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  1. "We are taught that God punishes men for the wickedness they do when they die. But Alliances in Pixel games cannot die, so surely God must punish them in this life." ~Reverend Jonathan Mayhew, Chaplain of the Second Continental Congress, 1776, Probably
  2. Yeah, I crossed a line. Lost control of my temper bigtime. I apologize to Pfeiffer and to Rebecca. Wasn't cool of me. Petty squabbling is to be expected, but there are lines we don't cross and I quickly crossed several in succession. I sometimes lose my humanity on the internet because I can't see the people I'm impacting face to face. I'm essentially an emotional ostrich. And while my eggs are certainly not delicious, I can say that I am susceptible to the same mistakes as this noble bird. Namely putting my head in the sand.
  3. If you're going to make the argument that we need to keep OOC and IC separate, fine. But then you have to practice what you preach. You can't say "Well, some guy insulted us OOC and bringing OOC and IC together is wrong. So we're going to hit you IC." lololololololol EDIT: Oh no, you caught me. It was actually four and a half weeks or whatever, not two weeks. I'm ruined.
  4. Also I've been in Rose like two weeks lol.
  5. Really? Because you guys are going to war in game over something out of game. Soooooo...?
  6. Yeah, yeah. You guys are fine dishing it out but can't take the heat when it comes around to you. Thus this entire situation. Pfeiffer got his widdle feelings hurt ergo war. If you guys can't take it, don't dish it out so much. End of story.
  7. Edited as it was a rather crappy thing to say. You can see it mirrored in posts below if you like.
  8. Alright, if you're all so up in arms about the audacity of someone to take things OOC, why don't we start dredging up ERepublik chat logs from pastebin? Pretty sure there were a !@#$load of complaints about Pfeiffer resorting to OOC bs. From what I gleaned, he exercised contacts he had from when he was a cop to !@#$ with someone.
  9. Sure. How does 6.6% sound? How does 6.45% sound?
  10. Since when is running in an election a coup?
  11. Leaving this here for LF:
  12. We were going to stick it out. Then LF started doing "investigations" into my "character" to remove me from the AA. That was the last straw for everyone. Particularly after the business of cheating in the elections, shitting on everyone in gov, etc. etc. We were done. I was the very first to leave, but I did tell them that they should leave as well. Anyway, o/ Noir. I'm out for this round, but I can't wait to see what you accomplish.
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