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  1. Lelouch Vi Britannia


    Or perhaps once again take the large rule book and the AA game style you would like and bring back ORP. Those who want your changes and so on will join and those who don't will stay in the "lala land of sandboxes" Have people what they want to have, both or just one or none. Rather than forcing one overall ruleset on everything when some people won't budge on the direction.
  2. Lelouch Vi Britannia


    Wants to prevent the rp from dying Literally has said they want to kill rp GG
  3. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Suprise! Suprise! It failed again

    Well from what I know the people who don't partake in the rp anymore it's because they're no longer younger and have actual irl stuff to do. Zafri, for example, stepped away bc he's getting into uni and whatnot. I stepped away previously because I was working and didn't have the energy to write. Hell a lot of other people I don't even see anymore. I would say it's less dickwaving (Since imo it's really just eva and Mogar now) and more the appeal is no longer there. The rp has been around for a few years and not enough fresh faces and joining. Of course if rules and all that is whats gonna make the rp great again Donald Trump style I can just point to the fact that it came and went faster than any other rp we put togther here. My two cents of course, I stopped caring a year ago.
  4. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Wings of the Dragon

    h Western Cuba With the arrival of the Britannian Military plans to secure the border have begun to be put in place. The total estimate for troops entering Cuba numbers around five to ten thousand. This, of course, doesn't include armoured vehicles, support units or how much of the Navy and Air Force will be deployed. Meanwhile the Court of Pendragon has assured the Britannian public that this will be the final relocation of armed troops out of Britannia until the holidays have passed over and therefore hopefully gaining support for this move.
  5. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    December Claims:
  6. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Wings of the Dragon

    Jiangsu Lelouch paced around a makeshift camp not far from Shanghai where some of the Chinese military was holed up. "It's fairly simple, we will arm and supply your resistance in return for a handful of Britannians to use the area as an outpost to monitor the situation." Lelouch recapped to the soldiers. "Rest assured, cooperate and our coalition will reclaim what's rightfully yours." he continued as the soldiers raised their rifles and cheered as a few self-propelled artillery were delivered. Aboard the Avalon as Lelouch made his way home he prepared to make an announcement on live television. Lelouch: "Following the latest massacre at the hands of Rokkenjima against the Chinese the choice to withdraw military and trade deals with their government has been approved by a majority of the Court of Pendragon. As such, I, the Emperor of The Holy Britannian Empire effectively have chosen to end the outstanding relations we have with them and instead pledge our support to freeing those who've been occupied and support those who wish for freedom." Western Cuba and Area Following reports of retired Zodiac members residing in Cuba the Britannian Armed Forces mobilized once again for a swift and quick removal of the threat which lay to the south of their border. In a coordinated attack, Britannian transport ships landed on the Western end of Cuba while the navy focused on capturing key island chains to ensure there would be no escape. The Britannian media has justified the move as a necessary step to end a terrorist organization in the region for good.
  7. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The end of the former USA

    Wisconsin Early morning saw the beginning of the action when the sounds of jets roaring followed by an explosion woke the nearby towns. Britannian troops had begun to cross the border in response to the earlier terrorist attack at the Northern Michigan checkpoint. Following the jets were LAVs and tanks rolling through as they headed towards a known criminal outpost located deep inside the state. The Britannian presence was now known as the day progressed more and more troops poured in as they moved to push out any criminal elements deep into the state. It was all a ploy, however, while the division split into two separate forces the enemy wouldn't be able to accurately know how big the threat was until it was over. While the invasion had just begun the Court of Pendragon has confirmed at least 25 criminals have been arrested and multiple criminal hideouts have been bombed with unknown casualties. In the meantime, Britannia has acquired Bermuda from local warlords via gunboat diplomacy. Further plans to build a naval base have already begun and the naval capabilities are expected to grow to accommodate for such.
  8. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The end of the former USA

    Northern Michigan Near the border between Britannian Michigan and uncontrolled American territory, the Britannian military had placed multiple checkpoints. These checkpoints were guarded with fences and outposts with multiple armed guards and armoured cars. However, due to the increased opposition and terror attacks, nearby much of the civilian presence was relocated more inland. This was due to plans to expand the border and the need for room for the relocation of the military. As early morning approached things remained quiet around the border. It wasn't long however before an engine revving was heard. Soldier: "Possible truck attack is heading towards us, deploy the barricades." With the press of a few buttons angled barricades lifted out of the ground to prevent any vehicles from plowing into the outpost. Soldier: "Alright let's deploy guns, be prepared to apprehend the terrorist." It wasn't the first time that terrorists prepared to attack, however this time it would be different. As the truck drove by it turned in front of the barricade to reveal a mounted machine gun in the back. "Down down down!" the order was shouted as terrorists unloaded rounds into the Britannian outpost and took off before any Britannian soldiers could fire back. Soldier: "HQ we're under attack possible casualties, the enemy has fled inland." Pendragon Lelouch: "This is the fifth attack this month on our border. The Americans were right on a lawless land between our nations, perhaps the natives know we are coming after them". Lelouch finished speaking to the Knights of Round. "I propose...a full invasion inland, we will blitz any military installments and enforce martial law until the situation has calmed down." Suzaku spoke up as he laid out the blueprints for everyone else to see. "We can assemble the Northern Armoured Divison and deploy them into Wisconsin, along with a few jets and bombers." The Knights all agreed and the order to mobilize 20 thousand soldiers and their respected support units were given.
  9. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Claim are located as the arrows moving through or pointing at
  10. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The Grand Theatre

    Pendragon Following the return of the Emperor back to the Empire there wasn't any time to rest. What was put forward as a covert operation to defend against British aggression has begun slowly turning to the side of war. Without rest and having to act quickly the Emperor wrote up two orders and two letters. The first order: On the orders of the Emperor or Viceroy, should a codeword be spoken the REDACTED would be prepared to REDACTED as done to Britannia in the past. The second order: Two letter would be sent to King Ciel and Corbyn, the Premier of the British. The letter would be sent immediately and would detail out and invite both leaders together. Both nations under a common mediator would work out a possible treaty to slow or stop the wheels of war. The second order was the one that the Emperor decide to go through with. While preparations for the first were made in the meantime. Rest would be a luxury that could no longer be afforded as a familiar path began to reveal itself in this time.
  11. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The Grand Theatre

    Pendragon The Knights of the Round and Court of Pendragon all assembled. Nearly everyone was accounted for except the man at the top, the Emperor. Lelouch was away dealing with foreign trouble in the Meta Board along with a small Chinese detachment. This meant that the entire Britannian army and country's decisions lied with the Witch of Britannia. A fitting name for the only member of Britannia to end multiple hostile engagements that could have led to all-out war. As such, she took to the floor, the media like a light switched on and focused on her. C.C: "When his majesty was still a teenager he made an agreement with a child across the ocean. Not just any child but a king of a powerful nation. Their friendship had only one regret and one thorn. That their nation was to come first before anything else. Neither of them made agreements as individuals but as leaders. As we are once again allied with this king and his nation his majesty will keep his word true to his people and the allies of his people. We didn't manufacture an extra bullet, we didn't mobilize a single extra man against anyone once we returned." C.C: "The British across this grand body of water have begun to prepare a formidable army. One we admire, one we hope not to face. But, no civilian in this nation will sit comfortably knowing an ally of ours is being pushed around by a bully. If they dare to face King Ciel unprovoked and without probable cause we won't sit idly by. We learned with Mog[Corp] in Arabia, don't let Britannia teach you a lesson the same way. " As C.C stepped down and the court cleared the media went buzzing trying to ask questions and get more information. However, the Knights and C.C declined any further comments or questions leaving the theatre to enter it's next act.
  12. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The Grand Theatre

    Above the former USA lands between Britannia and the Allied States of America Aboard the Avalon the Emperor of Britannia along with a small personal relaxed as they flew above the dividing lands. Lelouch had just finished a phone call as he gazed through the window before he spoke. "We've achieved nearly everything we need in this theatre of operation. We have operations ready to move inland and across the ocean. All that remains now is to wait for Britannia and the Americans to finish annexing the land that divides us." *Classified* Meanwhile, a small fleet of cargo ships embarked on a mission to deliver various resources to Scandinavia as apart of their renewed treaty. However, the unknown mighty escort they were given from beneath the sea in the form of submarines. The Britannian government had made arrangements to supply multiple anti-air and ship weapons and parts for self-defense in an undisclosed agreement made a few weeks prior. Lelouch sat back down as he began to eat. It was clear that while peace had been a relative blessing for some. For others and soon Britannia, the blessing they take for granted would very soon become a thing of the past. Alliances of the old always lead to war, our forefathers and now us, an endless loop of war. The only difference that remains is when and who.
  13. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Diplomacy at the Table

    Pendragon, The Holy Britannian Empire With more and more nations, interests and a new world to dive into swords and pens are bound to clash. As Britannia builds up their country from the ground up without its usual colonies much of the required resources needed to do so must either come from war or diplomacy. Thankfully, the route taken has caused no deaths on either side and has opened up Britannia to the world of diplomacy rather quickly to ensure their goals are met. The Allied States of America: With the former USA lands now divided between Britannia and the ASA a small patch of land divides the two giants. Following the treaty of America both Britannia and the Allied States of America have signed that the remaining land will be equally divided between the two nations. Alongside this will be the promise that once law and order are secured immigration and cooperation will have a chance to reach the diplomatic table to be further discussed and closely unite the two countries. Rokkenjima: Allies and enemies throughout their history the dice have decided that for not both Britannia and Rokkenjima will become allies rather than enemies. With the signing of the treaty of Mt.Fuji a connection will be established between the two nations. Britannia will be able to accumulate their Sakuradite, allow tourism and immigration to and from Rokkenjima. While also securing an optional defense and optional aggression pact. This will hopefully bring the two nations closer to the same side. So long no hands are tied. Sweden: After the fallout over the Ruhr the nations of Sweden and Britannia have once again taken up the mantle and united as allies once again. Trade, communication, economic, and military support will resume as it once did in the golden age of both of these countries. While no defensive or aggressive pacts have been signed, a NAP has been signed. Alongside a guarantee of no Swedish colonization in North America and no Britannian colonization in Europe.
  14. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    A Demon Reborn

    Pendragon, The Holy Britannian Empire's Capital Lelouch remained seated on the steps of Exelcia Garden as he surveyed the pond before standing before his country. Standing by him and with him in front of so many was Suzaku, his childhood friend, and Military Commander, C.C, the witch of Britannia, and Jeremiah his bodyguard. The three had spent nearly their entire political career and new life together leading the largest Empire that ever occupied Orbis. While they were hidden and operated proxy governments new stories unfolded between them. They had now acquired the lessons of war and the strength to lead the country back to its former glory. It was now time to speak. Lelouch: "People of Britannia! The division of our great nation has finally come to an end. Today marks the unification of our once great empire and the first step to our ultimate goal. It has been a long time since I once faced you as Emperor of Britannia, one may say too long. However, time will now be an ally rather than an enemy, our mistakes will serve as lessons and our success will guide us to the end. I once again, on this fateful day declare that The Holy Britannian Empire shall return to the world, I, Lelouch Vi Britannia will return as Emperor!" "No longer will we hide in the shadows, our time is now!" "All Hail Britannia!"
  15. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Application: Nation name: The Holy Britannian Empire Population (may use in-game numbers): Population density (may use in-game numbers): Official currency: Britannian Dollar GDP (may use in-game numbers): GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): Form of government: Absoulte Monarchy Describe your nation: Code Geass Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yep Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use):

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