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  1. I'd echo Malichy. All of these options are horrible and I refuse to vote for any of them. Count me as "here and against all of them." You've completely missed the point of what is wrong with the war system. Which is namely it is *too* one sided to larger nations. Sure they should have an edge. But it shouldnt be a snowballing thing where you can't ever do any damage to them once a war turns against you. The problem is the difficulty in competing with an opponent who is larger then you. All of these suggestions widens the gap and makes it more difficult for players who are newer or dont have an amazing support network alliance to boost them super quickly. It would kill game dynamism. Larger nations already have an INSANE edge. What you need is more ways you can at least HURT them even if you lose wars. Not less. The idea shouldn't be to have a bunch of untouchable overlord nations reigning over a bunch of peons. I'll also add if you want to pick something broken to fix start with spies. The idea you can spend a month building them up and they are all gone in a day or two never to be gotten back for the whole months long war is ridiculous.
  2. Agreed with Seb and the others calling this out. Got to take a firm stand on these things to discourage further cheating in the future.
  3. OsRavan leader of the Orange Defense Network by invitation from the Great Khan himself, entered the Great Khan’s tent for a feast. The two leaders, along with Arnout the Emperor of Mankind, discussed the Horde’s invasion into Orange territory, with The Great Khan and The Emperor of Mankind conceding that OsRavan and his warriors were not as bad as those Inquisition heathens, and agreeing not to treat him as such in the future. The three leaders indulged themselves in wine and many women, and OsRavan introduced The Great Khan to his signature exotic orange juice, which the Great Khan pretended to enjoy very much. The Great Khan then taught OsRavan the art of mongolian throat singing, and the two performed for a less than amused Arnout. As the night began to die down, the leaders had come to an accord, All parties would agree to a truce, allowing their warriors to continue to fight until victory was achieved, or lay down their arms sooner if they wished. OsRavan, in an attempt to foster positive relations in the future, agreed to hold a mongolian throat singing festival all across the lands of his people, over the next 14 days. The Great Khan told OsRavan he was welcome to return for more feasting in the future. TLDR: We have peace.
  4. People used to get super descriptive and crazy about it. Like not just that but like... mmm... ::he slowly descended the staircase, shadows dancing off his robes. One hand resting on his wizardly staff, tracing the ancient carvings upon it:: And now... now I shall smite you...::his voice resonated:: ::insert more gibberish:: Picture that for paragraphs on end. Thankfully i grew out of that stage of my life, but for the odd ::grins:: and ::shrugs::. Way I chalk it up, i'm ahead of most in that the worst legacy of embarrassment I picked up when I was 13 was a weird use of the colon key lol.
  5. Ok wow. Almost no one recognizes that. Buorhann just won like some super nerd award! Or kudos points. Or something. That or he ran in the same 90s nerd circles I did. But anyway, it is a bad affectation that people usually mock me for. I actually picked it up in the 1990s as a geeky middle school kid in... as Buorhann said... chatroom roleplay areas. It was super big on AOL back when AOL was all anyone used for their internet. For whatever reason, even though I never use them when doing 'serious' academic or work writing, its formed its way as a habit in my writing on discord/instant messanger/forum chatting (or back in the day AIM and MIRC).. Probably just due to the number of hours in the formative years of my life I wasted in those rooms. I'm not actually 'role playing' or anything, I mostly just instinctively do it on certain mediums as a bad habit. Eventually i'll probably make a concerted effort to wipe it out of my writing. But till then.... well. Yeah (and yes I just typed ::shrugs:: and then edited it out heh).
  6. Haha fair enough. I suspect they will be disappointed by the quality of the loot.
  7. Good thing we don't really give two figs about paper then. Actions speak louder then words. Well again. Part of your objective fact should be that we're still fighting when IQ all signed a peace, should it not lol? Again, you'll call us whatever you want. And we will *do* whatever we want. Indeed it is. And the two sides are ODN and TGH (or tgh and friends). I mean we wont be able to *make* TGH accept peace just because we are ready to give up. Just like you can't make us accept peace. It takes one to create a war, two to create a peace. My point was that all this harping some are doing about how ODN must xyz is meaningless. We're not satisfied yet, so we arent accepting peace yet. Appreciated! We werent a fan of people telling us to cut our ties to get peace.... and that we should be grateful to be offered that. And for the record, we greatly appreciate NPO. Anyway enough forum posting, this got circular. My whole point is just essentially stop trying to cram us into the mold you think we should fit in, and start dealing with us as we are. Will probably make things easier for everyone.
  8. Again, we don't consider ourselves part of the IQ coalition. So why would we want them negotiating on our behalf? We're not 'making a fuss'. Just like TGH is justified to hit us because they thought we were part of that coalition, we are justified in not allowing others to negotiate on our behalf or accept peace with the coalition. We are very happy with events as they stand right now. You seem to keep acting like we're complaining or upset... we're not. Couldn't be happier right now, we're having a ball. ::grins:: And I dont really care how *you* identify us. You can demand that two representatives from another alliance blah blah blah. We don't really care. Part of the reality of dealing with a sovereign alliance, is you don't get to dictate to us what we do. There are consequences for every decision. So for example, for us continuing the war gets TGH pounding away at us. That's our 'consequence.' For you, by demanding we drop NPO or that the coalition negotiate for us, you got ODN not accepting peace. From what I hear, both TGH and ODN are pleased with the results of their decisions so far, so maybe this is a win-win? But as long as we are willing to pay those consequences... we're going to do whatever the heck we feel like. Your job is to make the consequences so steep that we *choose* to do as you wish, because that's now in our best interest. But that will still be *our* choice. Not yours. And so far the consequences haven't bothered us. Maybe try something that actually bothers us? Attacking our nations just elicits a 'that was fun!" And for the record: *WE* will pick who and how we identify with. *WE* will pick who our allies are, and when or if we will cancel them. No one else will control that (and hint; We rather like Roq). *WE* will negotiate our own peace or lack thereof. *WE* will decide when we are tired of a war. Not anyone else. All this 'concern' about how we should be doing things differently is nice, but not really needed. If nothing else, by now it should be clear we're going to march to our own beat, right? TGH are great opponents. We're having a blast manning the walls while the horde tries to batter us down. We'll keep going until we feel we cant go anymore. And at that point, we will talk with them and we will see what happens.
  9. Umm... ok? lol. I dont even know what a VM person is actually. But ok? did something in our comments give you the false impression that we thought we were going to win this? Heh... the idea that we just dont care about damage seems kinda foreign to you. And our core membership has been hanging together for ten years. That core isn't going anywhere cause of a losing or long war. Not the first time we've hung together in impossible odds. Let me help you out here. We're down 11,000 score. How much score do we currently have connected to infra or military? Let me save you some counting... that's ALL going to be gone. And we'll still be here.
  10. Sure, you felt no need to talk about it. We didnt feel a need to talk about it. Hence we are at war. As my messages to you have shown, we didnt consider ourselves part of that conflict. We didn't intend to peace with that conflict. We didn't peace with that conflict. As simple as that. We dont look for or do easy outs. Again, we just dont care about that. We could have taken an 'easy out' as long as we pretended that we were part of the larger war? Or cut our ties with NPO.... another easy out? Just not really interested. Losing wars dont scare us that much. There is no hard feelings from that. Im not implying you did something wrong. Simply that the way we operate is... there has to be a conversation with us for peace. We dont let our names just be added as some sub-clause by a bunch of random folks. You didn't ask us about it. And to be fair, we didn't ask you either after that one cancel on NPO convo a while back. Hence we are BOTH happy to be slugging it out.
  11. yes.. that was me going to you AFTERWARDs. You never came and talked to us. Thats exactly my point. And again.... you should probably have talked to *US* about what we were or were not in. You like to fight. We like to fight. Thats all fine so no harm done. But yeah.
  12. Never talked to *us* about peace. The last conversation ive had with you all is the cancel NPO one. I dont have a problem with that, you all have been fine folks for the most part. But I do think a lesson here is when someone says they arent part of a coalition take them at their word, dont just assume they are bsing and are going to peace out with the others. If we didnt view ourselves as part of the global war, you never talked to us about peace directly, why would we be out with the others?
  13. Uhh dude. The historian in me is forced to remind you that mosquitos are actually pretty lethal, and one of the biggest killers in the history of mankind. You might have wanted to pick your metaphor a bit better. I mean....a quick google or wiki search could have told you that was a bad metaphor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito-borne_disease
  14. Haha. For sure. If free and easy is how you roll. tldr: Those of you who don't like the 'easy' path in life feel free to join us.
  15. ::amused:: You still dont seem to quite get us yet. What makes us tick. You keep acting like we somehow regret our decisions. We'd do it all again twice as fast if we could. The calculus for our actions never includes damage taken or odds we will face. That's a lesson for you on ODN. Plus we're a fearsome bunch ::grins:: Honestly, strokes the ego to see you needing all this backup for little old us.
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