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  1. Oh shit, I guess this means I can finally leave too. Cheers for taking over mate, you !@#$ing smashed it and kept us true to our original values which was all I asked. One day when I finally finish a game I hope you fancy giving this shit another run out.
  2. Yknow what. For the first time I'm still enjoying war whilst losing. You can plan, take actions and potentially still win wars (won 2/6 with 0 military because I planned, played the war system better than them and was still active). I say leave it how it is, it's doing what Sheepy intended fun wise.
  3. Jesus Christ. Alex posted publicly asking for opinions and suggestions kemal. It really does seem you're being a moron on that point. In what world is that not listening to both sides. It was on like page 8 or something he made his decision. And it wasn't what pre suggested.
  4. Just a quick amusing side point. Yknow the change you made to the timezone to make it equal for more people? Cheers for doing this at 2am and ignoring that *fart noise*
  5. Wasn't it cornerstone that peaced out of a war after less than 2 days as they got beat so bad?, not 100%, but have a feeling you're right though, no one is an angel. Rahl I'll do you a favour, your last reply to pre completely misunderstands what he said and makes no sense, hence the Steve comment. You're welcome.
  6. Fair sorry I thought I'd read you say elsewhere you'd changed it from 1 to 2. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Question, two nukes now equals beige right? So I'd you get a nuke from one then a nuke from another is that beige? Cheers xoxo
  8. He did, but he also wanted it to take longer to get there. He has clearly stated what was done was against his intentions in this update. Thats all I'm pointing out, is it really that hard to understand?
  9. I can't be arsed, just read what Tywin wrote.
  10. You're completely ignoring that spies in the new system have this role because they kill other spies with 30% less efficiency. You guys basically exploited Alex foegetting about disabling spies to get the best of both systems. That is the point Alex is making.
  11. Lets stick with the same tact. I still believe you have always claimed you will quit when sheepy says something you disagree with. I still believe that it's christmas and I cannot be bothered to go through 2800 posts to prove it to you. I still believe that you thought it a fact your soon to be president could never be. I still believe that if you had planned this spy attack more than 2 days in advance at least 1 person should have notified Sheepy that he has forgotten about spy attacks not being able to be retaliated against by disabling the war system.
  12. To quote my favourite film, 'Are you mental?' I said you hid from the admin the fact that spying was still possible and exploitable whilst the war system was disabled. I said you and everyone else on Orbis has poor opsec and we knew about the intended attack before the spy attacks begin. This is to do with politics and obviously something Alex would never know about. Where on earth are these two statements related to the point that one contradicts the other? Good effort though. edit: sidepoint, to the few that are suddenly saying they trusted Alex not to change from what he has said, where have you been and what have you done with yourselves.
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