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  1. Ole

    Ape and NK

    Well frick you too mate!
  2. Discord link is expired. Also are there still 8 open seats?
  3. Ole

    Eclipse over the fields

    Just disband. This shit is just depressing.
  4. Ole

    DOE of the Grand Global Alliance

    *watches* Erm Chief, what am I looking for again? *Continues watching*
  5. Ole

    Whats the aim here?

    I can confirm these unsubstatiated rumors.
  6. Ole

    Confusion from the Fallout

    Leather: Check Whip: Check Rope: Check Sub: Check seems like youre all ready to start your session Gre
  7. This is sugested every few months, and always shot down in the end by the same argument. It would make tax farming noobs and inactives alot easier. While I dont agree, im just saying. Sheepy dosent want new members to join a tax farm immiately after signing up. Like i did. (thanks Clarke -.-)
  8. Ole

    Intelligence Poll

    Im just baffled that some people voted for me?! that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy even if it is a pointless poll
  9. Ole

    Something new, Kastor, what the crap?

    Bruh come on, Alliances like ours dosent have IA. There are no affairs, no matters to handle. You guys should be even less considering you have like 10 members :* Also notice how HW wins the combined scoring, cause we best
  10. Ole

    Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C

  11. Ole

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    LPS, why dint you take you'r Rolling like a man? I wont say anything about the reasoning behind it nore the witch hunt in This thread. Im just curious as to why, if you dont mind taking a beating and want to hang around with you'r mates, you just dint take you'r beating and stopped going On the OWF. As soon as you where burned to 0, it would have died down and you could have rebuilt. And gone right back to hanging around with you'r friends and hiding in VM when the next war hit us in 3-6 months.
  12. Ole

    Nice job, IQ and Friends.

    Atleast there isnt taxes in the surrender camp this time around......
  13. Ole

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    How do you have time to coment here when you are clearly on vacation and too bussy to play the game? and P.S. its a mighty fine nation you got there, be a shame if someone where to, attack it.
  14. Ole

    Britannian Three for One Special

    I Agree, you go girl!
  15. Ole

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    I will raid all neutrals. Not out cause i fear them, but cause they should fear me.

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