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  1. Hello, as some of you know we had our first official show on Factory Fresh Media last Friday.The fantastic Sweeeeeeet Ronny D came on our show to trash talk just about everyone (including MrBooty). You can find the first recording here: It was a great show imo. Also please remember to subscribe to updates about my show by clicking the peach icon on the Factory Fresh media page (it's the one I have highlighted). We're trying to have another show this Friday, but I will be in the foreign territory of Alaska on a boat so we may not be able to. Thank you to all of those who tuned in to the first episode or who have listened to it after :D.
  2. Hello everyone! I am super duper excited to announce that PrimeTime BootyTime has both an official weekly time and an official co-host! Our first regular show will be on Friday, July 5th at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 eestern tyme). Kimmy and I will be talking about the war and the performance of certain major alliances, as well as any major news updates that come up. We’ll wrangle guests during this week, and hopefully this time some of them decide to show up on time. We will be doing this show in the Factory Fresh Media discord group assuming that Charlie ever gets around to making a channel for us. We will also be looking for advertisers to buy ads on our show. Charlie and Kev are beaurocrocucks and so they’ll need to approve any ad before we play it, but we can also make the ads for you if you’d like. We're going to try to record it and put it somewhere, but there's nothing like hearing it live . Please hit me up if you need help getting to the discord channel or if you're lonely

    Prime Time Booty Time Round 2

    thank you! Noted. I am so appreciative I wont write a diss track for the second part of this

    Prime Time Booty Time Round 2

    Yup You were really good on great job It was a little depressing though, and made me want to sob that said I dont know how to record shows someone should show me and be a bro wank spank Money in the bank Rose rolling like a tank Smoking our opponents like that dank You should listen in Maybe even call in That would be a big win Our guest list is a little thin
  5. Hey everyone Prime Time Booty Time will be returning tomorrow, June 25th, at 9 p.m. Pacific time (12 pm Eastern for you eastcoastcucks)! Join the Rose discord server to listen in! DTCJustice, Kevonia, and Charlie Traveller (more famously knows as the bullshit babbler) will probably be on the show, as will some potential special guests! We'll discuss the war, the politics, and the fact that Rose is likely about to become the number 1 alliance in nation score! Yup


    Im down Charlie has been ignoring the crap out of me tho so maybe not

    We are here for the Whales

    Yup You're still going to get spanked, even though you brought in the alliance of bank You best build up fortification, and build up your tanks Our lower tier is screwed though rip that said, the damage will only amount to a nip

    Official BK-sphere announcement

    You're not being attacked while we have all this lag lol

    Introducing: Prime Time Booty Time

    Yes. Pacific time master time.

    Introducing: Prime Time Booty Time

  11. What is up yo Im going to put on a show Going to spread it by radio and share with the world my mad flow It's going to be at 8:30 pm pacific and 11:30 pm eastern time this Saturday, the 15th. The channel will be #prime-time-booty-time-chat in the Rose discord, and after the official show we will open up the voice channel to everyone, creating the largest clusterfrick in orbis radio history. Here is the tentative schedule (please note the show could start later if an irl meeting I have runs over, though I hope it wont :O) 1-30: Rose, Old Leaders, and then New Leaders. We will discuss the earlier part of the game in which I was sort of relevant and in the loop and hopefully tell fun stories you havent heard before. 30-35: Me bragging about prowess on test server 35-42: Me talking with Nao about him being a homie 42-43: Excessive Drinking 43-73: Kev, Charlie, and Dio. We will discuss the current game and a bit of the olden times 73-73: I mute myself while crying heavily 73- 80: “Talking Shit” with potential special guests 80-81: MrBooty begging for in-game money like a little !@#$ 81-82: MrBooty apologized to Jean Parisot 82-84: MrBooty performes Jean Parisot rap 84-92: I dont have anything planned for this but lets be blunt we are definitely going to run over time a bit so this is a cushion time for when we inevitably do 92: Literally everyone in the chat is unmuted. Some of our guests may leave but MrBooty will stay. MrBooty never backs down from the chaos. *No that was not an endorsement or insult of chaos bloc. **frick chaos block and bullshit babbler ***no actually I really like the idea behind chaos bloc I’ll prolly talk about this during the show Edit: Hey, I'm a cuck and so I said the wrong time... I have something then. Please peep the time change. The one now in the post is right.

    The Best of Mr Booty

    hahahha thank you guys. Also I actually did used to be the leader of the 14th largest alliance. I will try to l dig up old treaties since some of them were pretty gold.

    The Fraggle Quest To 1000

    I have to give you props man... Nuke fees are expensive af and you are probably the only nation to just decide not to pay them by not having cash on hand. That probably wouldn't work as a strategy in real life, but props nonetheless.
  14. It's worth noting that there's a wee bit of market manipulation going on here. Some nations have multiple huge offers posted, which may mean that they only have enough resources to supply one of those offers. The only thing is that if that 3 billion was used to push the prices up we'd probably see an increase of nations putting their resources up for sale, pushing the prices back down. down. Also, raws costing more vis a vi manufactured materials is good for small nations when you consider that usually its the smaller nations making the raws and bigger nations refining them.


    Lmao did Pre retire and un-retire again? I really like the dynamic that Pre adds to the game, but I think he's "retired" only to un-retire and become a major player MULTIPLE times at this point. He's the Brett Farve of P&W.

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