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  1. Adama


    If America came from Britain, why is there still bad teeth?
  2. Adama

    Looking To Borrow $95m

    I'll sell you a bridge.
  3. Adama

    Darth Jar Jar Binks

    George has been playing the long game.
  4. Adama

    AtWar Map

  5. Adama

    The Frontier Sort Alliance Issue?

    Ah yes, FSA. A marvel of multi-farming if I ever saw one.
  6. Pretty sure the next logical step is this:
  7. Adama

    Who won the CNBC GOP Debate?

    Who won? Not the American people because CNBC is made up of Wall Street jerk offs who refused to stream the event.
  8. Adama

    Name This War Thread

    The Blast From The Past.
  9. You guys should just get along you know?
  10. Adama

    The Dragon and the Wolf

    Old man Hans o/
  11. Adama

    increase character limit in messages

    You should probably be more careful with peoples names.
  12. Adama

    increase character limit in messages

    I completely agree with this out of my own experience of facing the same issue.

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