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  1. Can't even vote for myself, turns not having a nation leaves you out in some points.
  2. Saw that somebody linked me this, I wish you the best of luck @Therana Athulis
  3. Quit because I wanted to play different games with my friends, seeing they had all the gov positions, disbanded and deleted.
  4. Seems you peeps really do like creating drama.
  5. So, as some of you have heard. The Imperium packed up its boxes and is disbanding. We've had a good time not going to write some sob story, Best of luck poaching whatever remains alliance less now.
  6. I'm a proud father now, the shit we took finally grew up into something not as shitty.
  7. Sharing is caring? Glory to fun roleplay
  8. tl;dr if you need free and easy war experience hit ODN
  9. Can't leave a hippo hanging. We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight as if it was the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us now and we may never be buried beneath Orbis, so we will build our own memorial here. The Imperium might lose us and Orbis might never know we existed, but the enemy - the enemy will know. The enemy will remember. We will hurt it so badly that it will never forget us until the stars burn out and the Emperor vanquishes it at the end of time. When ODN is dying, its last thought will be of us. That is our memorial - carved into the heart of ODN. We cannot lose, Astra Militarum. We have already won. Tl;dr: we are marching to war in defense of The Golden Horde
  10. Seeing the NAP, the enemy of my enemy appears to be my friend.
  11. See you in my alliance in 14 days then ;P
  12. I mean, put it on two weeks I got money to burn for this
  13. You hit us for raids, then when pm'd said not my responsibility, having gov members try to raid us isn't smart you know?
  14. Lol, Krapuul making propaganda for the other parties since 2018.
  15. Just so you know, you posted more then once.
  16. Low effort declaration of Existence, best of luck regardless.
  17. Honestly totally forgot to post this earlier. Better late then never.
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