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  1. Not going to knock a protectorate for joining a war - always happy to see people fighting, but the situations are fairly different (the numbers were not on our side in that war etc.)
  2. you run econ - give moon landing grants to everyone
  3. Tell me about it. I was a day away from max planes for the first time since the start of the KETOG war before this blitz
  4. You can fake it on a separate server easy enough - just change your profile pic/display name etc. We're pretty sure that's how the fake nizam logs from last year were made (forget what they were about, but it was a shifty thread iirc).
  5. His throat was under strain for other reasons that may or may not be related to tS entering the war
  6. We had Crymson for a month or two, but PnW didn't grab his attention heh. Good luck with the alliance, it's always nice to see more paradox fans~
  7. Good luck on the other side~
  8. I'm curious what his endgame is tbh
  9. Hats off to a fun war o7
  10. I think we have 8 former TOP members in TKR. tS has a couple others and TRF has one. I'm sure there are others floating around out there~
  11. Agreed - let's get back to the real topic at hand. roll smott
  12. @Alex Probably a big ask, but do you have the statistics of how many nations delete at each city level? I'd guess based off of Sketchy's war stats thread the vast majority is at city 1 or 2, but dunno if you have more exact numbers over a larger period of time that could show where exactly players are leaving after sticking around past that initial creation. Right now I'm on Bourhann's side of the argument. The retention of new nations has always been a struggle for mass recruiting alliances. It's on the alliance themselves to keep players engaged - whether that be through an off site community worth sticking around for or frequent wars in game.
  13. Good luck out there Ogaden
  14. I was expecting a post like this when we declared and it never came smh
  15. Gas and munitions are temporary. Infra destroyed stats are forever~
  16. Fark: I really enjoy the recipes you've sent me NCR: cool theme and had the only person to actually declare on me
  17. You can't spy a nuke away until the next update these days, so you guys should be safe. The script used the API to notify us when targets purchased a nuke - we had to race to spy it away before you guys launched it
  18. give me a time so I can schedule another ama in the middle of it
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