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  1. Well I expected this game would go stale and die eventually because of the players, not the admin. Should of picked something benign for an alliance theme, like ISIS
  2. I'm kinda curious about what the point of all this is/was. Because the hostility/name calling/general attempt to alienate the community isn't a great way to drum up support to get the changes removed. I had no opinions on the changes until after these posts. Now I'm a firm supporter simply because they generate funny forum content.
  3. Can someone tell me how you get 9 tons of aluminum from 3 tons of bauxite? What's the other 66% of our aluminum? Why is it called aluminum if aluminum isn't the main ingredient?
  4. I wasn't talking about this thread.... that quote just describes his general personality.
  5. Too many pages to go through so I'm sorry if this suggestion was already proposed: Maybe if you didn't act like a total prick "1 billion" people wouldn't want to roll you kosmo.
  6. Everyone can stop holding their breath the golden alliance nobody gives a crap about finally announced their plan.
  7. Only complaint I have is with 34, gotta approach this with a fresh mind to remain impartial. Or to rephrase, Spoilers!
  8. It's a weird thing in all the Abrahamic religions. God purposely causes disbelief then punishes the disbeliever. It's like a cop forcing you to smoke crack at gunpoint then arresting you for drug abuse
  9. Can we nominate justices? Roz is a paragon of justice and virtue. He should rule over the entire case if I am being honest.
  10. We all know this is just Lordship's way to try to get to The Roz. Ordering attacks on his friends to kill hundreds of civilians.
  11. I used my downvote already so i verbally downvote hope's post. This game is boring, let there be more childish drama.
  12. Mod anonymity is a huge issue I for one support our secret, ideologically motivated forum police.
  13. https://twitter.com/alexjwinchell/status/482063103077519360 https://twitter.com/alexjwinchell/status/482063103077519360 https://twitter.com/alexjwinchell/status/482063103077519360 "Women are not objects" why the hell are you asking for one for Christmas like some sort of toy? Not very humanizing of you.
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