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  1. When I see TCW is again at the center of this war...
  2. Imagine explaining to a new member that the guy making these legendary meme posts was and is also one of the most influential players in the game. Props on another great post Prefonteen
  3. Dude I was at a porta-potty at work and had to go through 2 captchas to attack you... which probably helped you get that gc. Congrats to you and let's rumble
  4. I mean can you really call my attack total war though? I feel like me consensually attacking and still getting ragdolled is more embarrassing than those who got attacked getting rekt. Long story short this war is a good thing for me because I'm getting embarrassed so badly this war that I may be sort of up to date by the time the next one comes.
  5. I know right? Feels like it's been forever since I wasn't involved in the first round of a war.

    Multi Time

    Alataq is my brother. And everyone knows that we're two different people, otherwise we would've been banned in 2016.

    Multi Time

    Every like month someone reports this lol. It's not your fault or anything, but it'd be nice if people would read the other ones.

    Multi Time

    Maybe use all of that research to look at past posts on the forums, like the 5 others where we hashed this out? Or look at our posting history and see that we have dramatically different posting histories? Or talk to anyone who has played for a while and they'd confirm that we're brothers? I guess I appreciate your enthusiasm for multi catching, but you should probably look into stuff a little more before posting constant accusations. Yes Sheepy, I will get verified at some point soon so this isn't a thing anymore...
  9. We have literally discussed this like 5 different time publicly, including on Prefontaine's radio show long ago. TBF this hasn't come up while Bjorn has been playing this game but if need be I can try to find logs. The only reason we haven't been verified is that we had been playing for like 3+ years before that even became a thing, we can do that now though.
  10. Omg stop attacking our allies
  11. Lmao I think this is the first ever DoW to protect an ally that subtly roasts said ally.
  12. I am very confused by the guy who's upset on here and by the mass deletion that's happening. Alex found and banned some scrubs that were using this exploit, and then took the resources away and banned them. I can see NPO being upset by the GPWC thing, but this seems 100% clear cut. Am I missing something?
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