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    In a darkened bunker somewhere deep beneath the Earth, Roquentin sits deep in thought. A whole world of nations without food, now they are all like NPO! Perhaps now they will understand the eternal struggle for dynamism. Perhaps. He smiles, for there is work left to be done....
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    As battles were waged throughout countless lands in countless nations, a terrifying report was brought before the Imperial Primarchs. Although theorized, it was not expected to occur. But now, reports flooding in from every city that grew food in not just the Imperium, but in every other alliance and every other nation as well, brought the worst-case scenario for many. Total crop failure was reported. Not a single piece of grain was surviving through its growth process. Most of them dying before they can even sprout. Several cities were already in rioting panic to get as much food as they could for themselves. A nuclear winter has come. Total food production failure has occurred and now only those with the most food shall survive this apocalypse of war. No food can be grown any longer. The radiation of countless atomic bombs has finally destroyed the agriculture sectors completely. In time, food will run out if the bombs continue to fall. In time, if the radiation continues to climb, nations will begin to wage war on each other just for their food stockpiles. The first wave of nuclear snow has fallen. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
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    Honestly I knew the auto target would target the highest Infra, but I wasn't aware it wouldn't let you choose a different target. I wonder how that exploit really works or if Alex just broke something in the process of changing the war mechanic, because in the past I used this tactic in my favor (Build 1 extra Infra in my lowest city pop to change it as the "highest" automated target) and was also able to change targets that my Nukes/Missiles would hit as well.
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    Stay away from my precious food. It's not my fault you didn't build a big enough food warchest.
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    1) "Please hit me, I'm right here and I want to fight" 2) "I can't believe you hit me you're inbred irl"
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    Ya'll are doing longgggg term damage to your image with all this salt and sooky behavior. It's starting to get very sad.
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    Nuke Bloc, The Great Equalizer. And so, our Lord Atom said, "Go forth, serve my will, and I will provide you with sustenance lest famine plague your sinner's house."
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    Joke suggestion is joke suggestion. Might I add to remove the ability for the defender to attack back at all. I think that would be a fair compromise.
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    Journal Log: My Warriors thirst for blood. Poor Celess. Press F for respects: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=21423 --------------- https://pastebin.com/usTpe7ZD
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    From The Desk of Mokey Fraggle,Director of Creative Story Time The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings to all the glowing nations of Orbis. And a hearty hello to the others. We in Fraggle Rock are worried about the world. All this nonsense of nuclear war has cut into our food production. Captain Radish is no more.The pollution has driven him into hiding, leaving us Fraggles with nothing to eat. Too much war. Too many nuclear weapons being carelessly lobbed at too many nations. So before we have to hit the street corners for food.......can we all just relax a bit.....step back from the nuclear wars.....settle down a little. Wait!!..........Wait!! I have a solution. More Nukes. Fire all the Nukes!!. Then we will have all the Nukes!! That's the plan. Let everyone lob their mighty nuclear meat sticks at each other!! MORE NUKES PLEASE!!!! More Nukes??? Why didn't I think of that before hitting the streets? Yikes.
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    If your wars are won/lost before they even start, you're doing something wrong. Maybe Alex could add a flashing banner reminding nuclear nations that there are other military units to be utilized. Or if there is a nation, God forbid an entire bloc, whose entire defensive strategy is flinging nukes, we could have a new in-game notification that reminds them they're being one dimensional, thus limiting their own ability to effectively wage war and have a fighting chance to accomplish anything meaningful in a conflict. Certified OOC Post™
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    STOP! Attention citizens, this thread is now the property of The Inquisition. Going forward, all memes must be properly vetted by the People's Commissariat for Socialist Memes to ensure they are up to the high standards demanded of our profession. A proper example will now be posted. Thank you for attention citizens, and have a productive day. Praise Roquentin!
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    We did have a secret sphere, but its not what you think it is, or are currently claiming it to be, it was formed to counter Test if they tried to come after one of us. You guys give yourselves too much credit, if we wanted to be the biggest whales in the game, we would have hit Durmstrang and not Nuke bloc. One of our allies came to us and asked if we wanted to hit Nuke Block, and I said Hell Ya! Lets Yabba Dabba Do This! We admittedly got kinda sick of seeing Lolbrook exploit his alliance to build his nation, and really an alliance shouldn't hit 500 days and not be involved in a war, so might as well help SA's activity levels, which are currently the highest they have ever been in SA's history. (you are welcome) As for opportunism, sure, what decent alliance leader has their alliance declare a war they cant win? My job is to let my members have some fun and put them in a position to succeed, hitting nuke block with a strong coalition is a good way to achieve both of those goals. You guys should be having fun too, your entire block is predicated on launching lots of nukes, which is exactly what you guys are doing right now.
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    Wait this is an exploit? we did it because we figured you were too stupid to figure out that you should change your nuke cities. If it actually is, it doesn't work all the time, because to your credit you guys have been changing away from the ones i have been trying to get you to nuke.
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    Also we should take the cap on number of offensive slots away. Who wouldn't want to have 35 wars?
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    After a brief and rash meeting. The leadership of Alpha has decided to acquiesce the greatest country in Orbis, Fraggle Rock's, request. We wish Fraggle's the best of luck on their venture and look forward to celebrating Fraggle Rock Possesing 50% of all nukes on Orbis.
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    massive thanks to @katashimon13 for keeping me alive and @Ripper for the moral support red outline = an IQ alliance and/or an alliance fighting on IQ's side green outline = anybody not red red wars were declared by IQ-affiliated alliances, green wars were declared by everybody else we used non-war flags for maximum recognizability, and to avoid the headache of chasing down flags we used flags from the wiki-- sorry SK, i know this is your old flag :C but it was the one on the wiki part 1 is here: also, progress pic from a couple hours in b/c why not https://i.imgur.com/P6ckqmN.png also, yay for ugly first drafts https://i.imgur.com/WDag2qo.png
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    Very simple: This is a bounty for spying away a nuke of the targeted country. It would be cool to have per nuke bounties as well, but the simple one would still be great. This can also be a good way for alliances to fund their members spy operations without extra hassle during wars.
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    we only used 19 nations to take you guys out in the initial blitz while you guys were fully militarize (hardly 2 to 1). Also who's fault is it that your scores are ridiculously inflated
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    Can you guys stop using this part of the forum for your butthurt and move to orbis central? This is actually for serious suggestions
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    Guardian has a new war flag courtesy of @JtTeE & @Vanek26. Moving on, it has come to our attention that some members of the animal kingdom, namely a certain ape and kangaroo, have had issues understanding our CB. We have therefore prepared this short film to help explain things as part of our commitment to Dynamism. Signed: Memph, Synthesis, JtTeE, Grim Vanek26, Blande, Avruch Dr Rush
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    A little bit ago there was a thread about Fark reaching a thousand nukes. This costs: 1,750,000,000 dollars 750,000 aluminum 500,000 gasoline 250,000 uranium This doesn’t even include the cost of building NRFs, or upkeep costs. With just the cash from that you could build a new nation up to 20 cities (without the policy), and still have over 250 mil left over. Here is a short list of some other things you could do: - power the 20 city nation for 5200 real life days without ever buying uranium (assuming it is at 2k infra) - build 1,000 subways - purchase max planes for that 20 city nation, almost 139 times. - airstrike with max planes 1,111 times before ever needing more gas. ADDED BONUS: Daily upkeep of this many nukes (during peacetime) is 35,000,000 per day.
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    YOU HAD ONE JOB @Dr Rush

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