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  1. ?

    Long time no see, kid :)


    1. Arkiri Arch

      Arkiri Arch

      Long time no see, did you used to go by a different name?

  2. The real salt is going to come when your own actions salted your own proverbial ground.
  3. Imagine being KETOG and Chaos trying to fight each other to relieve blueballs in a mutual war with respect. Only to discover that the blob that is the literal rest of the game is plotting to take advantage of you being in a weakened state and roll you both. YOU are the liars and the problem in the game, not us.
  4. I am the real life embodiment of Chad. Get back to your basement, girly man.
  5. This will go down as one of the most pathetic and obvious beta move in history. Enjoy whats next.
  6. ThE sYnDicAtE aNd iTs AfFiLiaTeS hAvE nO inTeNt To ExPaNd ThEir WaR oN tHe CoALitiOn CuRrEnTLy FigHtiNg ThE bLAcK kNigHtS aNd ThEir ALLieS bEyOnD gUaRdiAn AnD gRuMpY oLD bAsTaRdS.
  7. No one cares or wants to hear about your OOC problems.
  8. I see you are a man of culture yourself, may I interest you in a cup of Pola-Cola?
  9. Hail Polaris! @Kriegskoenig Great work on this neutrality treaty!
  10. Yes I would like to make a donation from the bank of Polaris.
  11. TKR and friends = ~850k KT/TGH= ~400k Very rough numbers from start of war. Stop acting like you accomplished something by blitzing us and wiping our mil, an ape with that kind of numerical advantage could do the same thing. The real part of war is coming up.
  12. "Arkiri the Hateful" Im just happy Im used in a DoW, Welcome to our endless lands traveler, you may burn our villages but our horse archers will always send an arrow through your chest when you least expect it.
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