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  1. I had to genuinely be away from the game, without internet, for 10-11 days. Earlier, for such short time, I'd just beef up military and let my nation be as is. However, with the change to reducing number of days to get into inactivity mode, I had to essentially force myself into VM. Now that I am back, and with so many changes to the game while I was away, I genuinely have to wait 3-4 days before I can do anything. Since people running into VM during war can continue to be attacked, and due to the above reasons, I suggest we reduce the minimum time for VM to either seven or ten days,
  2. I was going through our alliance bank transactions and although this is a bit old, it's worth a mention. As seen in the image below, our alliance member beiged two different players from two different alliances, but it has recorded beige loot as being sent from our bank. I believe beige loot entries are only made in the loosing alliance. Our member was always in our alliance during the previous global war, if not since forever. There was also a bank loot on 31-01-2020 18:53:00 against Potetland. This player was an applicant, but I did notice another thread rep
  3. @Alex you already have simulators for individual wars and stuff. Why don't you write a script that simulates a war between two alliances. One with ten 30 city nations and the other with twenty 10 city nations. See how many turns it takes got the latter to annihilated. Then increase the latter's city per nation to 11 and see the difference, and so on. Once you are satisfied with how soon the higher city nations can down declare and destroy others, use ratios to adjust the score. So, if you are happy with the outcome at 14 cities per nation of the 20 nation alliance, the city score to use f
  4. Ideally, we should have so many projects that a player needs to think about which project they may want to buy. With many players easily having 25-30 cities, they are able to buy pretty much all the useful projects. I propose two suggestions: 1) The more projects a player has, the more expensive the infra requirement should be. Let's make the infra requirement for the first project be 2,000, the second be 4,000, then 6,000, then 7,000, then 8,000 and so on... so the future projects are incrementally more difficult to buy 2) Let's get more projects such as, the ability to hoard a cert
  5. Firstly, if the below proposal is too much, then I have a simple suggestion request to allow players, who have twice, or more, as many defensive wars than offensive, be able to buy back planes at the rate of 100% in three days, instead of six. Things like the inability to rebuy all troops in one go are intended to make the game more realistic, but how realistic is it to be able to attack all the cities of a country in one go, especially where there are 15-20+ cities. Since military destroys infra/improvement of one particular city only, I propose only the military units of tho
  6. @Alex Regarding the latest changes to the game, doing the math to round off the decimals may take a few extra seconds, at least for me. Rather it is the process of going into each city's page, buying infra, and then doing bulk import that takes a lot more time. Why can't you just edit the Bulk Import of JSON code as below? You can just use your @Target feature, and instead of using an user input, just use the target infra required for the improvements. //change function importJSONToCity() { if (infra sufficient) { buyImprovements(); } else { throwError(); } } //to function imp
  7. Here's an idea that is not just cosmetic, but functional and will save players a lot of time. Similar to the feature where we can bulk import a set of improvements into all cities at the same time, give us a box where we put target infra and the game buys infra up to that level in all cities. It will be especially helpful post war, where we have to do math to round off our infra purchases. A better suggestion, instead of adding a new box, would be to make the bulk city importer buy the required infra as mentioned in the JSON, instead of throwing an error. You can put another check box to
  8. I think this idea itself should suffice. Instead of programming two aspects of the game and changing the city building code, just create a new project to reduce city building cost. So all resources that would go into buying a city will also go into buying money cost reduction of new cities. You can reduce the impact percentage. In other words, if you implemented both suggestions and made every million resource reduce 1% of the city cost, now make it reduce only 0.9%, in lieu of resources not being spent on buying new cities. This suggestion would be much simpler and faster to roll ou
  9. @Alex My point was, the fact you decided to interfere in the game itself was wrong - whether anyone benefited or not, or whether you did so intentionally or random is irrelevant. Also, please try to spend whatever little time you do updating this game into the game mechanics, and fix the issue long term, rather than spending it on cosmetic changes. For starters, you can create a new game suggestion thread requesting ideas on how to remove resources from the market. One suggestion to kick us off, although it may not be ideal or liked by all, would be to make a city get des
  10. @Alex People don't, bots do. Besides, you could have taken five minutes, or even more, to buy stuff, to ensure you were not buying mostly from the same alliance/sphere. And even if you did, you interfered with the game and gave certain players advantage over others, small or big. I don't see how you cannot acknowledge that was a mistake, and if you really want to be fair to everyone, it's something that needs to be fixed.
  11. Either that or certain unknown reasons could have influenced people to post trades magically in response to higher than usual buying activity, while Alex may think he was making a fair random purchase.
  12. While you may not feel what you did is unfair, that doesn't necessarily make it right. By buying those resources at their asking price, essentially you have compensated the sellers more than they might actually get, as someone else may have put more stuff on the market at a lower price, had you not bought it. Only players should have had an effect on the market and the LIVE game is not your place to have fun and experiment. In addition, certain alliances have benefited significantly more than others. You made a mistake, own up, and fix it instead of stopping just because "everyo
  13. The naming needs some thought, but basically this is a project to double the production limit of any one military unit type, to be chosen when building the project. So if you can build a max of 10,000 troops per day, then this will increase to 20,000. Or if you choose nuke, then two nukes a day, or six spies a day, etc.
  14. @Apeman There are also almost no one to fight you back when someone is so low in the rank to find that many inactives to raid. Sure, forfeit of beige when you go beyond three wars could be a solution, but given that there is a three defensive wars limit, essentially three people can block all the targets in the game.
  15. That may be true, but now the climate is different. People hesitate to declare on others and the time between wars are getting longer. You can't force anyone to do anything. If you want more wars via game mechanics, you need to give incentives for war, not penalties or forced actions. Forced wars won't heal wounds.
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