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  1. @Mikey and @Insert Name Here we should all go back to Arrgh and make Arrgh great again.
  2. DragonK

    Peace with AIM

    War was fun. Had a tight race. @Bezzers did my air in good. Due to it and others I had to race with @Sabarish on who'll beige whom first :D And loot was superb. Wish to see you guys on battlefield again, wheter as allys or foes.
  3. DragonK

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Remember what happened last time you were howling and blowing? 😜 Well at least you got a nice meme out of it 🤣
  4. True SA was a bit too poor for my taste. Luckily I AIMed higer :P @Bezzers You were a good raid, and you put up the most resistance. Sadly, in terms of loot alone you're not the best I'm afraid. Still a solid 3/5 from me.
  5. I support this statement. As a life long pirate I too decalre 5 wars with 0 military units all the time. It's the thrill of winning despite that and stealing that dosh loot that makes worth all the infra damage and unit losses. Such as this initial infra cca. 1200 And then when you find such rich people that totally didn't steal from any bank ingame that just wanished into thin air recently: You successfully gathered intelligence about United Front. Your spies discovered that United Front has 60 spies, $30,487,990.65, 1,717.21 coal, 2,028.00 oil, 2,011.17 uranium, 0.82 lead, 2,602.99 iron, 0.75 bauxite, 102,700.48 gasoline, 99,940.74 munitions, 91,109.88 steel, 100,000.07 aluminum, and 737,054.98 food. Your agents were caught and identified by United Front's counter-intelligence forces. The operation cost you $18,186.53 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. Save this information; if you leave this page you will be able to see this intelligence report under your espionage notifications. You successfully gathered intelligence about The Kingsguard. Your spies discovered that The Kingsguard has 47 spies, $37,730,728.65, 30,264.98 coal, 538.75 oil, 3,627.99 uranium, 360.50 lead, 325.60 iron, 122.00 bauxite, 59,069.67 gasoline, 40,140.16 munitions, 49,705.10 steel, 19,821.44 aluminum, and 207,556.85 food. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $18,186.53 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. Save this information; if you leave this page you will be able to see this intelligence report under your espionage notifications. You successfully gathered intelligence about Xandar. Your spies discovered that Xandar has 60 spies, $16,925,101.04, 0.00 coal, 0.00 oil, 7,036.91 uranium, 629.00 lead, 690.00 iron, 326.00 bauxite, 58,790.44 gasoline, 58,680.60 munitions, 60,062.25 steel, 23,708.85 aluminum, and 506,315.66 food. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $18,186.53 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed. Save this information; if you leave this page you will be able to see this intelligence report under your espionage notifications. And, ofc, you make sure they can't stash away that said bank anywhere else: Launch your nukes, I'm ready: I used to be #6 in nukes eaten, till I dropped due to lack of service. I'm currently 5 nukes away from tieing for #9 spot again.
  6. DragonK

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    That's why I keep telling everoyne bankers are true evil, not pirates!
  7. DragonK

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    You've already shown how weak you are. I remeber, don't worrry. Altough if you in particular want to show me that loot again, I wouldn't mind 😘
  8. DragonK

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    True, but they themselfs would become meaningless when a no life scrub beats me within a few months due to him only needed that much to get where it took me years. Look at money stolen for examle, a stat that was introduced post all war changes that were detrimental to me and my playstyle, and now you have young nations (or rather, youn pirates) like @Bluebear and @Ripper on top of if over me, just becasue it's counting stuff after I was already well past my prime. And, to add to same point, those same active nations surpassed me in city count quite easily, just becaseue there is more money now than there was in past. If they can do it, I don't see why your nations couldn't do the same. Getting to 20 citys is easy if you put your mind to it, I see no reason to change costs.
  9. I think this is self evident. I do use that word as people who are preteen. But I understand you meant minor in general. Which again also coveres the said group, but also extends to a bit more older group as well.
  10. Meh. Drinking too much water can be harmufull. You don't see them banning water. As far as I'm aware there is no PROVEN corelation between it and any harmfull effect. Using same excuse you could ban video games cause "they make you violent". Just becasuse something is legal or illegal, allowed or not allowed, it shouldn't be taken for granted. You should always question yourself, and the world around you. But ethicality or morality is hardly the issue or the matter here, but just wanted to make sure even that is on shaky legs. It's my personal opinion based on observable facts. Which makes it more valid than the one based purely on someone's ideals of belifs. Just casue it's not perfect doesn't mean it's not better. It not having any relatively bad effect, free availablity of it as well make it less of a big issue. And that is if some of the recipents of the message were children, which there were none last time I checked. Legal definition is major and minor. Children are not a legal term, and are more social, everyday term. Thus it's misleading, since the targeted word was minor and not children, which are similar but not sinonimus, since one can refer to pre teens only as well as all teens and even majors (just becasue you're and adult and a legal person does not unmake you from being someone's child) and thus my point still stands. As far as my opinion goes, I know it myself the best, and I know I've changed my opinion a lot based on new relevant evidence. This might be me favouring one side here, but it's mostly to defend as equally absurd opposition trying to defame and demonize him. So yeah, using cheap tricks against opponents doing the same is not beyond me, but just casue they're cheap doesn't mean they are not correct. Glad we both agree it's a tame but banable offense. I'm merley trying to stop people who are trying to make a big deal out of it. I never once said he shouldn't be banned for breaking the rules, I mearly pointed that some rules are ridiculous by nature, and that it wasn't as big as deal as some people trying to gather a lynch mob tried to make it out to be.
  11. DragonK

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    You have not literaly read what they said and are ignoring to adress points made to this topic. So I'll try again. What you're asking is not to benefit new players, but to benefit yourself. Saying it's for new players is a lie you use to get a political advantage over your opponents. So this has nothing to do with new players and all to do with politics. So answer the godamn points they made. Even if this was about new players, it's a bad unbalanced policy that would harm older, more loyal players by devaluing their sense of achivment. Not only that but it's actually not helping the new players to get interest in the game. The game would just get easier for them while remaining same in content. The only thing you're doing is giving them easy mode that makes them think they are good until they get destroyed by elite players who actually enjoy and understand this game, and then some 100+ people delete cause the game is harder than they were comfortable with. And besideds it's your side who lost both the war and the player base, so it goes to show that problem lies withing YOU and not the game mehanics. I'm tired of people whining and crying to @Alex every time they suck at the game casue someone else actuall bothered to master it. How many times did you have to nerf Arrgh to be able to stand on your own shaky feet? And what did you achive by it? Good, old, loyal players were betrayed and left the game, and were repalced by large number of noobs who enjoed how easy the game was, since there were almost no elite left to show them what this game was really about. I'd rather purge those new players who'd quit anyway in few months, than to keep them around for a year instead of people who've already played this game over a year. And besides, with all the nerfs done, this game isn't even hard to play, it takes around 100 wars to learn all the tricks. If you lack war experience, well, either do more war till you figure it our, join Arrgh and git gud, or ask Arrgh to raid your members till they git gud. Why is learning and adapting such a strange concept to all you losers who have to ask admin to change game in your favour? All you'll ever achive is force players like us to suffer for a month at best, make a few of our people ragequit, and then we'll adapt to it and destroy you again, and then either you or someone else will go and cry again how OP we are and how game needs to change to suit them better. And do you know what's funny? Most of those whiners quit the game after those changes failed to make it any easier for them to deal with us, and despite everything, here I am, still persiting, still adapting, and still destroying anyone crazy enough to challange me.
  12. DragonK

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    That was well written, to the point argument, addressing all that needed adressing. What are you doing on this cespool of forum? :P
  13. DragonK

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    This will greatly devalue a lot of old player's sense of achivment, since it took them 3 years to get to 20 citys and then some nobody noob makes it there in 3 months thanks to boost he gets from alliance and cheaper prices.
  14. DragonK

    It's over , pack it up.

    Says an ex-Arrgh guy who just attacked people like that too. Just saying.
  15. Perosnal opinion was directed towards other people I tagged in my reply, not you. And I'm not denying that he sent the porn or that he shouldn't be baned for it, for it is vaguely against rules, it is the fact that certaint people are trying to make it look as if he's the next hitler (not literally). It doesn't, no. Still what I was trying to say is they are trying to make him look worse than what he really is by bringing children into discusion. (I did exaggerate there a bit, but it's not like noone did it before me in this thread, I need to make my claim as big as theirs ) That's debatable. Porn of itself is not harmful. By same definition you could make it illegal to play violent video games, or any FPS cause it's "bad for children". Teenagers across the world google porn themselfs, and watch it on daily basis. Clearly nothing is being done against it, so why persecute a man for something so tame and benign? There is no legal definition of children, as word childern is not clearly defined. The legal definition is minors and adults (or majors). Bringing the word children is misleading. And again, I'm asking for proof of those claims. Which minors did he send the links to against their will? Or even one of those minors that actually asked for the link?

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