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  1. The Church of Atom is beating sworn enemies The Imperialists, masters of the shackles, Get up proletarian tear the slave whip and the whole world will sing the victorious anthem under Atom's banner in a single alliance Atom unites all In an indestructible stronghold where His Holiness leads us to eternal life Get up off your knees, world of hungry slaves Now we are united, where everyone is ready More courage comrade, break the chains of evil There is a struggle for a just cause forward to victory for our Alliance we will be faithful to Atom and James II who illuminated our great path and inspired us to this feat
  2. Implying Church of Atom has meat. Thanks!
  3. Who needs to share? When you're a raider, you just take!
  4. Inflation calculators go back only to 1913 when Wilson Betrayed....I mean it's not 1881 inlfation but if you account for inflation against 1913 we'd be worth 27 billion!
  5. It obviously festered long enough for you to go back and edit your post 3 minutes later. No one tried to hurt your feelings, you took offense on your own.
  6. You as in the Common Wealth was the intention, I knew you'd try and cry about a personal attack so I got my crayons out for you.
  7. That's rich coming from the Common Wealth 😮
  8. you've been rolled twice in the last few weeks. I thought you could use a break.
  9. I don't think anyone is surprised you'd try to downplay cheating.
  10. Why are you trying to steal Dwight's identity?
  11. I don't know who Jim is. Either way, no one is paying you 100 mil.
  12. Your counter offer was him to pay you 100 mil + your original demands. You're not very good at negotiating. Let me know when you're ready to come to a reasonable resolution.
  13. Because Blacklight wasn't clear if Blackie should change his discord name, or just change his nickname in the servers that Blacklight was in. It's a question of whether or not he's making OOC demands for IG benefit. Blackie offered to change his name on the servers they shared, Blacklight didn't respond so I'm assuming he was expecting OOC demands.
  14. I think this would be a good idea, so long as their are negative buffs too. For example, livestock will cause more pollution, especially cows. Ceratin materials for military buffs should increase pollution and the cost of soldier upkeep since those materials would need to be mined, processed, and implemented. Depleted uranium tipped shells will cost more to produce/store than a standard one.
  15. It's pretty obvious he doesn't have the money.
  16. Clearly you don't have the money to do it. All talk. If you place the bounty I'll do it.
  17. Alliance of the Year: t$Most Powerful Alliance: RoseMost Improved Alliance: CarthagoBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): Golden Pheonix CoalitionMost Missed Alliance: HaBest Alliance for New Players: e$ Most Honorable Alliance: t$Most Immoral Alliance: RoseMost Controversial Alliance: RoseBiggest Warmongers: MythicBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Grumpy Old BastardsWorst Fighting Alliance: RoseBest Alliance Growth: CarthagoBiggest Alliance Decline: Children Of The LightMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: House StarkMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: The ImmortalsBest Economics Department: t$Best Foreign Affairs Department: t$ Best Internal Affairs Department: CarthagoBest Milcom Department: t$Best Government Line-Up: CarthagoWorst Foreign Affairs Move: Rose/HM/Swamp Secret treatiesAlliance with Best In-Character Posts: t$Alliance with Best Propaganda: t$
  18. @Changeup Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Could you please give us screen shots or the nation name so that we can have more information. As we use the exact same code as other alliances, it would be important for us to know if we need to make any changes to the code we've been running for several months. Either @Alex has changed something, or there is an artifact we need to identify. Thanks for all your help!
  19. I doubt it was a typo. If you intended to say 1000 nations it would have completely undermined your claim. It was absolutely intentional. It would be more accurate to say that you either didn't know we didn't have only 900 nations and Hegemony sphere had 2k, or you mixed Swamp and Quack numbers up. But, I'm pretty sure you were intentionally being misleading. Either way, in this 'confession' you lied again. Which means you've doubled your sins. You'll need to double the amount you give to the church in order for absolution.
  20. It's pretty obvious I was disagreeing, not that my opinion matters. It's a fact that Swamp is larger than quack regardless of what you, SRD, or I think. That's the funny thing about facts.
  21. It's an objective fact we were not....Swamp was/is.
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