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  1. RIP will be missed

  2. Poke (Come back to life!)

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  3. You will forever be the man, the myth, and the legend.

  4. Mods are now deleting responses to the question of why you didn't just talk to the Admin? Laughable.
  5. Oh and folks. The charge here is sexism if you will remember. Where is "men are superior to women" said? Like all the last times over the excellent 4 Wives thread, it can never be pointed out where I stated that women were inferior or whatever the hell they are charging me with.
  6. Admin has deemed that RP is fine, as long as you do not do it to any actual good degree. Once you start talking about having many wives and such his impotent rage starts boiling up. How dare a time period be like that. History is sexist oh noes. Oh and for those who think I'm being too harsh or whatever. This admin has called me, not the player, the person behind the nation, a racist, a sexist, and even went so far as to call me "sick". He stepped way out of line first himself and I am merely giving him a little bit back. I unlike many when it comes to themes put a lot of effort in my content. People like flavour. Not everybody can be <Ingame Colour> X. People want to be Templars, they want to be Mongols, they want to be Pirates. However if they dare mention women in their deeds... oh boy, the big tough man that is admin will protect them from seeing such things, what a hero. Note something also. There has been no rape or any such thing in the Legend of Rozalia. There is no need for it after all as the Roz is the perfect man and all women want to be with him. Closest was Lordship here, but if you can put 2 and 2 together you'd see why that situation was thought by the woman as possibly happening, so we can once again talk about there being so something not all that straight going on with Lordship.
  7. Already am. Just not yet apparent.
  8. Without the Son of Heaven everything will collapse and fall apart. Such is the way of things. Sorry for the losses, good luck to those who'll survive for a bit longer before the end.
  9. NOTE: Sorry castrati, but I won't bow to your censorship and weakness. Go ahead and ban me out of the game, won't change what you are which is slime. Also I made sure to have the stuff saved even though you deleted it, so you couldn't even win on that. Sad! NOTE FOR READER: The New Radiant Order as a whole or the United Empire of ZahAharon, Polaris, and Black Knights individually were supposed to post this. However they have informed me that they cannot do it justice with their own posting, and so have implored me to post it myself here. Talks on peace have been ongoing for a good period of time, neither side wanting to give in without certain objectives met. These included the Roz's demands of some of the states of the New Radiant Order. Standing his ground on this issue, Roquentin sent her trusted Ambassador, T-Ara in an attempt to change his mind. Pictured: The scene shortly after the meeting of The Roz and Ambassador T-Ara. After returning to Radiant Castle however, Ambassador T-Ara advised Roquentin to meet all demands made by the Roz's state of Roz Wei. Roquentin not wanting this to get in the way agreed to them though her vassals who had to pay the cost did not like it. The demands called for: 1: TUE to provide 72 beautiful virgin women for every single Roz Wei officer. The Roz would receive 10,000 such beautiful virgin women. 2: TUE will provide 1 ton of lubricant and 1 ton of baby oil for usage with the virgins to every officer of Roz Wei. The Roz having no need of lubricant due to using natural, will take simply 100 tons of baby oil. 3: Polaris will provide 4 high class Eastern women from their lands to serve as wives. With their status as wives, information must be provided on these 4 women. 4: Black Knights will provide 4 high class Ebon women from their lands to serve as wives. With their status as wives, information must be provided on these 4 women. T-Ara herself carried out the transfer: GAME RELATED NOTE: Women are shown in game as pieces of meat, hence coming under food. Fix this mess Admin! Though with you being a known creep I guess it is working as intended. The bios for the women had been sent ahead of this. NOTE: Normally these would be stuff for only the very top leaders to see. However the Roz with his infinite benevolence has allowed you, yes you, to view them too. First Polaris: "Hello my name is Anri Okita. When they told me that the Roz, not just any Roz which so many women name their boys these days, but THE Roz was going to get 4 wives from the east, I made sure that I was one of the lucky ladies chosen. Everyone back in my town is so jealous". "Heya my name is Maria Ozawa. I've never had much luck with men you know, the men of Polaris are just so weak after all so they will always let you down. However the Roz is known all under Heaven to be strong, heavenly so. I look forward to being held in your strong grip. My waist, my breasts, my neck... hold them all in your strong hands". "Heyo my name is Tomoe Nakamura. My family was one of the few from the east to have been present in these western lands before all this war. We lived under Grillick's rule and everyone always despaired that they had the misfortune to be ruled by him rather than the good looking, smart, strong, and #blessed Rozalia. My family and village is dead, wiped out during Grillick's downfall, however I am happy that at least fate has decided to reward me for my hardship by allowing me to get to live under the great Rozalia at last... I suppose now in more ways then one". "Heyyyy! Rei Minami here. You're real lucky you know, I've been sought after by so many, even Don Juan who used to rule so much of this area. He made a lot of promises though and never delivered on him. I guess I was foolish to trust him. However I know that you are different to him, so please, let me show you why I'm so wanted. Spend a week in my company and you can throw out all the other women because they won't matter to you anymore... though do keep them. I'm a busy girl and someone to carry my shopping, give input on dresses, so on is always good to have". Now Black Knights: "The name is Anya Ivy, pleased to be meeting you soon. You don't know how pleased I am to finally getting with a real man. The men around here, Tiber the Black's boys, they have more up their pooper than the women. I can't work with such sourness. I need someone positive, someone who knows just how great they are". "Hehehe, name's Lavish Styles. What I love above all else is a funny man... but sadly there are no funny men in BK, at least certainly not anymore. Everyone is always so sour and ever since Lady Roquentin arrived on the scene it has only gotten worse. Everyone knows however that you're a well of positivity and you are always having a good time... which believe me, I will give you". "Howdy, I'm Kiki Minaj. I actually was #Blessed to live in Roz Wei for a good period of time. I thought it was over when a nasty warlord invaded and everything went to hell. A poor attractive girl like me... a mean warlord... I thought that was it, he was going to spoil me there and then. I leap out of my hiding spot as it was useless and decided to take my fate head on. The warlord however was Lordship himself and when I jumped out it scared him away. Later some of his men came by but they didn't do anything... think something is not quite straight over there. I know that won't be an issue for someone as virile as you however. I look forward to that ravaging. Hiya, I'm Cassidy Banks. Unlike many I never thought much of you, surely it was just wild talk and you were overhyped. However when I heard of and then read up on your debate and defeat of the Sage Lordrahl2 and his cohorts I knew that you were the real deal. The retorts, the charisma, the foresight, the knowledge... you just had everything. I've followed you since and while the calibre of opponents has dropped, you always give it your all, you always take them apart completely. I wonder if this intelligence is also in other... arenas... I'm so excited. I feel as if merely being in your presence will make me smarter". ==== The Roz has been victorious over all opposition and has received many rewards for it, such is the way of Heaven. Happy rebuilding to all of those who lost, and remember, if you ever want to be a winner you merely need to join The Roz. Though a certain group of losers have conspired to make that impossible. Remember, always keep the Roz in your heart. Dick strong. Dick Often. Such is the way of the Roz. Do not be like the castrati. No one likes such slime for a reason.
  10. New Radiant Order propaganda is shown to be just that, propaganda. Sad!
  11. I don't like the image having a Stalin face on top of it. That is all.
  12. RW's brutal assault on CS deleted many of their members. In no way BK's fault.
  13. Checking my own stats I see that I am listed as having received damage, even though a CKD nuke was it. CKD is not listed on the IQ side. So damage CKD did on RW, as little as it was, is counted, but our damage on them isn't? In addition even if we ignore the CKD war, my damage is listed at 6,253.23 infra when it was 6,827.95.
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