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  1. Alright man. There is nothing between those two posts that contradicts a single thing said, in fact, I would say it reinforces claims. 1. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. This has been further pointed at and it's even worse according to more recent screenshots, nothing said in my second post remotely discredits this claim. 2. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Horsecock did, to his credit, try to prove me wrong on this by showing off all the wars he won from nuking some larger nations. That was round 1. While I do admit to being dramatic in saying 10 cities, it still is nations that don't bring much money and have lower infra levels. Now it's round 2 and how many nations over 20 cities do you guys have the ability to nuke right now? In my second post I mention that Rose already has nations out of your range back to business as usual, this is because now you will be nuking our smaller nations. You can't reach us where it hurts anymore, but please - continue to boast about literally every small victory you can; all you're doing is reminding me why I dropped you and your first alliance as a protectorate all those years ago when I led Rose. (Which is no small feat, I signed pretty much everyone who knocked at my door for a protectorate and you were one of two that I ever remember dropping.) 3. Pointing out how unfair the odds are with them being 5:1 - you hit an alliance that had a protectorate and you’re throwing a fit about people honoring it? Now here you see me agree that we have overwhelming odds, and I explain why that situation existed under it's current condition. I outright say that Rose blitz was a success for Rose if you also include the edit I added just minutes after posting. Immediately after saying it was a success for Rose I suggest that it didn't need to be a perfect blitz because of our number advantage. It's fine we had several hiccups. This one is actually hilarious too, because Horsecock's reply to me saying claim 3 is acting like he isn't upset - showing off his successes; while yours is to give a sarcastic congrats because you're a bitter little prick. All you did was prove me right, and throw a fit right after I say you are throwing a fit. So please inform me how I'm backing out on anything I initially said.
  2. I don't claim rose had a good blitz. I think KT is doing more damage to themselves long term in this whole situation though. Rose already has tons of nations out of range and business as usual again. KT doesn't. EDIT: Rose blitz was good, for Rose. But still plenty room for improvement. We had enormous number advantages.
  3. You can boast about a guy being ill prepared for war all you want but last I checked your entire alliance had 200 planes and nearly no spies left. Nice raid. I’m sure you’ll reap the political and financial benefits of nuking the shit out of our 10 city nations. Pointing out how unfair the odds are with them being 5:1 - you hit an alliance that had a protectorate and you’re throwing a fit about people honoring it? You knew what you were risking, now bite the pillow.
  4. I am starting an awards system for competitive Dota 2. PM me to arrange a 200k buyin for opportunity to win 700k. https://forms.gle/bxN9tFXCdEm7S4u48
  5. Currently setting up a way to bet pnw cash on your favorite esports teams/players. Hit me up for details or if you want to help. 

  6. Pubstomper

    New Era

    I've been playing this game for a long time, a very long time - the entirety of my adulthood. I've seen many people and political webs come and go. In light of recent events I can't help but disagree with all the folks saying the game is going to die from this. In fact, I actually think it's going to head the opposite way. The best example I've seen made for this argument was one of Prefontaine explaining that these alliances disbanding might end up fine for the game due to pushing members with ambitions to do great things going on to pursue their ambitions. He pointed out that when he departed TEst they essentially vanished as the TEst we knew but out of it came Knights Templar and others came from the ashes of it. The coming months are going to be rich with opportunity for anyone who wants to get their name out their and give the realpolitik a go. I absolutely implore you to chase your ambitions, nearly none of the large alliances around want anything to do with committing to a new war, there will be tons of people looking for new long term homes, and the whole treaty web is due to have a shake up with alliances being just removed from it. I think a good handful of us are looking forward to see where things go from here, cheers to all.
  7. I've settled for rose, and you should settle too
  8. bring back yoso and strum, make bk great again
  9. Where is anson? Ask him about that cheat rose did.
  10. Can’t wait for a year or so from now when some of these salty bois reroll to come back after rage quitting now
  11. Lmao they are literally breaking the law to fund their war in this game.... and you guys are defending them for it? I do hope that those who genuinely want to play recover quickly, regardless of sphere.
  12. Agian this answer is just as useless as the one Roq posted. I was asking about the roq post because it seemed more reliable, while still not really answering anything.
  13. Are you talking about this? Where your leader says "we don't know anymore"
  14. Because they care about the PR of having an alliance prematurely leave the war, it gives the other side even more leverage in negotiations and in the long run hurts your chances of making friends. What did I spin? He literally said KT was exempt. Then I asked a question.
  15. And yet you just posted why KT isn't allowed the same courtesy. Was that an official statement and you're just the messenger?
  16. So you meant to say: Your whole coalition decided it would only negotiate peace as a unified coalition, therefore you never seeked an individual surrender. The option has always been there except for KT, Rose, TGH, TKR, GoB, t$, and a few others.
  17. How many more of you are going to Paris? @Dynamic
  18. Some really frightening protectors you've found yourself.
  19. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: TGH Most Powerful Alliance: NPO Best Military: TGH Best Rookie Alliance: TGH Best Flag: Rose Best War Flag: I don't ever pay attention to those, alliances that use them are tryhard. Most Active Alliance: KT Most Honourable Alliance: Guardian Most Improved Alliance: Rose, in the year 2018 I would say they have broken from the "Rose blitz LUL" stigma they had for so long. Best Diplomatic Team: TGH Best Economic System: NPO Best Recruiting Staff: Typhon Best Propaganda Staff: TGH Best Alliance Growth: NPO Best Forums: It's 2019 Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: TGH Most Immoral Alliance: TGH Most Controversial Alliance: TGH Best Alliance for New Players: Arrgh Most Missed Alliance for 2018: Mensa Best Re-started/Re-branded alliance of 2018: TEst PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Buorhann Most Powerful Player: Partisan Best Alliance Leader: Buorhann Most Controversial Player: Queen M Most Dynamic Player: Partisan Best Player Sig: Don't really look at them anymore. Best Player Avatar: Mine Best OOC Poster: Shifty Best IC Poster: Pre Nicest Player: Purplemoon Funniest Player: Shifty Most Active Player: *shrug* Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019: Buorhann Best New Addition to the Community: *shrug* COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/22656-horton-hears-a-who/&do=findComment&comment=361887 Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) N/A Biggest Controversy: Cynic boi Funniest Event: Pantheon Bank Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): N/A Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) N/A Best Declaration of War: (provide a link) N/A Biggest Meme: TFP Largest E-Peen: Still Pfeiffer Best Villain: Pre Most Hated Poster: Kastor Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Adama WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: TRF Worst Military of the Year: TFP Worst Diplomatic Move: TKR shoving their dick in every sphere. Most Inactive Large Alliance: TFP Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2019: TFP Worst Player of the Year: Kurdanak Worst Princess of the Year: Kurdanak Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Queen M Worst Treaty of the Year: (provide a link) Most of them tbh Worst Forum Poster: Kurdanak. Worst Nation Setup: Kurdanak Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2018): TFP, and Kurdanak. Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2019: TGH will have it's time rolling and being rolled.
  20. I sexually Identify as an Polaris. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of being triggered and kicking people from my discord server. People say to me that a person being a Polaris is Impossible and I’m fricking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install weak ass members, bad leadership and sensitive frickers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Polar” and respect my right to be a weakling. If you can’t accept me you’re a polaphobe and need to check your alliance privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
  21. Lol literally this could be about TKR pulling the trigger on EMC. I can’t take this reply seriously actually, get me out.
  22. Completely ignoring you have the next largest alliance in score working with you as well. I commend the graphic but it ignores so many situational conditions for each of those wars. Also, it's true - people won't go to war anymore unless they are pretty convinced they will win. The last war I can think of that was really "could go either way" great VE war. Oktoberfest /should/ have been an easy win for UPN but uhh didn't work out. "You're too big" is an argument you'll see in every war you have so long as you guys keep on doing math before you hit.
  23. I suppose I didn't elaborate. It's not incriminating to TGH, you do have good dirt over the KT gov and trying to debate that would be uhhh questionable. I suppose we will just have to disagree on the bit about taking kastor seriously with regards to him having any say in who we hit. I don't think it was a bad call for you guys to hit us. You had good reason to hit KT, who if hit we would defend. I was genuine when saying you guys played a good hand. You seem so convinced that we were plotting against you but to my knowledge (and I may have missed the memo) TGH gov hasn't discussed any plan to hit TKR until we started exploring what we might have to do, defensively, if we were hit by you. Right now you are fighting KT, and TGH - but you just rolled nuke bloc (who also had it coming) and IQ doesn't always have the warmest feelings for you - not that they do for us either. My point is that there is essentially one place that actually has any weight for the foreseeable future, and that's you guys. I think you are taking a lot of what I'm saying as accusatory or aggressive towards you. I'm really just trying to say, while you have reasons to hit us in this war, claiming that TGH was actively plotting to attack you really isn't one of those reasons.
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