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  1. rapmanej

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

  2. rapmanej

    Surfing the Memes

  3. rapmanej

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    The official TFP theme song.
  4. rapmanej

    Surrender option

    Not sure we share the same definition of surrender. Usually the losing party is in no position to dictate terms. It's also mechanically unclear how you would "force" the nation to accept the surrender.
  5. Are you new here? Complaining about VM (Peace Mode) is a well-respected PW pastime.
  6. rapmanej

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    You'll forgive us for thinking otherwise, mainly due to the overwhelming amount of whining you've been doing on the forums lately.
  7. rapmanej

    Vacation Mode bug

    unable to fight existing wars is not vague at all. Shouldn't have deserted your alliance in their time of need.
  8. rapmanej

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    That depends on your definition of "winning"
  9. Joke suggestion is joke suggestion. Might I add to remove the ability for the defender to attack back at all. I think that would be a fair compromise.
  10. rapmanej

    War Stats

    Oh that stings! 39 mil in one strike...
  11. rapmanej

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    Hoof of Oppression OldYak of Yakgolia attempted to detonate a nuclear weapon upon your nation of trolly. The attack was thwarted by your Vital Defense System National Project. A well invested VDS.
  12. rapmanej

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    srsly. PW logic folks, if you like the war changes, then you are racist against nuke bloc.
  13. rapmanej

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    Yeah, about 3-4 weeks ago. From the Changelog 02/27/2018 - Incoming War Changes Hello everyone, As most of you know, I've been testing some changes to the war system on the Test Server for some time now. I am relatively confident we've worked the bugs out, and I'm ready to deploy the changes to the live server. Due to the nature of the changes, we're going to have an extended rollout process, wherein I will (temporarily) declare world peace. How this will work is that in the next few days, no earlier than March 1 (server time) and no later than March 5 (server time) I will freeze new war declarations and all espionage operations. After that has happened, I will wait until all active wars have ended, and shortly after I will push the war system changes live. Once they are rolled out and any deployment issues worked out, I will issue all nations 24 turns on Beige (or an extension for nations already on Beige.) Then I will enable new war declarations and espionage operations. This is to give you time to prepare and to know when you will be vulnerable to new war declarations again. Now if you haven't been participating in the Test Server or following development, you may not be sure what all of the coming changes are. A thorough description of the changes is available on the Forums: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22501-2262018-war-changes-coming-soon/ Posted by Alex 02/27/2018 02:30 am 03/05/2018 - New War Changes Live The previously announced new war changes are live. New war declarations & espionage operations are now enabled again. Everyone has been issued 2 days on Beige to adjust before they're vulnerable to new war declarations. Please read the full set of changes on the forums: https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22555-352018-new-war-changes-implemented/ Posted by Alex 03/05/2018 11:46 pm

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