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  1. The newly released infra purchase tool is apparently only available for VIP subscribers. @AlexPlease, rethink this. Walling off game-related features is not a good start.
  2. I do think you should change this to either A) move the message to the end to follow the convention of the other attacks, or B) Post the number of aircraft destroyed in both in the middle and at the end. (i.e.) 100 aircraft destroyed due to the attack, and 150 destroyed due to targeting aircraft.) Option B would at least show people how much extra aircraft they are destroying if they select dogfight.
  3. Not sure we share the same definition of surrender. Usually the losing party is in no position to dictate terms. It's also mechanically unclear how you would "force" the nation to accept the surrender.
  4. Are you new here? Complaining about VM (Peace Mode) is a well-respected PW pastime.
  5. You'll forgive us for thinking otherwise, mainly due to the overwhelming amount of whining you've been doing on the forums lately.
  6. unable to fight existing wars is not vague at all. Shouldn't have deserted your alliance in their time of need.
  7. That depends on your definition of "winning"
  8. Joke suggestion is joke suggestion. Might I add to remove the ability for the defender to attack back at all. I think that would be a fair compromise.
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