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  1. I joined March 25th of 2014, and created the Corn Shuckers with some friends. We stepped on every major alliances toes and raided without shame, very casual player and not one forum account between us. Seven Kingdoms first ever spoke to me with an offer to train me how to properly lead an alliance, and in turn we would be friends with them to help with wars in the lower tiers. If CrackedMind, and Cody K had never reached out to me, I would've never created a forum account or stayed to do much in this world. I was taken in and taught by them, be it by fire during world war alpha but they
  2. He's talking about the fanfic I wrote of Partisan and valk playing frisbee golf.
  3. tbf... the only player that actually matters is yoso
  4. @Phoenyx please do not try to interpret my post or read into it. I'm actually cracking up that you were interpreting it the way you were. I honestly don't know the reasons for the war and I don't care much what they are, I just follow the orders of the people really investing time into the politics of this world. I don't think Valk and Partisan talk much(beyond typical FA stuff) or ever really have in all honesty, maybe they do but I am not privy to such conversations. But please know that you made my night with your literary analysis of my shitpost.
  5. alright you guys want a cb, ill give u a cb. let me tell u a story to offer some context Valk: Hey partisan lets go play frisbee golf partisan: ok partner, that sounds great they took off towards the folf course, discs in hand and valk readies up to start his first throw, eyes narrowed on the bucket partisans phone rings, "friday" by rebecca black playing over and over again while he refuses to answer it so he can "enjoy the song". valk whiffs the shot. fricking rebecca black. partisan. took everything from him. valk announces his immediate folf retirement and travels
  6. You’re sitting here saying things from that long ago don’t matter to you, but they clearly matter to the people you guys wronged those years ago. I don’t know why you’re dismissing things that aren’t recent as irrelevant, the only people touting that “rule” so far is you guys, who will obviously have an affinity for stats that looks better on you guys. The irony of the fact that while we are he debating semantics of whether or not TKR has historically dogpiled people and it’s relevancy - there is a person who was rolled by TKR saying he doesn’t forgive you for it simultaneous to our exchange.
  7. Sorry on mobile so harder to make things formatted well. I do apologize for inconsistencies in the number of nations as my source for them was the wikis of those wars. And why not hold you accountable for things from 3 years ago? You have several of the same members, your culture hasn’t died, and just because leaders change doesn’t mean alliances do. People still make fun of rose for things Keegoz, Durmij, or I did and I’ve never once used time as an excuse. “Rose blitz” is a Something poked fun at endlessly, and it was for years because we choked. We have different leaders and honestly m
  8. Coming from the alliance that felt it necessary to dogpile on arrgh for 10 months. Yeah you sure are the dogpile champs. Here is a brief summary of TKR being the dogpile champ: - Anti-Piracy war on arrgh - Compass war (431 nations fighting 34) - Bank Heist (91 nations fighting 6) - The Nothinging (15 nations of CoS getting rolled by you and friends for a month) - Sparta/Grumpy war (due to very high tiering this one isn't as bad, your side had 32 nations fighting 18) - Radiant Crusade (another time you rolled arrgh, this time just with HBE you had 164 nations
  9. Alright man. There is nothing between those two posts that contradicts a single thing said, in fact, I would say it reinforces claims. 1. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. This has been further pointed at and it's even worse according to more recent screenshots, nothing said in my second post remotely discredits this claim. 2. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Horsecock did, to his cr
  10. I don't claim rose had a good blitz. I think KT is doing more damage to themselves long term in this whole situation though. Rose already has tons of nations out of range and business as usual again. KT doesn't. EDIT: Rose blitz was good, for Rose. But still plenty room for improvement. We had enormous number advantages.
  11. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. Nice raid. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Pointing out how unfair the odds are with them being 5:1 - you hit an alliance that had a protectorate and you’re throwing a fit about people honoring it? You knew what you were risking, now bite the pillow.
  12. I am starting an awards system for competitive Dota 2. PM me to arrange a 200k buyin for opportunity to win 700k. https://forms.gle/bxN9tFXCdEm7S4u48
  13. Currently setting up a way to bet pnw cash on your favorite esports teams/players. Hit me up for details or if you want to help. 

  14. I've been playing this game for a long time, a very long time - the entirety of my adulthood. I've seen many people and political webs come and go. In light of recent events I can't help but disagree with all the folks saying the game is going to die from this. In fact, I actually think it's going to head the opposite way. The best example I've seen made for this argument was one of Prefontaine explaining that these alliances disbanding might end up fine for the game due to pushing members with ambitions to do great things going on to pursue their ambitions. He pointed out that when he d
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