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  1. We live in the same house and are brothers. We've had no interaction in the game in at least a couple of years as well.
  2. >that moment when the person who made the thread isn't even playing P&W anymore
  3. Is it sad that I now want to see this be the actual announcement scroll?
  4. >inb4 entire forum thread has scrolls
  5. Can we get a big scroll for this? It just doesn't feel the same without it...
  6. Roz Wei, Advanced Idea Mechanics, Cobra Kai Dojo (their flag isn't listed because it's too big), and Imperium Romanum agree to cease fighting with tTO after the current round of wars are over. No new wars are to be declared after this point. (Arrgh will probably raid us still, because they, and Ripper are amazing) ~Signed, all the peeps~ (Would not recommend clicking)
  7. Hahahahaha xD yeah that is pretty bad
  8. Happy Holidays! (woo derailing threads to hide how we're getting rolled \o)
  9. I did not personally, though the threat was always there. Care to teach members not to build to 12 cities with 2500 infra?
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