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  1. From my point of view: -BK et al were doing horrible in the initial blitz (2 weeks or so). -Our side became too confident and went on a beige-spree. -BK et al capitalized on their concentration and all the beige protection our side gave them, and counterattacked very successfully. -At the moment both sides have suffered a lot of losses, regardless of who lost more. tl;dr: Our side should not have beiged anyone. If anyone wants actually accurate infra damage calculations, take a city by city infra snapshot of every player in every alliance at the beginning of the next war. I can give you a formula to calculate the exact infra loss given current and previous city infra levels. It is very simple.
  2. Back in the day, I remember there was a cooldown period (10 days?) before you could DoW on the same player. When was this removed?
  3. Copyright infringement! xdxd
  4. As long as you don't build any tanks or ships, you will be giving your opponents a great advantage in war; and unless your side is much larger/competent, that's a good way to lose the war. If the opposing side does not sign a peace deal fast, you also continue to lose all your infra + opportunity cost of income you would have if the peace was signed earlier. In other words, you are at the opposing side's mercy. Some alliances on the winning side did it in the past as well, but that was essentially free-riding on allies who did build tanks and ships.
  5. NPOsphere genius strategy:
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Arms_Limitation_Talks
  7. And in a previous update nukes were changed such that they no longer beiged players, favoring the nuclear bloc immensely. Updates giveth and updates taketh. Whine is eternal.
  8. Very intriguing. Here is a good selection of cheese to pair with your whine:
  9. Many reasons. A person is capped by 2 offensive spy attacks per day, and might not have enough spies at the moment. You want 60 spies and CIA for maximum chances. If you are a person who wants to spy out more nukes than 2 per day, and want anonymity, it is a great option. A side benefit is use during wars. When I was running spy ops in Mensa HQ, I would have to donate the exact cost of the spy op to every member. Through this system, an alliance can just post bounties on the people with nukes, and the person who kills the nuke gets immediate recompensation rather than having to contact an alliance operative and prove that he or she did indeed do the op. This also helps recompensation to happen across allied alliances. Given that we have bounties for raids and attrition, I think it is only logical.
  10. Very simple: This is a bounty for spying away a nuke of the targeted country. It would be cool to have per nuke bounties as well, but the simple one would still be great. This can also be a good way for alliances to fund their members spy operations without extra hassle during wars.
  11. War is always about burning pixels. Razing down the cities replete with fat whale infra is the true meaning of life. Any analysis that ignores the glorious destruction of the pixels is by definition incomplete, and sinful in the eyes of Lord Dio.
  12. Deep in the deserts of Nigeria, a sarcophagus engraved with holy writings stands alone. A curious onlooker might be tempted to read the writings. They read: "HERE SLEEPS GOD EMPEROR DIO BRANDO, PROTECTOR OF THE SAND, REKKER OF CASULS." The curious onlooker would then be filled with dread, for the sarcophagus is open. And Lord Dio is out to teach an old lesson.
  13. We both know that saving a few small images will not put a great strain on the server storage space anytime soon with the number of players you have. You could also just save the link we provide for the upload instead of saving the file on your server. But you are saying you don't have the incentives to code, which is the real answer. I didn't know I could sink credits into the VIP before expiration to get the same amount of days. That will probably solve my problem.
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