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  1. Lelouch beginning his briefing Lelouch and his Knights watched their screens carefully as the impending invasion was on its way. This would do or die time. With one gesture Lelouch prepared all tv stations and radios to broadcast his message to his Empire while he still could. Assembling the Emperor's Guard he took the stage, this was his chance to rally his Empire in the wake of a dangerous foe. After a few moments of silence, he began. "People of Britannia! Once again our shores have arrived carrying with them another foe who we must sweep back into the Ocean. However, today the waves carry Calondian forces, a formidable foe unlike one we have fought in the past. These are people of war led by an Emperor of insanity. But, they are not people of Britannia, and their leader is not one of just nor strategic value as your own. Today I ask you, will you let these people fly their banner over your homes, slaughter your friends? Or is today the time to rise and show these people how a Britannian fights?! To Arms!" "All Hail Britannia!"
  2. Wait what war? Why was I never told of this, lemme mobilize my troops real quick All in all, two things 1. I like the idea of one setting like WW2 because it's arguably the best time period for war and growth. With one simple trick, Germany went from a smolboy to Europe back to not-existing. 2. LIke @Rimski said, it's a rp, not a Grand Strategy game, we have steam for that If we get enough people to be down for a new proper fleshed out, wholesome, non-mogar type RP, I'll be the first to sign up Dibs on Turkey and my Neo-Ottoman dream or another attempt at Britannia
  3. Stupid paypal and taking 6$ to send money... Get well soon Biel, keep doing what you believe in and hopefully one day you'll see the fruits of your labour.
  4. If you could provide an updated map of what colonies you will be retaining and what you will be giving with to who rather than "The commies" Be sure though to take into account your March expansions.
  5. Incorrect Since you have Madagascar claimed and showcasing your revisited colonial claims didn't list it as a colony. Thus your colonies before this South American Expansion are as follows: LA, Hawaii, Taiwan n area, Seoul, Madagascar, pacific islands, Singapore, bit of Malaysia, and the Cape Colony. In addition, I have found no post that you claimed South America. In order to expand your colony please provide a map of what 5 colonies you would like. The remainder can be moved and connected to your mainland. Since we are also on the topic please refrain from personal attacks, this is strictly business and would appreciate no further mentions of ic instead focus purely on the map as who I am OOC, IC, and as a mapmaker are different.
  6. The Britannian Navy was placed into over-drive to begin pushing out armour, airplanes and naval ships to begin their final endeavor. Under the codename "Operation Zero" Britannia was moved towards their war economy for the first time since Arabia. It was here that Britannia would be able to use their vast resources to begin creating an army ready for the end of the world. :Classified: Lelouch boarded the Avalon and went inbound to Africa to oversee his plans. With the latest tech there would be no way to see him crossing the Ocean and head to the small colony that Britannia was claiming.
  7. Discussed with mod Re-added due to 7-day rule Bear in mind though if you will be absent please let someone know, rules state it is your responsibility to bring up any absence you may have.
  8. Lelouch was watching the news about attacks that would not affect their colonization whatsoever. It was strange that a nation that Britannia had no relations with was mobilizing against Britannia. Instead, he continued to supervise the move deeper and deeper into Africa. The push was met with more and more armour. While being backed by the ever-growing Britannian navy. (Edited due to Egypt exisiting)
  9. Everyone except Britannia, Mog[Corp], Mexico, Egypt and Central Socialist Dominion removed Reasons: Either inactive or left Move Korea (1) Port Arthur (2) and Japan (3-4) to Cuba and Dominican Colony Limit, please revisit your colonies
  10. Africa The beach-head became a flush with Britannian infantry, tanks, and other support equipment. It was no surprise that something interesting had forced the Emperor's hand to go looking for hidden deposits of Sakuradite in order to power the ever-growing Empire. As such Africa was finally pierced by the Britannian sword with even more troops and equipment on their way. It looked like for the moment nothing would stop the Empire.
  11. Hawaii Lelouch walked along the wooden boards of his balcony viewing the ocean, a calm feeling to end the months of stress and tension the world had seen. Now everything had begun to fall into place, and the road to Britannia was clear. Lelouch raised a glass of liquor to the direction of the rising sun and smiled for a moment. "It was a good time I spent with you, but the winds of fate have turned for the last time, this is the beginning of a new chapter." He sipped his drink before setting it down on the rail and walking back inside. The news played normally, no enemy invasion, no enemy fleet would threaten Britannia. Another day would pass, more military equipment would be produced, more soldiers trained, and more ships placed into the waters. The Emperor smirked as he viewed the sights one last time. This is where he knew he won.
  12. I can't see in detail anything you're pointing out
  13. Tokyo, Japan Meeting Of Dragons Japan and The Holy Britannian Empire known from here as Britannia have come to an agreement determined to change the balance of power in Asia to an Asian power. 1. Britannian agrees to remove their claims to all Japanese claims except for Mt.Fuji, Korean mainland claims, and any future colonization in Asia so long as Japan remains a nation on the global stage. 2. Port Arthur, Jeju Island, and Mt,Fuji will remain Britannian domains and under Britannian laws. 3. An embassy will be open in both nations 4. Britannia and Japan agree to an Optional Defence Pact 5. Britannia and Japan to share intelligence, cooperate, and trade between one another The Britannian flag was once again lowered from Tokyo as again the Japanese Flag rose to take its place. The Britannan Second Navy arrived with the Emperor for the ceremony and to act as the main Britannian-Asian Defence Force. Further buildings on the Jeju to turn it into an outpost and trade hub while Port Arthur to become a naval outpost for Britannia in the region. Due to it's proximity new encoding machines have been brought from Britannia to field test if the communication between the Britannian outposts can be kept for the intended audience.
  14. Avalon Lelouch had gathered some of his trusted advisors aboard the Avalon on his way to Japan from the West Coast. The collapse of Marsani Global, tension and Europe and a new power in Asia had sparked a series of changes to Britannia. "The cities of the rebels have fallen, nearly every single rebel faction has now set up base in Austin Texas, L.A, and Seattle. For the moment now, we should see bloodless conquests in the Caribbean and most of the Americas. This, however, your majesty is where that luxury ends." Suzaku had finished listing off his agenda as they saw some smoke in the distance. "I see, so we have prepared the Americas for the Dragon, but how will it respond in a land already known for dragons?" Lelouch asked Suzaku who quietly lowered his head. "They're going to keep stabbing us in the foot until we react. However, we have finally caught the snake finally slipping eh? Haha, my dear friend, you'll get what you want soon. The dragon will soon have it's fire." Lelouch laughed as he knocked on the glass looking at the smoke. Escorting the Avalon was the 2nd Royal Britannian Navy. When Japan fell no military ships from Britannia were sent to aid the ground troops nor aircraft. Instead, the Mt.Fuji district Rokkenjima sold to Britannia before their collapse occupied the area. Paratroopers were tasked with securing the Korean Island and a piece of the mainland. Giving the impression of a much larger force but instead it was only a bit more than a garrison. However with the capture of Hawaii with the 2nd Britannian Navy provided Britannia with a base for their 3rd fleet for defence and a way to send off their 2nd fleet. Britannia knew that their Asian lines were tapped or at the very least being understood by the corporation. A few false calls here and there made it all the easier to bait the snake out. Now, Britannia sent the reinforcements the theatre needed. Justified because it was escorting a diplomatic envoy, but timed just enough to catch the true motives. "Don't bring up the incident at all, collect news samples from both sides and make sure we have our story. I want to see what they plan to do, they have balls but do they have the same brain as before." Lelouch chuckled as he withdrew to his quarters and the guards simply shouted. "Yes, your highness!"
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