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  1. or we just get rid of NPP like any reasonable person would
  2. Thank You!! Also how are the members pulled for each alliance, GodFury does seem to be missing a few. They have 45 members in game and 36 in the stats.
  3. @FrawleyThis nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=125629 from GodFury seems to missing
  4. Lol the search function is significantly better than what we get in game
  5. wait what Guardian has an average cc of 26?
  6. solid logs, shiffty should be embarrassed you beat him to this
  7. I didn't think anyone cared for CB at this point why is this post so downvoted, did some1 get butt hurt?
  8. Fark currently has one active war, I'm excited to see if they counter blitz...this could be the first ever 3 way Edit: WTF at impressive active war count of 4. They're probably too busy to join in against "real" vanguard
  9. I think they went for their intended target, the shit posting was probably a distraction it wasn't clear who would win in a 280 nations v 1200??
  10. We need UPN CSI to get to the bottom of this
  11. I'd have to agree with Erland, the "value of infra destroyed" is nonsense
  12. From the raw data, how is nation ID assigned to each war since there's 2 nations involved. Is it just the attacking nations? @Sketchy or it could be completely off depending on when he actually made the stat tracker. He hasn't touched it for years from the looks of it. Also wouldn't the raw data he pulled be the same as the stat tracker so the infra values should match right or is he using his own formula to calculate infra values
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