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  1. RIP will be missed

  2. Poke (Come back to life!)

    1. Chapsie


      Second poke

  3. You will forever be the man, the myth, and the legend.

  4. Mods are now deleting responses to the question of why you didn't just talk to the Admin? Laughable.
  5. Oh and folks. The charge here is sexism if you will remember. Where is "men are superior to women" said? Like all the last times over the excellent 4 Wives thread, it can never be pointed out where I stated that women were inferior or whatever the hell they are charging me with.
  6. Admin has deemed that RP is fine, as long as you do not do it to any actual good degree. Once you start talking about having many wives and such his impotent rage starts boiling up. How dare a time period be like that. History is sexist oh noes. Oh and for those who think I'm being too harsh or whatever. This admin has called me, not the player, the person behind the nation, a racist, a sexist, and even went so far as to call me "sick". He stepped way out of line first himself and I am merely giving him a little bit back. I unlike many when it comes to themes put a lot of effort in my con
  7. Already am. Just not yet apparent.
  8. Without the Son of Heaven everything will collapse and fall apart. Such is the way of things. Sorry for the losses, good luck to those who'll survive for a bit longer before the end.
  9. NOTE: Sorry castrati, but I won't bow to your censorship and weakness. Go ahead and ban me out of the game, won't change what you are which is slime. Also I made sure to have the stuff saved even though you deleted it, so you couldn't even win on that. Sad! NOTE FOR READER: The New Radiant Order as a whole or the United Empire of ZahAharon, Polaris, and Black Knights individually were supposed to post this. However they have informed me that they cannot do it justice with their own posting, and so have implored me to post it myself here. Talks on peace have been ongoing for a g
  10. New Radiant Order propaganda is shown to be just that, propaganda. Sad!
  11. I don't like the image having a Stalin face on top of it. That is all.
  12. RW's brutal assault on CS deleted many of their members. In no way BK's fault.
  13. Checking my own stats I see that I am listed as having received damage, even though a CKD nuke was it. CKD is not listed on the IQ side. So damage CKD did on RW, as little as it was, is counted, but our damage on them isn't? In addition even if we ignore the CKD war, my damage is listed at 6,253.23 infra when it was 6,827.95.
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