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  1. But what if they’re switching protectors and not actually planning to have multiple protectors? XP
  2. "We have identified a problem with the esteemed members of what was once Nuke Bloc" Wonder if the rest of Nuke Bloc and their new friends will show up. Also, gonna have to enjoy all those nukes, maybe the gas prices will rise up because of this. or maybe because of severe levels of escalation. Maybe. Who knows. X3
  3. As ties break, new ties are forged. One path ends, another begins. Let us see where our new path leads, shall we?
  4. When you expect the war to get bigger and pixels to burn, only for that hope to be dashed by a filthy, repulsive decision that everyone despises in a game about burning pixel huggers. Forever denying glorious war slots to make fame and fortune on. FYI happy birthday to @Buorhann
  5. Of course. Though one can argue that by being neutral instead of joining in an optional aggression pact, and having talk it out with out allies prior, that FA wise we have conducted an action that counters the words that accuse Vanguard of just being an IA pet. Time will indeed tell what bed that forms, but the Council decided Neutrality was the best given current circumstances. Had IQ been attacked rather than the attacker, the situation would be very different. However I understand your point of view. Actions can have unintended consequences.
  6. But at the same time, it disregards what conversation could've gone behind closed doors. Perhaps IQ and Vanguard talked about it weeks before the war happened. Perhaps it was merely days before it occurred. Either way, perhaps the FA game was going on in the shadows the entire time and led to a result that kept the bonds stable. Plus, you must recall, the connection with IQ in terms of offensive wars is an OPTIONAL aggression pact. Meaning Vanguard has the right to refuse to enter an offensive war if they do not wish to partake in it. We aren't obligated to join an offensive war in that case, and per the pact we may decline joining it as is the independent right of Vanguard. Frankly put, by being neutral instead of joining when we could just decline it also shows that Vanguard does indeed have its own independent thought and isn't an extension of IQ under a different name. In a way, by being neutral it tells everyone that we don't follow IQ into every single fight they start like a collared puppy. Which is what makes it more funny to see people upset that Vanguard is sitting this one out instead of following IQ into the fray. Going from complaining how Vanguard is just an extension of IQ to how Vanguard doesn't want to follow IQ into a Great War where IQ is an aggressor. When you think about it, it's a paradox. Strong bonds also require mutual understanding. If you cannot understand each other, you cannot form a strong bond. Without understanding, those very suspicions and questions you talked about can come up too. Which can break down the bonds. If our allies cannot understand us and we cannot understand them, then the bonds were doomed to break from the start. No?
  7. I think I found them, but I'm not sure. They kinda parachuted in and asked which direction TKR was. Had to drive them a couple hundred miles to the nearest neutral port city. I'm sure they'll return to you in a short, orderly, and timely manner.
  8. Yeah. ESA was my first real alliance I joined in PnW. I figured I'd keep it on to remind myself of the very first alliance I joined. Even if it decayed and died years ago. It's a memoir of sorts. It also helps remind me that this community ain't bad and that you can foster some decent friendships here and have a blast of fun even when people start a Great War with the official CB as "Balance" and you have all the cloak and dagger stuff. It's nice. So yup, still flyin that ESA pip and I'll probably continue to fly it till the forum kicks the bucket and dies. Who knows. Mayhaps one day it shall change. But for now it shall be my public memoir of old times and my first time as a High Gov member on PnW. Somewhere, this one's Foreign Affairs' skill shivers at the indecent CB. Desiring for more complex reasons to start a war. Heh.
  9. Oh noes. My secret is revealed. Now I’ll have to resign from TUE and form an outcast alliance. 3: ((Hiya Anneal!))
  10. 1. lol, love the video. 2. We can host peace talks then! Switzerland for live! Unless the Italians invade. Then we get pasta. Or pizza. Who knows! We're just TOO NEUTRAL ON IT.
  11. ((Credit of writing goes to Phoenix from Polaris. Posting with unified Vanguard approval.)) Alliances of Orbis, The leadership of Vanguard declares neutrality in this war. We will not raise up arms against our friends in TKR, nor will we fight alongside them against our friends and allies in IQ. Vanguard will remain completely committed to neutrality in this war, and all military build up seen is purely defensive. If we are attacked, we will strike back with extreme prejudice against anyone who takes it upon themselves to bring the fight to us. Take note, that should anyone strike Vanguard at this time, our immediate and only goal will be the complete and utter destruction of our enemy's military forces and their complete and total surrender. For those who wish to fight in this war, we bid you good fortune in the wars to come. For those who do not wish to fight, but have had the fight brought to you, we wish you well. If war must come, let it come with an honorable ending.
  12. The Orders of Old now collide, each vying to purge the other and establish their Hegemony and Ideology. A Great War to once again put down in history on the mountains of dead and the ruins of great cities. Who will win? If there is a winner still standing that can truly proclaim victory beyond a Pyrrhic one. Time will tell. The Great Spheres of Orbis have marched their young, their wise, their old, and their foolish to this war. Many will die, few will return. Either a winner will be crowned, or once again it will be a bloodbath that changes little. So prey tell, who will the true victory be? No one truly knows for now. But it's certain that the losers are the citizens of those nations now embroiled in conflict. Their lives forever scarred once again, another scar to the heart and brain. Another war that will not be forgotten. But arise and salute those brave to march to war, for good or for ill. For they, at least, march knowing it could very well be their last march for all they know. To defend what they believe in and to defeat what they believe is wrong. Let the next Weltkrieg begin.
  13. And thus the next Weltkrieg began in Ernest. The months of peace had come and gone. Replaced with another global conflict. The world shuddered at the millions of young soldier boys were marched off to war once again. Knowing many of them would never return. The finest war machines assembled and launched to crush their enemies. Cities will burn, farms will be raided, rivers will be red, and through the ashes either the old order will remain or a new one will form. Or a status quo once again will emerge like a Phoenix against the odds of death itself. Only time will tell young Phoenix. Only time will tell what you become. Formed by the millions sent to die to shape the world on a new course. This is the Weltkrieg of 2033. (Orbis year)
  14. Congrats on your foundation. I see this is based on the Sassanid Persian Dynasty. For those that don't know, the religion at that time wasn't Islamic, but was instead Zoroastrianism. So, unfortunately, KT cannot use Islam CB. 3:
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