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  1. Commies with a victim complex. Heh. Poor persecuted totalitarians. Frankly if you're under the hammer and sickle in game you don't have much of a right to call the theme terrible, unless you really dislike tig ol' anime biddies. Commies and Nazi's aren't much different, really. They both hated religion, both attempted to destroy the national identities of the conquered, both committed genocide and both were socialist. TRF should've MDAP'd AK already, singing kumbaya while punching a Polak in the testicles. It would be a beautiful unholy alliance.
  2. Well, I guess there's no reason to complain about the NAP now
  3. I was off for awhile, but I'm back bb ❤️
  4. Too much anime for me, personally but I wish you luck nonetheless
  5. Epi, how many alliances have you eaten at this point?
  6. I tried it as well. Just to test I tried decommissioning 711 soldiers. I typed in the -711 soldiers in the enlist/discharge box, but it enlisted the maximum allowable instead, 1289. I wouldn't exactly call this a major bug, though unless it lets you completely max soldiers on one day, that I'm not sure of.
  7. Are the bulk of the reports of "forum abuse" being handled via discord? And are the people being reported on involved prior to warns being issued? I ask this because it seems like the issues with moderation are a lack of transparency and a shoot first, ask later policy of warnings. Getting with shifty beforehand and asking for context could've avoided this whole situation.
  8. Congrats on the treaty fellas, and rip to Theo who will get warned due to one derogatory term in a multi paragraph story by the keyboard justice warriors.
  9. So a Declaration of Intention to War if you don't do the thing? What?
  10. There's no active wars between any of the participants... did you peace out two hours after posting? If so, shortest war in Orbis history?
  11. I can't use letters of the Polish alphabet in game. I feel discriminated against. 

  12. Says the one practically begging for a response from the great Roz. Sounds like you're the trantum throwing child looking for someone to give you a bit of attention. You're welcome.
  13. The reason people are saying the stats are propaganda is due to several discrepancies. I'm not any good with spreadsheets, so I'm not going to argue "biased values" or something of the sort. However, if you, or someone else, can explain a few discrepancies I've noticed between Frawley's stats and Leo's, I would appreciate it. First thing I noticed is BK and NPO's damage taken. BK and NPO took, according to Frawley's last updated stats $22b and $12.5b worth of damage, respectively. According to Leo's stats, BK and NPO took $24B and $10b, respectively. One could simply look at NPO's stats
  14. Why not just get another mod or two to help sort through game reports? If the major reason for you proposing this change is because of the massive amounts of reports you're receiving, wouldn't the least divisive and least time consuming option be to find someone in house or otherwise to help you dole out punishments to people who are abusing the rules?
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