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A Final Ringside Address

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Six months ago a band of other worldly refugees from the Mushroom Kingdom, The Order of the Paradox, and an assortment of other (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) alliances gathered together their best minds to create a new alliance to serve as the beacon of our enjoyment in a new world and thus the WWF was born. Unfortunately I am here before you today to announce that journeys end. As the first and last Chairman of the WWF I hereby formally disband the World Wrestling Federation. Now perhaps you're wondering why we've chosen to disband? For some it'll be obvious and for others it may not be but for the sake of brevity it can be summed up as this; we're too old for this [email protected]#$.


Our allies had been informed of our intentions earlier in the week and will be protecting our AA as our members go about finding new homes. That being said I'd like to thank our former protectors in Rose for helping us safely develop in our infancy and giving us the room we needed to grow. In addition to that I'd like to thank VE and the Syndicate for being nothing but the highest quality allies and friends one could hope to have in a world full of new faces it was refreshing to count on the help of old friends as we forged our way through this world. It was a quick ride but I'll dare say we've accomplished much of what we initially set about doing when we forged our bonds and even more so I'd say we can call this a job well done boys. Lastly, to the members of the WWF both past and present I say this it has been a pleasure and privilege to lead you all; I only wish we could've accomplished more of our plans but alas c'est la vie. To those of you who'll continue to play the game I wish you the best of luck going forward and look forward to reading about your accomplishments someday. To those of you who choose to depart entirely, see you on the other side.


To close I'll say this for one last time, ring the bell.

- Thulium, Chairman of the WWF

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Sad to see you go WWF, but it happens and best of luck to you wherever your members go. I will of course always keep the spirit of rassling strong.




One more match! One more match!



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When we set out our FA path months back, WWF was one of the two cornerstones upon which we build. The venture has been profitable. Alas, the product life cycle must end at some point.


WWF,it's been a pleasure.


Don't touch. Syndicate protects.

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