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  1. @Eva-BeatriceI feel like if we get a small amount of people to start the RP and it doesn't clash with any other claims it could be allowed. Though, it depends on what other people think as well.
  2. Not sure I follow 100% with whats said beyond being a whole country. Since most countries except for the largest ones are more than 100 provinces. Fictional countries on the other hand, can also be a lot larger. So I'm not exactly sure how that would work, unless of course you could provide some examples. As for regions, that could be done with the provinces since most of the time people either pick a real country and claim that land or pick a country that they makeup/based on fiction.
  3. A message from The Holy Britannian Empire All Hail Britannia! That was the chant throughout the Empire following the news that the Britannian Military had beaten back Rokkenjima forces from Area 11. Despite the damages and human loss, the victory and retreat of the opposing forces sent the Empire from all it's corners. With the enemy beaten back it has not bought Britannia time to repair the damages done to the Tokyo Settlement and replenish the damages done to the region. It's unsure if Rokkenjima will return for a second attack, but what is certain is that Britannia will be alert for an attack to come. A ceasefire has been called for now, though it's unclear how long peace will last in the region.
  4. *Cough* Sakuradite Mines *Cough* That is something that could be worked on though. Perhaps the people of a place that is controlled by someone else votes out the occupier. Though something would need to be done about that land, could fall into a separate moving provinces rule or something. Though I do want to hear more about it
  5. Yea, the starting number for provinces will be at 100 provinces, just to allow people to get a good amount of land and not focus too much on expanding
  6. Yeet... It's worth a shot tbh, now that everyone has had some time to mature, explore new things, and such. Since I have the materials required (And somewhat the time) to manage the RP and put forward new innovations I think it wouldn't hurt to try it again. I've already created a discord server that will hopefully put everyone in one place to talk OOC but also make sure communication to other people is a bit more up to date. The rules below is a DRAFT of what I have in mind, of course people will notice it's really close to what was previously used with a bit of changes. Anything people don't like or want to add just mention it and we can hopefully add compromise to get this thing on the road. P.S. For the war-lovers, I'm working on an experimental war system that will allow war between nations that is both fair, fun, and makes sense. Of course, you can always add twists to it since it will have a system to stand on. Also Discord Server: https://discord.gg/EfSKq8s Draft: Map Rules: · An in-game nation is required to participate in National Roleplay. Nations in vacation mode will still be able to participate. · Additional colonies and expansions of your nation may not be claimed within the first calendar month of joining National Roleplay. They can be claimed on the 1st of each month at midnight UTC. One colony will be allowed to be claimed but only up to 3 provinces will be allowed on it. Islands will be subjected to different colony rules based on size and count. · Following the initial calendar month, you are permitted to expand at a maximum of four provinces per month. Each expansion requires a post to validate it. · Additional colonies of your nation are capped at five, with a maximum of twenty provinces each. Conjoining separate colonies is not allowed. · You may move up to four of your own provinces per month to another location on the map. If you choose to do so, a post is required for each time you move land. · You must post at least once every thirty days to remain active on the map. Inactive nations will be removed. If you will be in a situation which renders you unable to post, please say so here and you may be kept for an extended period of time (up to thirty extra days.) · All map claims must be made within the National Roleplay map thread. Any claims received elsewhere will be considered invalid. · All claims must be requested within the National Roleplay map thread prior to the creation of the post associated with it. You will have twenty-four hours following your request to attach a link to your post to validate your expansion. Failure to meet the twenty-four hour requirement will result in your request becoming void. · You may gift land to other players, but at a maximum of four provinces per month. In addition, the gifted land must either border the receiving nation’s existing land, or a major body of water. A post is required for each time you choose to gift land. · You may not loan land which exceeds four provinces to another player. · If you are receiving land from another player as a gift, please provide explicit proof within your reply if it has not been presented already. National Roleplay Rules: · You must create a post in the subforum within two days of signing up, regardless of whether your nation has been added to the map yet. Once you have made your post you will be added to the map. · Each post you create must contain at least five sentences to be considered valid. Replies to your own posts or posts of others will not count toward your required one post per month. · You must make reasonable posts and requests from other players in this community. · Any development by your nation must be played out over a reasonable amount of time. No matter how advanced you may be, things do not just happen overnight. · If knowledge of something is posted in a manner which would render you unable to know about it, then you may not use this knowledge in any way or for any purpose. It isn’t forbidden for you to make an assumption that another nation or player may do something, but you will not know for sure unless such knowledge becomes public. · Consent is only required for war. Non-violent posts made without consent are acceptable. (Example: Player A sent military jets through Player B’s airspace without permission. It is up to Player A to respond to Player B’s actions as they see fit.) Basically, if it isn’t a direct attack on your nation, consent isn’t required. · All weapons that are magical/sci-fi must have a modern counterpart. All weapons and other supplies (Including civilian) must be modern in a sense of 2010s and earlier on. (In development or non-mass produced doesn't count) War Rules/War System are still being drafted, stay tuned. Do let me know what you think. Let's try this again like a failed parent trying to reach into their child's life....aka my life
  7. I do have photoshop from school to start it up So long as someone drafts new rules, and we all start fresh (So no hostiles being carried over and such so we start fresh) I'd be down. I'm going to do a first draft of rules, and have people decide on if they want them or not, or add different rules and so on. Since (I hope at least) We have all spent the years apart maturing this rp should be put together a bit better. So long as no one holds onto old blood (Unless it's against Nazis or Jihadis) we should be good. I'm willing to put the past behind us. #MakeANewGoodNatRPAgain
  8. A message from The Holy Britannian Empire Reports from Pendragon have verified that a WMD used by Rokkenjima forces has been detonated over the Tokyo Settlement. It is unknown how many casualties are reported, but it is known that the damage isn't as bad as predicted. However, the range for human life lost is in the thousands to say the least. City operations for the most part are expected to be resumed while some areas are stuck suffering the aftershock of the weapon used, with no prediction as to when they will be operational again. Commerce buildings were mainly damaged due to ill preparations and have suffered the most. In retaliation for the strike, Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia had this to say. "We won't hide when the enemy appears, we will not hold back when the enemy strikes. For today's strike Rokkenjima will remember, I promised to make them hurt for every life they take from us. Just as they attacked us, we will return them a strike just as deadly and powerful. As such the Rokkenjima air fleet, everyone aboard shall will feel the wrath of the FLEIJA!" As called out by the Emperor, reports have surfaced from Pendragon that a FLEIJA warhead was fired towards the Rokkenjima air fleet in retaliation of the Tokyo Settlement attack. We await our counterparts in Rokkenjima to confirm these reports.
  9. A message from The Holy Britannian Empire This isn't the first time we have fought witches and their forces and we know it may not be the last. What we are sure of, is that similar to the last time we fought Rokkenjima, they will not remove Britannia from their rightful land. For every Britannian slain in this conflict we will ensure that Rokkenjima pays dearly for it. His Royal Highness Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia will not turn away from a fight, no matter if they face humans, monsters, or witches. We wish Rokkenjima a good fight, as we prepare them the taste of defeat in due time. All Hail Britannia!
  10. Lelouch beginning his briefing Lelouch and his Knights watched their screens carefully as the impending invasion was on its way. This would do or die time. With one gesture Lelouch prepared all tv stations and radios to broadcast his message to his Empire while he still could. Assembling the Emperor's Guard he took the stage, this was his chance to rally his Empire in the wake of a dangerous foe. After a few moments of silence, he began. "People of Britannia! Once again our shores have arrived carrying with them another foe who we must sweep back into the Ocean. However, today the waves carry Calondian forces, a formidable foe unlike one we have fought in the past. These are people of war led by an Emperor of insanity. But, they are not people of Britannia, and their leader is not one of just nor strategic value as your own. Today I ask you, will you let these people fly their banner over your homes, slaughter your friends? Or is today the time to rise and show these people how a Britannian fights?! To Arms!" "All Hail Britannia!"
  11. Wait what war? Why was I never told of this, lemme mobilize my troops real quick All in all, two things 1. I like the idea of one setting like WW2 because it's arguably the best time period for war and growth. With one simple trick, Germany went from a smolboy to Europe back to not-existing. 2. LIke @Rimski said, it's a rp, not a Grand Strategy game, we have steam for that If we get enough people to be down for a new proper fleshed out, wholesome, non-mogar type RP, I'll be the first to sign up Dibs on Turkey and my Neo-Ottoman dream or another attempt at Britannia
  12. Stupid paypal and taking 6$ to send money... Get well soon Biel, keep doing what you believe in and hopefully one day you'll see the fruits of your labour.
  13. If you could provide an updated map of what colonies you will be retaining and what you will be giving with to who rather than "The commies" Be sure though to take into account your March expansions.
  14. Incorrect Since you have Madagascar claimed and showcasing your revisited colonial claims didn't list it as a colony. Thus your colonies before this South American Expansion are as follows: LA, Hawaii, Taiwan n area, Seoul, Madagascar, pacific islands, Singapore, bit of Malaysia, and the Cape Colony. In addition, I have found no post that you claimed South America. In order to expand your colony please provide a map of what 5 colonies you would like. The remainder can be moved and connected to your mainland. Since we are also on the topic please refrain from personal attacks, this is strictly business and would appreciate no further mentions of ic instead focus purely on the map as who I am OOC, IC, and as a mapmaker are different.
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