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    n the name of Ayyllah the most merciful the most kind. We have brought you front-line footage of Ayyslam forces smashing through the opposing forces taking the city. The city shall be renamed to Ayyslambul, and be a harbour to wisdom, culture, and science. Ayylahu Akbar!
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    As battles were waged throughout countless lands in countless nations, a terrifying report was brought before the Imperial Primarchs. Although theorized, it was not expected to occur. But now, reports flooding in from every city that grew food in not just the Imperium, but in every other alliance and every other nation as well, brought the worst-case scenario for many. Total crop failure was reported. Not a single piece of grain was surviving through its growth process. Most of them dying before they can even sprout. Several cities were already in rioting panic to get as much food as they could for themselves. A nuclear winter has come. Total food production failure has occurred and now only those with the most food shall survive this apocalypse of war. No food can be grown any longer. The radiation of countless atomic bombs has finally destroyed the agriculture sectors completely. In time, food will run out if the bombs continue to fall. In time, if the radiation continues to climb, nations will begin to wage war on each other just for their food stockpiles. The first wave of nuclear snow has fallen. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.
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    We at Polaris would love to arrange some sort of trade agreement. Shoot us a market request: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=2358
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    We did have a secret sphere, but its not what you think it is, or are currently claiming it to be, it was formed to counter Test if they tried to come after one of us. You guys give yourselves too much credit, if we wanted to be the biggest whales in the game, we would have hit Durmstrang and not Nuke bloc. One of our allies came to us and asked if we wanted to hit Nuke Block, and I said Hell Ya! Lets Yabba Dabba Do This! We admittedly got kinda sick of seeing Lolbrook exploit his alliance to build his nation, and really an alliance shouldn't hit 500 days and not be involved in a war, so might as well help SA's activity levels, which are currently the highest they have ever been in SA's history. (you are welcome) As for opportunism, sure, what decent alliance leader has their alliance declare a war they cant win? My job is to let my members have some fun and put them in a position to succeed, hitting nuke block with a strong coalition is a good way to achieve both of those goals. You guys should be having fun too, your entire block is predicated on launching lots of nukes, which is exactly what you guys are doing right now.
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    If you have 2,000 infra per city then you'd most likely have one nuclear power plant. During war, whether it be from regular or nuclear attacks, if you have your power plant destroyed, your city would go powerless impacting your economy and military. You'd be forced to decom improvements until you can build another power plant. The odds on this are already very low, so it would be immensely rewarding to the attacker: Probability of losing power = 1/3 (getting immense triumph) * 1/10 (10% chance of destroying improvement) * 1/40 (one in 40 improvements) = 1/1200 = 0.083%. Now, if you have over 2,000 infra, then you'd also have a coal or oil power plant, may be two. Originally, the coal power plant can power 10 improvements, or 500 infra. A 2,500 infra city would have 50 improvements. Thus, if they lose their nuclear power plant, a single coal power plant will find itself powering 40+ improvements, or four times its capacity. This is unrealistic and unscientific. The game lets you keep your improvements even when infra is destroyed, and you could argue that the improvements were built when the infra was good and just because they are in disrepair, that doesn't mean the improvement will also be so. However, a power plant can only produce as much power as it is capable, or it will be overworked, and will certainly not be able to power four times as much as its capacity. Hence, I propose the following alternatives. Any one can be implemented: 1) The balance (coal/oil) power plant only powers that many military (during war) or commerce (during peace) improvements as it is capable, when (Infra/50) < The total number of improvements built 2) The power shuts in that city, following 12-36 turns after loss of any power plant, provided infra capacity of the surviving plants < number of surviving improvements * 50 3) The power shuts down immediately in case #2 Let me know your thoughts.
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    Screw food. Forget what you were taught. Humans can live without it.
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    God DAMN you salty Anyway, to respond to your actual post... no. Also HELL no. And furthermore: HELL NO. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Wrong and bad. (1). fair enough. I'll keep my response to the mechanics. (2). Can't be bothered to, but if it's anything like this post then my response still applies. (3). Look, it's perfectly reasonable to fight that way, I certainly have been, but there's two problems with how you've been implementing that strategy. For a start, your nuclear weapon stockpiles inflate your score without increasing your conventional warfare potential, putting your nations deep within range of nations with vastly more cities and vastly more conventional forces, both actual and potential. In fact, they inflate your score so much that you've managed to tier yourselves out of all conventional warfare options that you could ever have had to begin with; you can't even downdeclare to a conventional victory. Can you name a single active nation that Nuke Bloc can defeat conventionally, at all? The second problem is that you've been politically aggressive and unwilling to ally outside of your bloc (as far as I can immediately tell, I could be wrong about that. But I doubt it). Now, yes, I said I'd keep my response to the mechanics, but in this case your political strategy is very much tied to the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of your mechanical strategy. (4). See previous point. How is inflating your score and putting yourselves further and further out from your conventional warfare weight class 'insurance'? And why not make your own scripts, or steal them, or whatever? It's effort, but it's very doable. (5). There were six game mechanics for fighting back against infinitely more powerful opponents, now there are five. Two have been severely nerfed due to the new war types giving the attackers options to counter them. They are: 1. nukes (nerfed) 2. missiles (nerfed) 3. bank hiding 4. counters 5. not having anything in the first place 6. fortification (now not an option). If counters aren't an option, and nukes and missiles aren't worth using when attacked, then you're left with bank hiding, going aggressive with attrition wars to launch nukes and missiles, and not having anything in your nation in the first place. Tl;dr: go full Arrgh. They've got a strategy that's backed up by actual math and practical refinement. If your 'nukes launched' stats were as high as your 'nukes stockpiled' stats, you might have been more prepared. This is why I'm so cheesed off that fortification was removed; it would have allowed you to do all your damage without taking quite such devastating hits in return. But no, people had to &#33;@#&#036; about it so it was removed. (6). The salt is strong with this statement. Nukes should NOT be removed from the game, as they are such a critical and valuable rebalancing factor. They should however be used responsibly. They don't do anything for you until you launch them; once your inflated stockpiles are all launched, you should start to see your conventional warfare options open up considerably, and you can still nuke as a backup, or for attrition, or to shave off that last 25 resistance. Much as you already said was your whole plan to begin with. (7). He does understand that wars are won by planning, logistics, and filling slots in a blitz that are coordinated before the war starts. Why do you think that's exactly how everyone else has been fighting since day one of the whole game? I'll tell you: Because it works! Skill means doing the best you can, and understanding the best options. The best fencer in the world still isn't a skilled fighter in my book if he brings a rapier to fight a battleship. Proficiency beyond that is still a factor, usually involving mental math, probability and statistical analysis, activity, organizational skills, etc., but the vast majority of battle is indeed won and lost before the first declare. And that's a problem, it really is, but it's not one that would be solved by spitefully fricking up the mechanics that keep the game from being completely imbalanced and dead. (8). It is abundantly clear to anyone and everyone that's got any practical war experience, be it raiding or alliance war. And it really should be immediately obvious to anyone that joins the game that there are nations with more stuff than they've got, and therefore they could easily get rekt. If they still don't notice that they're a small fish in an 1800 player pond, well, I don't know if we could get the message across even if Sheepy put in big red flashing words telling them so. (9). I would indeed suggest that the fortification nerf be reverted. It was perfect, it remains perfect, and you'd be thrilled to tears to have it since you'd be able to launch all your nukes with impunity forever and it'd be awesome, nobody would be able to eat for months That, or we could also consider implementing what I'd suggested months ago here We really should, honestly. If someape wants to overextend themselves, why should they be arbitrarily stopped? 100k global rads when!
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    we only used 19 nations to take you guys out in the initial blitz while you guys were fully militarize (hardly 2 to 1). Also who's fault is it that your scores are ridiculously inflated
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    Fraggle Rocks is the only suitable unit to measure this sort of conflict.
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    .:Classified:. Location: Ukrainian Facility "Unidentified ships are in orbit. Fire the anti-ship weapons. Blast their vessel out of orbit while the longseords repel the dropships! Alert the Imperator: The covenant have landed." Location: Khazakistan Facility "Sir, covenant forces are landing all accross the USSR. What should we do?" "Activate the orbital defense guns, fore the MAC in conjunction with the Ukrainian and Homeland defenses. Use the Archer missies to repel the dropships. Crush any forces that are deployed." Location: In orbit above earth "Sir, alien ships are appearing in orbit. As it is, we're ordering the fleets from Luna and Venus to pull back and flank the fleet from the rear while Admiral Keys fleet engages the enemy. The zues rods are being prepared with a salvo of Archer missies, and 26 Shiva nuclear warheads. Succeed or fail, all F-99 drones will be launched to assault the vessels." A young man with glasses told him, as he shook in fear. "Stand strong, for we fight for humanity. We will not fall this day. Today, the UNSC is at war."
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    His avatar is a right wing dictator famous for throwing political opponents from helicopters. He's technically not a nazi, but this isn't really the time for semantics. The bigger question here is why the moderate right keeps being so nonchalant about every single player with the obvious signs of being a violent bigot identifying themselves as right wing and piggybacking off of them for legitimacy. How many times do we have to go through the "Oh wow, the fascist said some fricked up dehumanizing violent shit, what a shock, no way to see this coming" cycle before we start actually acknowledging that there is an established pattern here?
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    I'll be damned. PnW might be saltier than Dark Souls.
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    50730842D Chess, Rose declares in defense of UPN
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    Hey frick you fam. Dont you give my boi that tone son. Apologise the frick now and git fricking gud. You walked away from the motherfricking bandwagon habibi. That's on you for being a weak ass pretense of a troll. Neo-Syndisphere gonna make you suck on deez nuts boi. Gonna be lit.
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    Nice to see Nuclear Knights DoE up. They’ve been so inactive in this game since 2016 they have to re-declare existence.
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    Fraggle Rock: 332
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    Of a group of boys who never gonna let it go. Let' have some fun Nk and I believe nuke bloc accepts your wars and offers some of our own. On all that touched our bloc. Ps buy food. Apeman gets hit......food doubles
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    Oh, you think the Horsemen are finished…or maybe you think…who/what is a Horsemen? Horseman? Horsemens? We have killed over 7 people in this war and Doctor Famine was able to almost sabotage a tank before all of his spies were murdered by an unknown nation. Trust us…mark our words…well mark my words… (marking my/our words is not mandatory) …we may kill more than 7 on/in/during our next offensive. We might kill 9 and those 9 will be your best and brightest or it might even be the Orbisian version of your Nanna. Yeah, the Horsemen are going to murder your Orbis-Nanna. Probably with a missile or something…seem to be fresh out of ships and whatnot.
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    As everything around them began to slow down Pendragon was occupied by various Britannian Knights and political figures. Lelouch sat beside his sister and C.C, across from his commanders. They all knew that this chapter of the world was coming to an end. "We all know our grand plan is about to be completed, and we will remember nothing of this world," Lelouch stated as he looked at everyone around him. "Do keep in mind, the Geass Order will somewhat remind us of our deed and actions in this world and life, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon." he finished as he laid back. The others nodded as the final news was relayed to them about the Geass Order. "Then, let's make the most of this world." were the final words said before Pendragon returned to silence.
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    lmao thats funny i could say that i was busy studying and having exams. . . but i think itd be better to say I spent the last 21 hours preparing for battle, the mighty chickenbee shall strike once again
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    >Tfw IQ blitzes KT, SK, and AIM with hugs lmao
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    People are moaning - quick hide the nukes. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216800987002699787/427794098490179585/gpTrident.mp4
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    hey we did too!
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    1 like equals 1 respect
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    Check SA offensive wars (if you are lazy 6 players with 5, 2 players with 3, and Lolbrok with 0) and now read lolbrok's posts in this thread, it's beautiful @Zeebrus there' there's a whale pixel hugger almost bad as LPS, I require your special treatment
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    Please help me - I don't know if these broken sentences are meant to be satire or you actually lack ample knowledge of sentence structure.
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    I don't think that changes that retroactively impact strats are awful for that reason tbh. They are awful if they dumb down the game, or make the gameplay universally less enjoyable imo. Like, changes will often invalidate the old strats and give birth to new ones, or at least require the old one to be updated to better fit the meta. That's how things work in many, many games. Don't get me wrong, it definitely sucks for the affected party, but this is definitely being blown out of proportion in this particular instance. As for it ''invalidating'' NB's strat, I don't think that it invalidated NB's strategy. It weakened a strategy which was of dubious value to begin with. Basically, for it to work, they needed for people to just buy into the threat factor and stay away, rather than ignore it and go in anyway. I think that there are mainly two things that need to happen for that strategy to work: 1) The attacker deems that the cash lost from their infra getting blown up isn't worth the trouble. 2) The attacker is hesistant/dissuaded from attacking because someone else could get the drop on them due to the opportunity being there. 1) Is mostly driven by the intentions that the attackers have. For TKR, it could be either knock out a wildcard bloc, boredom, or simply a (late) retaliation for NK giving refuge to Hog after Partisan got caught scheming. Whichever reason in particular it is, doesn't matter for this case. What matters is that they deemed that losing infra to nukes was an acceptable price to pay for carrying out their goal. 2) Is pretty obvious. IQ and Coalition are too busy killing each other to even think about hitting TKR, so TKR doesn't have to worry about being potentially blindsided.
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    actual footage of us going through the conflicts page + AA + wiki colorized rawr
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    This amount of rage coming from nuke bloc is absolutely embarrassing. Like for gods sake, you people went around flexing your nukes for an entire year and the one time someone finally calls your bluff and gives you a chance to fire them, all you do is complain. Suck it up, fire some nukes and make sure to use the right war type next time.
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    haha ill add them in the negative space of the evil complicated one D: updated the OP to add some chaos its blue and red just so i could make cerb purple also communism? dont mind the size of the flags they just... imported that way and was toooo lazy to resize everything ill try to update the whale one since somebody ruined the uncrossing lines Y_Y anyway suggestions for upping the koala-ty of life readability legibility? of the charts are encouraged oh and if its missing something or an arrow is going in the wrong direction that would be nice to know as well :3 rawr
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    Nothing better than spending time with friends
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    Spanish beaches right now
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    The Children's Crusade https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children's_Crusade
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    National project name: Smuggling Industry Small description: Helps pirates secure their booty as well as helps pirate targets to save some extra resources. Project effect: Allows you to evade Naval Blockades once per war. You cannot move more than 10% of your resources and 20% of your cash Resource cost: How about 200 aluminium, 500 gasoline and like $35M. Each operation will cost anywhere around 100K to 350K depending upon security levels.
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    Iberian Tribunal-Issue #395 Translated into English The Iberian Government is attempting to join the EU as a promise from President Hector Sáenz. Although the where Iberia falls into when it come with the application process, however the government says that Iberia is fit to join the EU. People asked why and they say they believe they meet the economic and government prerequisites to join. The government believes that joining the EU would increase the tourism industry, one of Iberia largest industries, and increase trade of other European contries. Despite a few doubts, Iberia supports the government decision with 84% pro-EU according to our recent poll. We will inform you on the application process as we get more information.
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    in the middle of owning responsibility did you consider that still whining about how you're being treated for doing something isn't owning responsibility for it
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    No, the rules everyone plays by arent the same. You play on easy mode and only go to war when you outnumber someone 5 to 1, and then you all sit there thinking that makes you good. Fark doesnt get the option to play by those rules, nor would we be interested in playing that cowardly of a role. I dont know how you have any fun with that. I accidentally got Fark in that situation a couple months ago with Roz Wei when they hit SGM and everyone and their mother lined up to hit RW too, and it was lame as hell. Roz and I sure as hell have polar ideas about everything in the world, but I damn sure didnt sit there and gloat over him with "git gud" bullshit like you guys do. Of course any game like this is going to favor your easy mode ways, but it shouldnt do that by ripping the rug out from people who found a viable alternate path.
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    Steve's greatest prophet is alive again! o/ Kitteh
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    This must be empirically tested
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    Always quick to violence, what a shocker.
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    Go frick yourself sheepy, you pathetic sack of shit
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    Sure, but go frick yourself for doing it.
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    *PTSD flashbacks* My food! My damn food! Don't take it away again, please!
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