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  1. Britannian Military/Provincial Re-Organization With the fall of Mt. Fuji district, Britannia had a small problem on their hand, and it slowly began to seem that Britannia was beginning to once again decline. After a handful of successful moves to establishing order and influence, Britannia has now begun to fall from it's peak. As it stands the Mt. Fuji District's garrison has mainly been established in the Neutral Territory of Macau and Hong Kong, with minimal military presence mainly reserved for it's new colony of Bangkok. While no official reports have come out, it is expected there will be one soon. Other news is that the Britannian Knights, the provincial government of Britannia has begun to re-organize itself amongst a large amount of time without reforms. These issues, come as more northern provinces begun to be added to Britannia through peaceful discussions and the success of Britannia's economy. Provided in the photo below illustrates the new provinces joining The Holy Britannian Empire, meaning that this will also see new changes to it's military system as well. In preparation for these changes, the entire Britannian military has begun preparations to be moved around the Empire in order to allow it's command structure to better align with the interests of Britannia. This will see new positioning, in the army, air and sea all around the Empire to better protect it. Though these changes haven't been announced, they are expected to be publicly announced along with the new provincial reforms that are prepared.
  2. "The extent of your knowledge regarding a seemingly false claim to cross the Ocean into our sphere of influence looks more like a land grab than an attempt to protect those who follow your ideology. Currently as it stands those of Cuban citizenship with no criminal records will have the freedom of movement within the now fractured state of Cuba. Any citizens of Durotar do not have permission of travel on the other hand as our base nations haven't begun diplomatic proceedings. If you are willing to begin them here and now, I am within full power to carry-out anything agreed to here."
  3. Hawaii Britannian Frigates would cruise past the coast of Hawaii multiple times a day for weeks on end. This was all during a secret conversation of Hawaii's local government and Britannia's government. Anytime things would go in the wrong direction, or Britannia needed to be firm in their response the ships would sail past, not into their waters but close enough that the government got the message. The talks would last a few weeks before finally, Hawaii would be integrated into Britannia. Hawaii would become a province of Britannia, not an occupied state. It's government would remain in power and it's citizens keep their rights so long as they pledge their loyalty to Britannia. This was ensured by a naval base being transferred over to Britannia for "safekeeping" and act as a way for Britannia to still have some control over the islands. Most had no quarrel with Britannia, as their daily lives didn't change, no uprising, no protests. Though, this might be because no one really knows the true extent of the meetings Britannia had with Hawaii.
  4. C.C gave a light chuckle before regaining her composure to readdress the guide, "You couldn't have been requested by exiled Cuban fighters because there were no exiled fighters. Britannia was in full control of the capital within 3 days, before any real army could have been arranged. The surrender of Cuba had all their military personal remain in their positions, no one was put out of a job. We could you use the same excuse that the current points that are begin held by your Union are under foreign occupation. The only difference being our country isn't on the other side of an Ocean."
  5. Republic of Hong Kong and Maccau Kei gave a light sigh and patted Will on the shoulder. "Regardless of what you do, you proved yourself. The remaining troops and some cruisers will remain here for the time being, it's better if you have some order here. I will return to Britannia." He had intended to leave the small garrison that had survived to help with the refugees as an extension of Britannian help since the fall of Mt. Fuji district. The rest of the ships, except for two cruisers would leave making the journey back to Britannia before the blockade set it.
  6. Mt. Fuji District Sirens blared loudly around the docks. This was the most intense moments so far in the battle for Mt. Fuji District. With shots coming ever so close to civilian ships, Britannian ships were taking the risk of not firing back to not make themselves legitimate targets. However, the Britannian military ships were more than glad to fire their much more powerful cannons at Rokkenjima artillery and other shots into the city. These shells sent shock-waves through the city, it was a brutal fight. Britannian soldiers were holding off vampires and withes, while they also fought against one another. The city wasn't dark at all, it was on fire. (City of Fuji burning) The governor grabbed Will's arm as he grabbed his pulling the governor to safety. "The call has already gone out, if we don't hurry up we'll be the ones left behind!" he exclaimed as attempted to make his way to board the final ship. Nearly every soldier except for a handful had boarded. The final few were waiting for the governor and will fighting to ensure they would be able to escape. As soon as they would board, the fleet would leave, but time was ticking. (Britannian military ships fires on Rokkenjima targets in Fuji)
  7. "We would need to elaborate more on what the security and freedom of people in the Americas mean. I feel like this could be taken out of context, and as such would need to be properly discussed more. As for troop movement, we can't any military naval craft, aircraft or military units besides infantry to help in the movement. Transports would be allowed, along with troops, but not more than 5,000. This hub, also can't host any foreign armies or equipment."
  8. New York/USA The first order of business was reintegrating New York into Britannia. After a minor battle with USA forces a while back, Britannia had been rebuilding the airports and other infrastructure to get the city moving once more. A couple hundred Britannian soldiers were sent to aid in the reconstruction of the city which is expected to be finished in the coming weeks. After that, the soldiers would be re-deployed to other areas to assist in their duties. It was this potential to be rebuild by the military and pay no local price on repairs that opted in some former-USA provinces to join The Holy Britannian Empire willingly. More troops would be deployed to these areas near Texas to also aid and help restore order in the region. With nearly no money, these services would be paid by Pendragon to better convince former states to join The Holy Britannian Empire willingly rather than by force.
  9. C.C took in what the representative said for a moment before thinking it over. "We will allow the southern tip of Cuba to be released from Britannian control and given to the Union. Civilians of Cuba may choose to leave Britannian controlled Cuba to head to the Union, and all others laws and whatnot can be fleshed out later. The core point, us handing over a bit of Cuba over to the Union, and that piece will be the only recognized claim in the Americas."
  10. Mt Fuji District The governor sat at the window almost casually smoking as he watched from the City Hall windows at the fires that could be seen in the far distance. "Seems like we're out of time then, let's not waste any more time and get moving to the ships before they leave us." The governor had finished destroying sensitive Britannian documents that were placed in the capital of Fuji. In addition, he had prepared a "farewell" gift to whichever forces would take the city. In the meantime, all active forces had finally set up a line around the docks before they to would begin their escape. (Black Lines main defence line around the docs) (Red Gears illustrate artillery points that are rigged to blow) While some artillery points aren't firing (The father away ones) The ones in a U shape near the docks are, and are concentrated near the Britannian HQ. The howitzers continued to fire in all directions, at bridges, roads, and anywhere large amounts of hostiles were reported. They were protected by troops close to the docks to insure they wouldn't lose their artillery until they left. Even now, knowing that the artillery wouldn't be able to be saved, they planned to blow up as much of their munitions and howitzers as possible before making a final dash to the docks. Even with the final city about to fall, Britannian ships didn't fire in order to hold up their neutral alignment in carrying civilians and refugees. In total 3 transport ships and 3 cruisers were aiding in the extraction. However, it was the cruiser meant for military personal and it's respected ships that flew the Britannian Battle Flag, and not a white flag like the others did. This cruiser, as it made it's rounds following the fighting, unleashed a volley of shells at Numazu/Mishima in an attempt to wipe out a large contingent of enemy forces, bridges, and any armour hey might have to slow their advance.
  11. "While I agree it's a matter of perception, you don't see Britannia setting up shop anywhere close to the Union. If we are to hope for a peaceful outcome, we need to be both willing to negotiate. Though, it wouldn't hurt to know to know what is on or off the table. We're willing to come to reasonable terms to settle the standoff." C.C made it clear she was very willing to negotiate, she wanted to ensure a peaceful end to this potential conflict.
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