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  1. I imagine because neither side have come to an agreement the other is happy with? Could it be that simple?
  2. So then also add in a clause that removes an alliance that has sub 10 cities. You can't destroy cities ingame so that prevents genuine alliance getting deleted.
  3. So then just change alliance creation to require 10 or more cities. That fixes that. You're welcome
  4. Why should we give them the ability to regrow just for us to be back in this exact same situation in 6-9 months again? If they want to pursue an 'all out war' mindset that's perfectly fine, but you can expect the same mindset in response.
  5. It seems they can't quite decide whether IQ exists or not, despite at the start of the war they were quite adamant it did!
  6. I haven't got what I wanted yet, the game still exists. Only reason I've stuck around is because of the amount of years i've invested into it already.
  7. Presumably this will be/ is now fixed then? Also noticed this issue happen with me numerous times over the last few months but I just figured it was indeed a glitch on my end
  8. Well i'm glad I just spent an hour catching up on this dumpster fire of a thread (/s). The only person that said anything with a shred of common sense was Ivk when he said that each side is going to have their preconceptions and that's it's useless trying to change each others mind. Going to go lie down in a dark and quiet room now...
  9. I wonder why that could be?
  10. Atleast I don't go 8 pages back to reply to a comment 😂😂
  11. I for one, welcome our new NPO overlords.
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