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  1. I'll take credit for this since I'm a diplomat at your forums Even though I haven't posted in like a month
  2. Could you make the pic a little bigger? I can't read it its too small
  3. I'm simply terrified
  4. And yet you say you're not Partisan's lap dogs. There goes my respect for you.
  5. Don't bother trying to debate Rozalia. He worships Trump like a God-Emperor.
  6. @Keegoz can we join plz?
  7. Boi, would a moderate want to kill the innocent families of terrorists, create a national database for Muslims, require Muslims to wear ID badges, start a trade war with China/Mexico, or deport 11 million people? I don't think so.
  8. ...It's actually the moderate/libertarians that have been the Never Trump people. He's the most neocon-ish candidate in a long time. Furthest up on the Political Compass as well.
  9. >ass blasted neocons That's pretty much what Trump is tho...
  10. So...What this means is that Mad Max now gets to be allied to Rose. What a pleasant surprise. o/ new allies
  11. Why the hell are you not banned?
  12. Mfw when Sheepy was under 18 when he created the game In other words, this idea sucks.
  13. Hi, welcome to the forums
  14. Ah yes, it is very important to be respectful of leaders who have reporters killed and gays imprisoned.
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