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  1. omg, Apeman, Ashland... Just get a room you two.
  2. O/ SWF It's good to have a socialist themed alliance around again. I apologize in advance to any socialist themed alliances out there I forgot existed.
  3. Always sad to see an alliance disband. Now I'm sorry I didn't get to know y'all very well.
  4. O/ TS O/ Guardian O/ treaties for the treaty god Treaty god=phiney
  5. People be copyin' my style... I'm a trendsetter now guys!
  6. This is just sick and appalling. Who would dare to claim to be protected by someone when they weren't? I find this quite sickening.
  7. lol. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for the welcome.
  8. O/ DEIC O/ protection Thank you DEIC. It's good to be back.
  9. I'll throw my two cents in. Both capitalism and socialism have their place in society. Look at the nordic countries. They have a very nice balance of socialism (their particular flavor) and capitalism. Regulated capitalism has its place in the market place. Socialism is necessary to catch those who simply CAN'T get their head above water. The free market isn't some magical place that allows everybody to be employed and rise to the top. An unfortunate side effect of capitalism is that somebody (most people) MUST be at the bottom, and sometimes the bottom can be an ugly place. Let's not forg
  10. Good luck to all in Titan. I sincerely hope that this time it will be different.
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