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  1. I love that essentially nothing Adama and I did paperwork wise is still around in rose except for that cheese ass thing. It used to be even more cheesy actually, I remember it saying "Rose transcends purpose."
  2. looks like youre running 6 nations from one location
  3. We had kurd, exalts, valk, vexz, durmij, and beli all in leadership at some point
  4. Or just do like Rose and constantly underpromise and underdeliver while slowly getting more competent leaders
  5. Wouldn’t be Christmas without PnW taking my time
  6. It’s beyond me that anyone at all allows greene to have any form of authority whatsoever. He’s a joke, he’s never been anything but a scam artist and cheat. Going back like a decade at this point.
  7. I mean you can’t blame people for being afraid of upper tier consolidation after seeing what happened in another world. I've never been a fan of trying to justify CB for a war with “you did x first” as it’s literally the most unoriginal way to play PR since the game went live. On one hand I totally feel for SRD and his squad. Hitting because of hypothetical war talk has been a fallback cb since TAC war, and in my opinion those talks are something everyone does or should do. But on the other hand you guys shamelessly invite big nations from everywhere else and probably alone can feed everyone on orbis. You’re experienced fighters, have some very prolific players, and you’re rich as hell. You’re clearly able to bounce back quickly from wars. I don’t know why it’s worth even bothering to put on a surprised face when people perceive you as a threat. I am just a long retired gov member in rose I have no authority in government and do not speak on behalf of the rose government.
  8. Damnit how the hell are we always fighting yoso
  9. I joined March 25th of 2014, and created the Corn Shuckers with some friends. We stepped on every major alliances toes and raided without shame, very casual player and not one forum account between us. Seven Kingdoms first ever spoke to me with an offer to train me how to properly lead an alliance, and in turn we would be friends with them to help with wars in the lower tiers. If CrackedMind, and Cody K had never reached out to me, I would've never created a forum account or stayed to do much in this world. I was taken in and taught by them, be it by fire during world war alpha but they were who gave me the chance. They helped create The Atlas Confederacy, and they helped as advisors for me during the TAC war. Tenages, you were all too familiar with me during these times, and we butted heads more times than I care to remember - and I'm bummed that we will likely never get the chance to do it all over again. Enjoy retirement old pal, and to all of you dinosaurs over there. Special shoutouts to: - brook, for always being chill and mellow also i remember your cat being v cute. - ragnar (even tho he is TKR now) you were the first leaderboard guy to talk to me, you were the first to get to know me outside the game from SK, and you were the only one that still treated me like a close friend when our alliances were at odds - cody k your drunk messages to me on fb messenger back in 2014/2015 were some of the funniest things i can remember, i also remember you having some of the best diplomacy back when we all had forums - mikey for the first couple years of playing this game there was only like 4 dota players and we were two of them, and somehow youve still never played with me. hit me up man. - crackedmind, he left long long ago, but i owe anything i ever accomplished to him, he was the one who first sent me that message - Luna was one of the other four players who played dota, we nearly formed an amateur dota team with pnw players but could never find a full roster to commit. - kerbollo, you were one of the first victims to me and my rookie friends shamelessly raiding the world in your kerbal program alliance, and you never held that against me publicly, best of luck with wherever you go and thanks for forgiving my past mistakes - Tenages, I know I gave you one up above but it just wouldn't feel right to leave you out down here. You were the very first nation to ever hit me with a missile, and the second nation that I ever hit with a missile. Thanks for always being a good sport with me, even when you and Pre took me on the radio show, it was always in good jest. You guys were always the cool kids back then, SK and Guardian, thanks for letting Rose play the little brother. If any of you ever feel like catching up feel free to hit me up on discord. o/ Seven Kingdoms o/ Brooklyn666 o/ Cody K o/ Mikey o/ Crackedmind o/ Luna o/ Kerbollo o/ Tenages
  10. He's talking about the fanfic I wrote of Partisan and valk playing frisbee golf.
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