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  1. Mt Fuji District A handful of breaches had taken place along Britannia's first defensive lines. This report would shake a few units at the news of the success of Rokkenjima's attacks, aided with their howitzer strikes Britannia was taken back by the attack, but didn't stop. While the first reports of Britannia KIAs began to come in, it was time for Britannia to hit back, and this time they would hit hard The Britannian units holding the Northern cities would fall back into the cities themselves. What looked like a retreat was instead a ploy to lure the Rokkenjima witches into killing fields. Once they attempted to repeat their previous attacks, Britannia would be prepared this time by luring the witches into either areas near or in the city where snipers could fire at them from safety. Or they would lure the enemy into killing lanes where once Britannian troops were out of the way machine guns would be used to fire at advancing enemies. This retreat signaled the first line of defence being given up. The order was given and every bridge connecting Rokkenjima to the Mt. Fuji district, roads, bridges, anything besides the main roads would be blown up by pre-placed explosives. Multiple strikes on these points would put immense fire on checkpoints, and entry points all around the Mt. Fuji District. Furthermore, Britannian artillery strikes which were not sucessful up until now would begin to chart out where the enemy howitzers would fire and relocate. This would be done in an attempt to predict where the enemy would re-locate and fire on them before they could fire. This would be greatly aided by the height advantage of Mt. Fuji had over Rokkenjima. Of course, this was only until Rokkenjima would send their armour in. That's when the fun would begin.
  2. Britannian Response The emergence of a new nation in Americas immediately had the attention of The Holy Britannian Empire, and by extension the Emperor. A nation with a charismatic leader was something that needed to be watched carefully, as history has told this story many times. In order to get a better idea of what they were dealing with Britannia would send their own Emperor to meet with this new leader escorted along with his Avalon. This would be a meeting that would shape the future of the Americas.
  3. Britannian Response Britannia is willing to come to the table to negotiate proper trading guidelines relating to inspections, and certain resources not being allowed to be transported. However, Britannia is only willing to approach this area of negotiation if the Union of Durotar withdraws it's claims in the Americas. If compliant, Britannia will be inclined to work alongside the Union of Durotar in terms of trade if any only when they are able to meet half way.
  4. Britannian War Room "New York has recovered more or less from the war with the Former United States. With this we can move in and re-integrate the city back into Britannia." Suzaku pointed at the map and moved a pawn chess piece over the city as various other members of Britannia's government looked over the map contemplating the issues back at home. This was all taking place during the evacuation of the Mt. Fuji District. "Another thing may I suggest is our presence in Venezuela is now no longer needed. We got what we came for, so we can move those resources and give a slight boost to incorporating some western provinces into Britannia. We can use the land for either civilian use, or we can turn it into a military installation. Either one will work." C.C gave the idea non-nonchalant as Suzaku moved another chess piece over the lands she was discussing. It wasn't even a question due to the fact any resistance would be very light due to the military dominance Britannia had over the lands around Britannia. It had effectively made Britannia able to do almost anything. "These are all good points to raise, but I think we are forgetting Hawaii, and a replacement for Mt. Fuji District. We are gonna lose temporarily a valuable resource, as such I want to ensure our plans in the Asian theater aren't going to be stopped by some troublesome witches." Lelouch gave his input as he moved a rook into Hawaii and a Queen to Bangkok. "Thailand is ruled by a King, so I will make my presence known to him. From there we can continue with what we were doing before. The ships we sent for the evacuation while will strain us a bit, I doubt we will need the extra firepower this time. I'll go myself to get it done." Lelouch got up from his seat as he walked over the map before giving it one last look. "We are only getting started gentlemen and ladies, the best is yet to come."
  5. Britannian Response With the Israel deal called off Britannia has agreed to withdraw from previous agreements. However, Britannia will not at this current time hold any hostile relations towards Israel for the time being. Changes are expected to be made, and Britannia suggests that another attempt could be made in the future once the Soviet Union and Israel have solved their own regional issues. Something Britannia has no business in at this moment in time.
  6. May Claims: Also remove colony in South America and Islands (4) One claim in Bangkok and one claim in hawaii on top of the 6 featured in the image above Post will be up within 24 hours
  7. Mt. Fuji District Just as the opposing forces fired on Britannian fortifications Britannia retaliated by firing their artillery in the area where the enemy was suspected to be. Britannia while out-manned and trapped in a foreign land was not gonna give up without having the enemy pay dearly. The high altitude outposts Britannia was able to have in their control fielded spotters for Britannia's artillery. While Rokkenjima were approaching, Britannia would fall back to another line of defence, this time behind the Kise River. The idea was to use makeshift defences along key areas of the River where enemy vehicles or armour could cross. If they were in range they'd either mark them for the artillery or simply blow the bridge they were trying to cross from under them. Any way to cross the river would be mapped out and turned into a natural defence line. All this would occur while thousands of Britannian civilian workers, injured soldiers, and refugees would board Britannian ships to escape. These ships would do their best at signalling the fact that they are being used to help non-combatants escape. However, should they come under fire, they wouldn't hesitate to use their big guns to give the enemy a nice naval bombardment.
  8. Mt. Fuji District The governor looked in the direction of Mt.Fuji and gave a light sigh as he looked back at the ships sending out smaller boats to allow the civilians to board. It would take some time, and with the attack already underway Britannian soldiers would have to pay the ultimate price to not only buy their own citizens time, but these refugees as well. It would not longer be certain if these soldiers or the governor himself would live to see Britannia again. "Britannian troops have already secured a perimeter around the district, they should hold the border long enough for everyone to escape. Mind the noise from the ships and I'll see you in another life." The governor gave him a light bow before making his way back to the sounds of war. Mt. Fuji District Report While Mt.Fuji District is a very important Britannian hold, it's danger of being lost was never an issue until recently. Due to the unfolding events of the Rokkenjima Civil War brewing Britannia was unable to bolster their garrison for the region. Thus 1000 soldiers were given the task to hold for as long as possible the district. While civilians evacuate the outer-rim would be held. Anywhere beyond would be loosely laced with mines while key roads and bridges leading into the area were blown up in preparation for the inevitable attack. The only bridge being kept would be the Shinkansen. However, this bridge as well would be pre-marked for destruction should it ever come near to falling into enemy hands. Multiple mortar teams and artillery pieces did exist and were placed in other pre-determined areas to allow for maximum effectiveness should an enemy being to approach the major cities in the Mt. Fuji district. West Defensive Line: Also known as the cities of Fuji and Fujinomiya. The city of Fuji serving as the first line of defense HQ along with Fujinomiya being concentrated with artillery pieces to fire at bridges and crossing enemies. Should the coast be lost the enemy would need to either attack from the north and through narrow roads in the mountains and hills where artillery would rain down on the enemy. The south while a lot more open is also a lot tougher to take with Britannia having a clear view of the enemy which allows for troops to counter any advances with a combination of artillery fire, and a bit of assistance from Britannian ships waiting to evacuate civilians. South Defensive Line: Also known as the cities of Numazu, Mishima, and Susono. These areas while a lot less defended are reinforced with 4 main entry points that are secured with checkpoints. The mountainous terrain backing the defenders to maximize the effectiveness of a small garrison. Of course, some artillery aiding in the defence from the city of Susono which would be able to fire in multiple directions all on pre-marked location. Should the cities be lost most of the defenders falling back to the mountains to fight from the high-ground. A lot less defended, but also a lot more hostile aided with the terrain and minefields also layed out. North-East and East Defensive Lines Also known as the cities of Gotemba and Fujiyoshida. While these cities are on the border the only passable roads have been secured with checkpoints and minefields. Due to the fact most of the artillery rested on the other side of the district, these areas were backed up with more crude defenses and mortars. Every 100 meters a wall of sandbags, barbed wire, and anti-tank obstacles. While all the cities had these defensives, these more northern cities had multiple layers to force an enemy into a near line to be fired upon from mortar fire from within the city. Most, if not all of the cities being extracted first and thus seeing the highest concentration of soldiers at around 550. The idea of defence would be simple. Defend the border to buy as much time as possible, minimum casualties expected. Once the border has been breached, back into the cities for Urban Combat and guerilla warfare to inflict as many enemy casualties as possible for as long as possible. High casualties expected. This would be the end game, holding the cities would be the key to holding control over the district. The great mountain itself would not be armed at all nor would it destroyed. Instead, entry points to the mining of sakuradite would be blown up and hidden to insure the valuable resource is somewhat protected. Britannian troops would be joined by an unknown amount of the local population and armed with spare supplies. But, there would be no escape, hold out for as long as possible. This would be the Battle for Mt.Fuji District
  9. Mt.Fuji District The governor upon hearing this took a small hit from his pipe as he looked at the people behind him and then towards to the docks. "If they attack at sun down we will be able to get out all the civilians and soldiers. We also won't allow the witches an easy win to taking the district." He chuckled as he walked around a bit observing the situation. "Hong Kong you say? I'll make sure we set course as soon as the ships arrive, as they are." he stopped for a second pointing to the silhouette in the distance. "Here to save us all. Get your people to the docks."
  10. Mt. Fuji District The soldiers eyed each other as the man came closer. However, the Britannian governor left the safety of his troops to approach the man who had so boldly approached the soldier. The man gave a light smile and held out his hand for a handshake. "If you are willing to sacrifice you life for others, I will be willing to help. We will do our best to keep you and these people safe while our evacuation arrives. Inform them to not approach the border, and we will send troops to secure their flank." the man finished before twirling his 'opium pipe'. The name is Kei Sakura, Britannia's former Japanese Govenor and current Mt. Fuji district governor.
  11. If you have any comments towards the War System please post them under the war system The units have been priced putting into the idea of balance not realism as this is after all a game. The budget for new nations is 200 billion. For the moment (and subject to change) older nations have a 50 billion difference, but that is subject to change.
  12. Official Britannian Response If the UPSA wishes to establish a foothold in Canada and/or the US Britannia is willing to negotiate. However, we need to understand what the UPSA's plan is first and foremost. This means a clear layout of what expansions can and will be expected is required from the UPSA to convince Britannia we can work with the UPSA in this area. While military installations are a touchy subject, we are willing to break ground first and see where things go before we agree to anything serious.
  13. Mt.Fuji District The soldiers maintained their positioning. "Do not move, if you move you will be shot! Our orders are to evacuate Britannian civilians first and foremost. If you wish to evacuate please wait for more Britannian Ships to arrive. If you approach any further we will be forced to open fire. This is your only warning." The soldiers didn't move and maintained their composure. The governor of the district took a megaphone to also add in his input to the group. "We aren't looking for intel, we are trying to escape with as few casualties as possible. Don't make this harder for anyone. Once aid arrives we will insure everyone is able to leave, if an enemy force does arrive we will relocate you and do our best to defend you. For the moment, bring forth your leader so we may discuss evacuation procedures." The Britannian frigate sent to aid in the evacuation was closing in to aid the district as time drew closer and closer. With more and more reports of civilians fleeing, Britannia sent 2 transport ships and 2 Cruisers to aid in the evacuation as well. These extra ships would allow more civilians to flee, but at a small time cost.
  14. Mt.Fuji District It wouldn't be Britannia's first time on the opposite end of a Rokkenjima rifle, prior experience would be a double-edged sword. Lelouch knowing the devious nature of the Witches and in particular Eva-Beatrice would be tricky to counter-predict. Nonethless, Britannia had already dispatched their frigate to aid in the extraction of Britannian from Mt. Fuji. Alongside this, Britannia had issued the "Shoot-On-Sight" order to any and all Rokkenjma personal who approach the Mt.Fuji district including civilians. The District would only need to hold out for a few hours for reinforcements to arrive. With the early departure and setup thankfully buying Britannia precious time Mt.Fuji would be prepared for the attack. Multiple layers of defence, border patrols and traps layed out in preparation for a brutal fight. The order would be broadcasted over the district, both to bolster the morale of the Britannians, and attempt to turn away Rokkenjima. This would be the ultimate test for the Mt.Fuji district. Meanwhile at the border a shout was heard near the border. The sizeable force following the sound put the source of the noise on the spotlight. "By order of his majesty, Emperor Lelouch you are considered a threat!" This call was followed by multiple troops taking a firing stance and preparing to fire their arms as well as call in mortar support. Overkill did not exist at a time like this.
  15. Ambassador's Office "At the end of the day our fight against communism is only for when it poses a threat to Britannia or her interests. What the Arabs wish to do is what the Arab's wish to do. Should there be a time they are oppressed or there is a threat we will consider it. However, the deal at our table isn't completely off. We're willing to work alongside Israel if the time comes that the threat becomes grave." He sipped the rest of his drink before putting it down gently as he relaxed.
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