed to hide the timezone of the leaker, just saying
  4. Codonian

    Racism on Orbis

    Well, This thread got shit on, didn't it? Can't say I disagree with the majority either.
  5. Anybody claiming Sam got robbed can only blame yourselves. Everybody had a chance to influence the votes and quite frankly, You failed.
  6. TKR is a PnW alliance, therefore it's PnW related surely
  7. There was no requirements set for the pumpkin competition other than it had to be your pumpkin and it had to be a pumpkin. Arch has won fair and square regardless if you agree with the result or not lol
  8. Codonian

    An Incentive For Action

    I'd like to chuck in the proposal to scale the degradation in accordance to city size so that the bigger of a nation you are, the more degradation you'll see. Same thing with alliance banks, the more cities an alliance has, the more degradation you'll see.
  9. Codonian

    Terminus Est: When whale's collide!

    I don't see any paper?
  10. Codonian

    Terminus Est: When whale's collide!

    Blood for the Blood God!
  11. Codonian

    Large bugs

    And I meant it doesn't lol
  12. Codonian

    Large bugs

    I have to login every couple days, using Google Chrome.
  13. Codonian

    Even Out Raids

    You're genuinely amazing. Thank you for this.
  14. Codonian

    Even Out Raids

    I'm interested in where that personal attack was? Please do not slander me just because you did not like what i commented. There was no personal attack. Edit: @Alex I believe I should be banned for my scathing personal attack on this poor fellow.

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