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  1. I joined March 25th of 2014, and created the Corn Shuckers with some friends. We stepped on every major alliances toes and raided without shame, very casual player and not one forum account between us. Seven Kingdoms first ever spoke to me with an offer to train me how to properly lead an alliance, and in turn we would be friends with them to help with wars in the lower tiers. If CrackedMind, and Cody K had never reached out to me, I would've never created a forum account or stayed to do much in this world. I was taken in and taught by them, be it by fire during world war alpha but they were who gave me the chance. They helped create The Atlas Confederacy, and they helped as advisors for me during the TAC war. Tenages, you were all too familiar with me during these times, and we butted heads more times than I care to remember - and I'm bummed that we will likely never get the chance to do it all over again. Enjoy retirement old pal, and to all of you dinosaurs over there. Special shoutouts to: - brook, for always being chill and mellow also i remember your cat being v cute. - ragnar (even tho he is TKR now) you were the first leaderboard guy to talk to me, you were the first to get to know me outside the game from SK, and you were the only one that still treated me like a close friend when our alliances were at odds - cody k your drunk messages to me on fb messenger back in 2014/2015 were some of the funniest things i can remember, i also remember you having some of the best diplomacy back when we all had forums - mikey for the first couple years of playing this game there was only like 4 dota players and we were two of them, and somehow youve still never played with me. hit me up man. - crackedmind, he left long long ago, but i owe anything i ever accomplished to him, he was the one who first sent me that message - Luna was one of the other four players who played dota, we nearly formed an amateur dota team with pnw players but could never find a full roster to commit. - kerbollo, you were one of the first victims to me and my rookie friends shamelessly raiding the world in your kerbal program alliance, and you never held that against me publicly, best of luck with wherever you go and thanks for forgiving my past mistakes - Tenages, I know I gave you one up above but it just wouldn't feel right to leave you out down here. You were the very first nation to ever hit me with a missile, and the second nation that I ever hit with a missile. Thanks for always being a good sport with me, even when you and Pre took me on the radio show, it was always in good jest. You guys were always the cool kids back then, SK and Guardian, thanks for letting Rose play the little brother. If any of you ever feel like catching up feel free to hit me up on discord. o/ Seven Kingdoms o/ Brooklyn666 o/ Cody K o/ Mikey o/ Crackedmind o/ Luna o/ Kerbollo o/ Tenages
  2. He's talking about the fanfic I wrote of Partisan and valk playing frisbee golf.
  3. tbf... the only player that actually matters is yoso
  4. @Phoenyx please do not try to interpret my post or read into it. I'm actually cracking up that you were interpreting it the way you were. I honestly don't know the reasons for the war and I don't care much what they are, I just follow the orders of the people really investing time into the politics of this world. I don't think Valk and Partisan talk much(beyond typical FA stuff) or ever really have in all honesty, maybe they do but I am not privy to such conversations. But please know that you made my night with your literary analysis of my shitpost.
  5. alright you guys want a cb, ill give u a cb. let me tell u a story to offer some context Valk: Hey partisan lets go play frisbee golf partisan: ok partner, that sounds great they took off towards the folf course, discs in hand and valk readies up to start his first throw, eyes narrowed on the bucket partisans phone rings, "friday" by rebecca black playing over and over again while he refuses to answer it so he can "enjoy the song". valk whiffs the shot. fricking rebecca black. partisan. took everything from him. valk announces his immediate folf retirement and travels the world he sees all kinds of people and places. One day he came across a giant hedge, no other path but through it. as he is making his way through the hedge, pushing all the branches out of the way he starts to realize that there is money instead of leaves on this hedge. as he finally reaches the other side of the hedge he cant help but don a big smile. As he looks across the swamp in front of him he knows exactly how he will exact his revenge.
  6. You’re sitting here saying things from that long ago don’t matter to you, but they clearly matter to the people you guys wronged those years ago. I don’t know why you’re dismissing things that aren’t recent as irrelevant, the only people touting that “rule” so far is you guys, who will obviously have an affinity for stats that looks better on you guys. The irony of the fact that while we are he debating semantics of whether or not TKR has historically dogpiled people and it’s relevancy - there is a person who was rolled by TKR saying he doesn’t forgive you for it simultaneous to our exchange. So maybe it doesn’t matter to you what you guys did, but it clearly matters to them. I totally get why you feel the way that you do, honestly if it was anyone else I doubt it would require this many people working together, but TKR and t$ pack a punch and have risen as the underdogs before. It’s frustrating being in a position like this. This goes back to what I mentioned in my first post here, part of war is seeing who can get the most to work on their side before the conflict happens, it appears you didn’t win that aspect of the war. Not to say you have definitively lost or won the actual war, I really don’t know how the end result will be, maybe you’ll surprise us all again.
  7. Sorry on mobile so harder to make things formatted well. I do apologize for inconsistencies in the number of nations as my source for them was the wikis of those wars. And why not hold you accountable for things from 3 years ago? You have several of the same members, your culture hasn’t died, and just because leaders change doesn’t mean alliances do. People still make fun of rose for things Keegoz, Durmij, or I did and I’ve never once used time as an excuse. “Rose blitz” is a Something poked fun at endlessly, and it was for years because we choked. We have different leaders and honestly most of us that led during that blunder aren’t active but it’s still something that I think looms over roses head at every conflict. I implore you to show me 5 good examples of when you guys were dogpiled on, not including the war where most the active game was losing to NPO. Dogpiles happen in every. Single. War. And it’s not your fault that you guys historically are on a side with big numbers - your alliance is huge both in member count and score so unless you fight another really big alliance or multiple smaller ones it’s hard to be balanced out. I just hate reading the stupid bullshit trying to suggest that dogpiles are this horrible, awful thing and you’re such victims. You can take a bong rip and chill a bit. I didn’t hit you or your allies for any reason other than targets sent to me. I really don’t personally care if you guys are a big sphere or not. also, happy Halloween
  8. Coming from the alliance that felt it necessary to dogpile on arrgh for 10 months. Yeah you sure are the dogpile champs. Here is a brief summary of TKR being the dogpile champ: - Anti-Piracy war on arrgh - Compass war (431 nations fighting 34) - Bank Heist (91 nations fighting 6) - The Nothinging (15 nations of CoS getting rolled by you and friends for a month) - Sparta/Grumpy war (due to very high tiering this one isn't as bad, your side had 32 nations fighting 18) - Radiant Crusade (another time you rolled arrgh, this time just with HBE you had 164 nations fighting 57) - Papers Please (You fought with 880 members to 148) - Stop Online Piracy (another time you rolled arrgh, 152 nations to 99) There is nothing wrong with a dogpile, a large part of wars is how much you can set up to be in your favor before the conflict breaks out, and often times it does result in someone betraying someone but thats part of the politics. Don't play victim to something you consistently take part in across your entire alliance history. If anything, I would argue that you single handedly made arrgh the champs of getting dogpiled.
  9. Alright man. There is nothing between those two posts that contradicts a single thing said, in fact, I would say it reinforces claims. 1. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. This has been further pointed at and it's even worse according to more recent screenshots, nothing said in my second post remotely discredits this claim. 2. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Horsecock did, to his credit, try to prove me wrong on this by showing off all the wars he won from nuking some larger nations. That was round 1. While I do admit to being dramatic in saying 10 cities, it still is nations that don't bring much money and have lower infra levels. Now it's round 2 and how many nations over 20 cities do you guys have the ability to nuke right now? In my second post I mention that Rose already has nations out of your range back to business as usual, this is because now you will be nuking our smaller nations. You can't reach us where it hurts anymore, but please - continue to boast about literally every small victory you can; all you're doing is reminding me why I dropped you and your first alliance as a protectorate all those years ago when I led Rose. (Which is no small feat, I signed pretty much everyone who knocked at my door for a protectorate and you were one of two that I ever remember dropping.) 3. Pointing out how unfair the odds are with them being 5:1 - you hit an alliance that had a protectorate and you’re throwing a fit about people honoring it? Now here you see me agree that we have overwhelming odds, and I explain why that situation existed under it's current condition. I outright say that Rose blitz was a success for Rose if you also include the edit I added just minutes after posting. Immediately after saying it was a success for Rose I suggest that it didn't need to be a perfect blitz because of our number advantage. It's fine we had several hiccups. This one is actually hilarious too, because Horsecock's reply to me saying claim 3 is acting like he isn't upset - showing off his successes; while yours is to give a sarcastic congrats because you're a bitter little prick. All you did was prove me right, and throw a fit right after I say you are throwing a fit. So please inform me how I'm backing out on anything I initially said.
  10. I don't claim rose had a good blitz. I think KT is doing more damage to themselves long term in this whole situation though. Rose already has tons of nations out of range and business as usual again. KT doesn't. EDIT: Rose blitz was good, for Rose. But still plenty room for improvement. We had enormous number advantages.
  11. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. Nice raid. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Pointing out how unfair the odds are with them being 5:1 - you hit an alliance that had a protectorate and you’re throwing a fit about people honoring it? You knew what you were risking, now bite the pillow.
  12. I am starting an awards system for competitive Dota 2. PM me to arrange a 200k buyin for opportunity to win 700k. https://forms.gle/bxN9tFXCdEm7S4u48
  13. Currently setting up a way to bet pnw cash on your favorite esports teams/players. Hit me up for details or if you want to help. 

  14. I've been playing this game for a long time, a very long time - the entirety of my adulthood. I've seen many people and political webs come and go. In light of recent events I can't help but disagree with all the folks saying the game is going to die from this. In fact, I actually think it's going to head the opposite way. The best example I've seen made for this argument was one of Prefontaine explaining that these alliances disbanding might end up fine for the game due to pushing members with ambitions to do great things going on to pursue their ambitions. He pointed out that when he departed TEst they essentially vanished as the TEst we knew but out of it came Knights Templar and others came from the ashes of it. The coming months are going to be rich with opportunity for anyone who wants to get their name out their and give the realpolitik a go. I absolutely implore you to chase your ambitions, nearly none of the large alliances around want anything to do with committing to a new war, there will be tons of people looking for new long term homes, and the whole treaty web is due to have a shake up with alliances being just removed from it. I think a good handful of us are looking forward to see where things go from here, cheers to all.
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