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  1. You say this like a math problem I posted didn’t trigger your entire sphere yesterday.
  2. Thank you I appreciate you writing that, as well as the DM. I totally get the feeling of sometimes getting heated 🙂 This is interesting and a good point for sure, but at the same time I have commerce buildings at relatively low infra and I'm making money.
  3. We have about the same infra as you, but you're paying much more in upkeep :P.
  4. Are you guys disputing my numbers, or claiming that an extra billion in upkeep is irrelevant? Also saying I have a mental issue seems to be pretty OOC for a side that has constantly complained about toxicity and OOC attacks? I'm not offended, but I do think it's hypocritical.
  5. As Coalition B has reminded us, they have A LOT more military than the Good Guys ™, but there is another side to this that noone has discussed that I think has HUGE ramifications on the game (sorry that my font changed btw, dont know how that happened). Anyway, let's take the last day that is readily available to look further into this. On September 11th Coalition B had 129,089,441 soldiers, while Kerthtog had 45,662,721 soldiers. Lets do math 129,089,441- 45,662,721= 83,426,720 Multiple this by the cost of soldiers at war:.. 83,426,720 X 1.25 =104,283,400$ This is approximately 104 Million Dollars in cost that has been forgotten. Let’s do these calculations for the other units Tanks 2,167,468 - 274,860= 1,892,608 1,892,608 X 75$= 141,945,600 Extra Tank cost of 141 Million Dollars. The big one, Aircraft 1,067,103- 102,585= 964,518 964,518 X 750$= 723,388,500$ Extra Tank cost of 723 Million Dollars Ships 38,670- 5,208= 33,462 33,462 X 5625$ = 188,223,750 Extra Ship cost of 188 Million Dollars 104,000,000+ 141,000,000+ 723,000,000+ 188,000,000 = 1,156,000,000$ According to my calculations Coalition B spent about 1.15 billion more in upkeep than KERTCHTOG on September 11th, which would actually flip the damage ratio from being around 700 million in B’s favor to being about 400 million in favor of KERTCHTOG. This number will only get larger if B continues to destroy more KERTCHTOG military. This makes a huge difference when it comes to a discussion of the war continuing. Each day that passes is a day that Coalition B continues to pay exorbitantly more in military costs than KERTCHTOG, and these costs will continue to add up.
  6. And coalition B members quietly admitting in back channels that they're not happy that their alliance took B's side For 👏the 👏last👏time👏 NPO has made it clear that they will only fight on BK's side if there's any chance of them losing, not every war!
  7. ...why did you attack them then? They are NPO's allies and you're fighting on their side. What was the CB for attacking DB?
  8. LMFAO did you guys seriously enter in another war before this war for the point of losing your infra so your stats wouldn't be bad? I thought Coalition B didnt care about stats 😮
  9. I dont think the NAP is the problem. I think the problem is, among other things, you guys wanting us to officially surrender and agree to meme terms (some of which you've spelled out and some of which... are a surprise apparently?). I think it's easy to see how we're VERY suspicious of demands that we negotiate separately. It definitely feels like there's a divide and conquer tactic here.
  10. I'm pretty sure that they're kidding, but this whole thing is weird. It will be a week or more before you guys can hit Felandia, and even longer before you could blockade him, so why in the world would they declare on him? It's just bizarre,
  11. Also I'm pretty sure that the British Army was bigger than the American army after the Revolution. Speaking of which... "The attrition of constant fighting,[1] the inability of the Royal Navy to decisively defeat the French Navy,[1] and the withdrawal of the majority of British forces from North America in 1778 ultimately led to the British army's defeat." This is from the Wikipedia article about that war. Considering that you guys are LITERALLY infighting, and that you're announcing your withdraw here, I can't help but wonder if this is a repeat of history.
  12. ... except for the 3 that are bigger than all of the others. I'm sure this won't result in a balance issue at all though good work guys.
  13. (my own show is also going on tonight in 30 minutes on the same network)
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