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  1. send me your engineers, what the actual frick
  2. 8mrgrim8

    Shifty News Network-Insider report from the globalist cabal

    What does that even mean?
  3. 8mrgrim8

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    @Hodor Here's what you were looking for I guess.
  4. 8mrgrim8

    Let's Dance!

    I think its 50% dickish antics, 50% "rumors". Honestly thought you guys would see this coming a mile away, they took forever to militarize and blitz
  5. 8mrgrim8

    Some random stats 3.0

    why would http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Ayyslamic_Crusade be considered a global war, a lot major players weren't involved: Guardian, TKR, TCW, pantheon, t$. That's 5 of the top 10 alliances.
  6. 8mrgrim8

    Name that war!

    lol 10 nukes, scrub status https://politicsandwar.com/leaderboards/kilnuk
  7. 8mrgrim8

    New Radiant Order #UnderSiege

    TLDR: RW DoW on CKD?
  8. 8mrgrim8

    Guardian Announcement

    Alpha rn: Beige Nations: 18 (105.88%)
  9. 8mrgrim8


    Don't assume NK understands any of the war mechanics. why do you think they resorted to nukes
  10. 8mrgrim8

    Guardian Announcement

    only have 55 days of food left, please donate a nuke so my people dont starve: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=14776
  11. how are we suppose to know this exploit when we never launched nukes?
  12. 8mrgrim8

    Guardian Announcement

    we only used 19 nations to take you guys out in the initial blitz while you guys were fully militarize (hardly 2 to 1). Also who's fault is it that your scores are ridiculously inflated
  13. so your saying you filled their defensive slots with nations without militaries so no1 can counter them effectively...who's side are you on really?
  14. what are even talking about, this war started for you
  15. Yes everyone fully expected SA to roll over. But we had to hit alpha because they are active during wars.

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