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  1. Leader Name:Moreau III Nation Name:Ottoman Empire Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=14727 Alliance Name:Phoneix Official nation name: Ottoman empire Population (P&W numbers): 2,497,458 GDP per capita (P&W numbers): $2,729.80 Population density 105.47 people/sq. mi Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don't have one): Describe your Nation IC: Islamist and imperialistic Describe yourself in OOC terms: I have decised to take Roleplay serious enough Have you read, and do you agree to abide with, the rules? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you want to be located? All the remaining turkish provinces,cyprus syria and lebanon realworld geography
  2. 100% NUKED 100% NUKED 100% NUKED 1 0 0 % 100% NUKED 100% NUKED 100% NUKED
  3. As of Today the Ottoman empire has finished its nuclear research program and built its first nuclear weapon. Sultan Moreau has authorized the use of nuclear weapons in every war the Ottoman empire is involved in
  4. All nukes must be decommissioned immediately, and every alliance should work towards making sure all nations under their authority with a Nuclear Research Facility are fully compensated & their facility subsequently destroyed in 3 months!
  5. Gentlemen, a 170% increase in the price of food on the market overnight is something that should be of the utmost concern to us all, especially as our current food production sits at 0%. To say that things will get better because we will adapt to the scarcity of food is simply not true, things will only get worse as periods of Global food growth will now be limited by future conflicts, making food more and more expensive. It is no exaggeration to say that we are now experiencing the single biggest global crises in Orbis history & failure to act decisively now will only result in us having to make a much tougher decision further down the line!
  6. The Ottoman empire decleares neutrallity.
  7. Global Nuclear Radiation Index 692.16 North America Radiation Index 1,338.09 Food Production: -100.00% South America Radiation Index 417.78 Food Production: -100.00% Europe Radiation Index 577.50 Food Production: -100.00% Asia Radiation Index 396.19 Food Production: -100.00% Africa Radiation Index 455.31 Food Production: -100.00% Australia Radiation Index 275.96 Food Production: -96.81% Nuclear Weapons Detonated in Last 24 Hours 206 Just a few more nukes in australia and i can establish a market monopoly
  9. Loving the view of Kurdish terrorist sympathisers dying in their rage!! Please do continue to die in your rage.
  10. Dont forget the jews got massive aid from the US
  11. Salahudeen might have been a kurd but what matters is that he is muslim,he would fight these communist nationalistic kurds today
  12. Jerusalem shall be under Muslim rule
  13. They came to fight ISIS but today the Turkish forces, the US backed rebels, Assad, the Kurdish Communist forces, all of them are fighting each other. This reminds me of a certain verse from the Qur'an " You think they (the Kuf'far) are together but their hearts are divided " (59:14) BREAKING : It has been confirmed, the Turkish forces are invading Kurdish Communist held Kobane right now. The war is now full scale.
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