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  1. I'm pretty sure one of the core clauses of the #tkarrgh secret treaty is that one of us has to declare on the other at least once per year, so this tracks (please send someone at my defensive slots - there's nobody in range I can hit ;_;)
  2. Not going to knock a protectorate for joining a war - always happy to see people fighting, but the situations are fairly different (the numbers were not on our side in that war etc.)
  3. you run econ - give moon landing grants to everyone
  4. Tell me about it. I was a day away from max planes for the first time since the start of the KETOG war before this blitz
  5. You can fake it on a separate server easy enough - just change your profile pic/display name etc. We're pretty sure that's how the fake nizam logs from last year were made (forget what they were about, but it was a shifty thread iirc).
  6. His throat was under strain for other reasons that may or may not be related to tS entering the war
  7. We had Crymson for a month or two, but PnW didn't grab his attention heh. Good luck with the alliance, it's always nice to see more paradox fans~
  8. Good luck on the other side~
  9. I'm curious what his endgame is tbh
  10. Hats off to a fun war o7
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