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  1. Someone find infiinte_citadel or azaghul and tell them i'm sorry, that i was forced at blade point to raze TKR nations... The scariest moment in my time with GOONS is on updates, when marx would walk around with a machete and talk about how he always wanted to see what the inside of a human looked like. He said he had experimented on animals before and he wanted to go for the real thing.
  2. Familiarity breeds contempt and curiosity alike doesn't it Orbis?
  3. Six months ago a band of other worldly refugees from the Mushroom Kingdom, The Order of the Paradox, and an assortment of other (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) alliances gathered together their best minds to create a new alliance to serve as the beacon of our enjoyment in a new world and thus the WWF was born. Unfortunately I am here before you today to announce that journeys end. As the first and last Chairman of the WWF I hereby formally disband the World Wrestling Federation. Now perhaps you're wondering why we've chosen to disband? For some it'll be obvious and for others it may not be but for the sake of brevity it can be summed up as this; we're too old for this [email protected]#$. Our allies had been informed of our intentions earlier in the week and will be protecting our AA as our members go about finding new homes. That being said I'd like to thank our former protectors in Rose for helping us safely develop in our infancy and giving us the room we needed to grow. In addition to that I'd like to thank VE and the Syndicate for being nothing but the highest quality allies and friends one could hope to have in a world full of new faces it was refreshing to count on the help of old friends as we forged our way through this world. It was a quick ride but I'll dare say we've accomplished much of what we initially set about doing when we forged our bonds and even more so I'd say we can call this a job well done boys. Lastly, to the members of the WWF both past and present I say this it has been a pleasure and privilege to lead you all; I only wish we could've accomplished more of our plans but alas c'est la vie. To those of you who'll continue to play the game I wish you the best of luck going forward and look forward to reading about your accomplishments someday. To those of you who choose to depart entirely, see you on the other side. To close I'll say this for one last time, ring the bell. - Thulium, Chairman of the WWF
  4. Mensa HQ were a quality opponent and they made a solid display in the defense of their alliance and allies for their larger size. Typically larger alliances tend to be somewhat disorganized and partly inactive but I found this to be the opposite of the case in my engagements against them so kudos for that. Best of luck rebuilding. o7
  5. Good luck on righting wrongs Guardian.
  6. It has been fun for sure. I admire the tenacity you've all shown thus far.
  7. It's a feature to make up for navies being made out of paper mache when attacked by planes.
  8. Now there's the Inst I knew and loved...
  9. They won't literally die off or disband I'm only saying they won't be considered one of the top alliances in the game anymore for a long time. Also I'm not mad at all; I'm just very direct about things. Anyone who knows me can tell you that much, I don't really see the point in being coy about things so I'm not. Also, I'm sure they'll rebound eventually but that eventuality won't be for a long while; It's just the cycle of life in political sims.
  10. When you move your war plans up a full month after your leader blows his load and causes half of his own coalition to flip sides you're well into a spiral towards obscurity. I realize you guys may have been relevant in the beta, but nobody cares for the beta now. Here and now you guys are falling and the only thing that's kept your side up ahead of the newer major allliances is the 4 months head start you've had building nations. And with this war, that 4 month head start is going to be torn down... parity will be reestablished and the only thing keeping you a central sphere (your top tier) will become a marginal strength or perhaps even an outright weakness. Going forward you'll need to rebuild yourselves politically but considering you guys have a history of betraying alliances you ally I highly doubt anyone will take you on as anything more then a meat shield. You guys used to use Rose as your mid tier cover and then once they became the #1 alliance you all left them high and dry to be burned. Then you were going to use them again and burn them once more... I wonder how long it would've taken you all to begin the same processes against Mensa HQ had your plans gone accordingly or perhaps they were in the works but you all just managed to keep them under wraps this time? In other words, you've already died but you don't realize it. Your alliance still has strength but as that rots away to the bone it'll suddenly don on you that you've been buried and the obituary read. Now don't take this personally, I don't dislike you or even anyone in your alliance... I respect that you all have the gumption to try and make moves, but I've also played these games for awhile and know what happens when an alliance garners a reputation as traitorous schemers and loses the marginal utility (top tier) they had that made them bearable in the first place. When Guardian drops you it'll make sense... when Mensa ease off relations, it'll make even more sense. And thus, why I refer to you as a dying old guard... because your twilight was in the beta and early history of PW and now you're firmly in the eclipse and a moment later the descent. Because friendship is power, and you'll be hard pressed to find anymore soon enough. Again, I don't say this as an attack... but rather, I'm giving you the cold hard truth.
  11. The Concordia War. The name symbolizes the "loose lips sink ships" principle and how the old guard coup de grâce fell apart in a matter of moments after they failed to compartmentalize their planning... these same sorts of leaks have occurred in the last couple of wars they've organized. But now instead of fighting minnows they're fighting an opposition that can run past them on the track.
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