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  1. I'd Arrghue with you that we trust our members so much more than any other alliance, that we've basically given them complete FA, IA and Milcom freedom for their independent nations. (And no this doesn't mean we don't care about each and every one of them, and we do our best to help and guide them, when we feel they need it or they ask for it).
  2. DragonK

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Hmmm. As many put it it's a band-aid fix. Yet it does fix a part of problem, and if you really do have other things planed, sure go do it. Also I like @ShadyAssassin 's idea to add resource cost to infra (and maybe land?). That will come to effect much sooner, and hit bigger nations harder.
  3. Who's the 2nd guy? Has decent loot... I mena war chest, yes, warchest
  4. DragonK

    Open Season

    Got removed for being literally retarded. Still, as much as I'm hated by community in general, I'm still very positive on my rep on forums, so I must be saying something right. You on the other hand are not just downvoted by your opposition for being retarded, you're also not being backed up by your own people, cause even they disagree with most shit you say.
  5. DragonK

    Open Season

    Considering TUE is a failure, anything under a month would not be a surprise for anyone.
  6. DragonK

    Open Season

    Damn, didn't see VM activated earlier when I was checking your nation. You better hurry and exit it soon so I can hit you.
  7. DragonK

    Open Season

    Noted. You're priority target now. We hope your first time is as pleasant as was mine
  8. DragonK

    Open Season

    Simple. Arrgh has mostly not attacked not profitable/high risk nations. Arrgh has raided mostly high profit / low risk targets. You're one of latter aren't you? (You're TUE, ofc you are, it's rethoric question, pls don't answer) That's your experience as a constant raid target I take it? Like I said earlier, Arrgh does what it does. However when you go and declare war on us, and start hitting people who weren't raiding you before, well, then all you do is paint a big target on your back. You could do that yeah, some bigger alliances have exactly that, dedicated 10 city Arrgh handler experts. Can you imagine your whole point of existnace to counter some random pirate riads? I know right. Other than that, us pirates adapt. You develop some nations to attack us and war us for a long time. I bet you we'll just find a way around that too. But one thing you lack in comparison to us is persitancy. Raid is all we do, and we'll find a way to do it, whether you like it or not. Can't be said same about your endavour. Yeah that was one time, and we all agreed it was bad decision to do it back then. It was supposed to be for a year, but we found a way to get out of that almost 6 months in that thing. Last time we got decently recked was Paper's Please. Almost a week after the war ended, I had my pirates resume raiding TKR, t$ and everyone involved agaisnt us, with our brand new 1 ship and fortify tactics. Was working miracles till our raids forced everyone competent to adapt to us, and to cry to admin till he changed how fortify works. (Found a workaround for that too)
  9. DragonK

    Shifty News Network LLC-Hit the Lights

    Old news. It's fun how despite being at war with us for so long, it took them this much to take action again, almost as if they waited for big daddy's approval first
  10. DragonK

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    That my dear, is how coaltions work. It's not hive mind, every representative has his own agenda. And that's why attempting to make counter offers is retarded. They probably barely even agreed on that term alone, and now you want to change it to something taht at least some of members dislike. Good luck with that
  11. DragonK

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I had personal displeasure to accept TKR's peace 3 times over in 6 months. No alliance made such moves as they did towards Arrgh. They hit us with 2 other alliances for hitting their ally's protectorate ffs! And after paper's please where we accepted general terms so our allys could get out of war (so tehnically I accepted their terms 4 times). And then 2 weeks after Arrgh changed to 1 ship raiding and we've been more or less at perma war with TKR. So yeah frick them and frick their initative. They get to respond, just like any other alliance does, while Arrgh gets to do it's own thing, like other alliances do. And, it would be retarded to ask of Arrgh to not raid TKR, if raiding TKR is profitable. Members would just make their own alliances and raid them anyway. I'd rather Arrgh be place of gathering for the disobent and free willed, than Arrgh being a shell of it's former self and those people scattered all over the place doing just as much, if not more, damage to farmers and the like. ^ This. Terms like these were the norm for a while now, and if other side has done it before, why couldn't it be done to them as well? It's more like getting off your bike, and then remembering you didn't put the lock on, after taking half a step, just to see an idiot speeding on your bike, that he stole a second ago and is already 100m away. Yeah. And stealing bike is still theft, regardels of if the victim was an idiot or not. These are proposed terms, aye. They don't need to accept and they can perma war. Or they can suck it up and accept it. I've accepted more than one bad term in my day, but overall, it's not always as bad as it initially seems. The only terms that were kind of harsh that my predecesors accepted was the one for Purple Spy War. Everything else was more or less a hit on a ego, and we all know TKR's side has enough ego to take it all.
  12. DragonK

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Gib slots blyat. So far managed to use 2/8 of my slots at same time. When you did the exactly same thing to us, we found a way, to raid with 1 ship, and win mad dosh. Just look how much growth a total noob like Ripper got over 3 months of it. Unfortunantley certaint people who cried to admin a lot blocked that play style. There were other viable options for no mil raiders to earn loot and have fun and even hit back, but again someone's constant whining cut all of those out. So, guess have fun not being able to do anything due to changes you requested? (Using You as a collective of non-Arrgh people, not Lordship/TKR/EMC in particular) Try a few months of that. Yet still I'm here and ruining other people's fun. Woe is me. Have no idea what you're talking about. This game is constant cycle or raiding and raiding. Occasionally you take a break so you can raid more later. Again, no idea what any of that is either. Altought ending treatys sounds good. How do you do that? Other than that, I have to agreed, this game lost a lot of viable raiding options over time, we need to get those back so everyone can raid more. Obligatory Arrgh! at the end. Arrgh!
  13. DragonK

    Too good to pass

    Kek, reminds me of Arnount, me and IoM Oh, and INH and Mayor, have fun lads.
  14. DragonK

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion

    The Sucks' Salt
  15. DragonK

    Terminus Est: When whale's collide!


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